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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 147: MEN ARE MY PREY

When Mu Feng stood up, Qi Ying was nowhere to be seen. Mu Feng sighed. He took out his cell phone and dialed her number.

Seeing that her cousin was ignoring her, Yan Su rose her eye brow. She once again tried to trip Mu Feng.

Mu Feng already had his lesson. When he saw a slender and firm leg was flying towards him, he caught it easily and didn't let go. Yan Su was in the most uncomfortable position while wearing a heavy gown.

"Stay like that for five minutes. It is a punishment to try to knock out you elder brother." Mu Feng said like an elder brother.

"Curse you!" Yan Su hissed.

Mu Feng sighed. "You'll never get a boyfriend if you behave like a wild princess. A princess should be gentle." He was looking at his phone's screen. Qi Ying didn't answer his call.

Yan Su smiled in an alluring way. "I don't need a man, dear cousin. I need lots of man. One man cannot satisfy my hunger. Men are my prey." Her eyes glinted.

Mu Feng shuddered at her gaze. He knew since his childhood that Yan Su always looked at the boys like a hunter. Men always thought themselves as the strongest. So she used them as her punching sand back and always shattered men's so-called pride of being strongest. Those who was once her prey, they never came in front of her before. Losing against her was their biggest humiliation. But the boys couldn't complain to their families or her family.

Yan Su was the third child and only daughter of Zhen Family. Her parents and elder two bother pampered her way too much. She had bodyguards since she was a child. She started to admire her bodyguards and requested her father that she wished to become stronger like those bodyguards. Mr. Zhen was also a build man. As usual, her request was granted.

Yan Su started to train since she was five. Since then, whenever she found a man tried to act like a hero, she knocked them down. She was the only female and cousin of Mu Liang and Mu Feng who acted as wild as them. She was arrogant and proud. But her heart full of justice.

Once she beat a boy nearly to death when he kicked his own old mother. That was a bloody scene. It was the first time, Mu Feng saw his beautiful cousin full of viciousness. She always believed one thing, 'a man is not a man who does not respect a woman who should be respected.'

Yan Su conquered many men and made them feel coward and hateful.

However, Yan Su never won against Mu Feng and that's why she hated his arrogance.

Mu Feng frowned. "Stop acting like a child. You are not a kid anymore. Don't make aunt Yin worry too much."

Yan Su's eyes softened. As usual, she loved her mother the most. She said, "Mom is fine. She is going to Italy to meet elder uncle next week."

"Does grandpa know? He will definitely be happy to see his only daughter." Mu Feng softly said.

Elder Mu Chen always loved his well-manner, ladylike daughter. His only regret was Yan Su didn't get her mother's personality since he had a high expectation that his daughter's daughter would be just like her mother. To break his heart, after Yan Su was born, when the Elder Mu took her in his arms, she kicked his chin.

How many people had the guts to kick the mighty Elder of the Mu Family? Even, Mu Liang was a gentle child. However, Mu Feng slapped his grandpa the moment Elder Mu took new born Feng from his wife's hands.

After getting a kick from new born Yan Su, instantly his face became dark. He then realized that his beloved granddaughter had the personality of the men of Mu Family. She wasn't a princess of a fairy tale. She was a tigress.

Elder Mu was really mortified that after his wife and daughter's princess personality came to a dead end. His other sons' daughters were just disgusting. He advised her daughter Mu Yin to have another child, but, in the end, Yin became physically weak to have another child.

Yan Su replied, "Yeah, mom called grandpa. He was flying in the air when he heard that she was going to visit. But before that, I just need to clarify something. That's why I came to find you in the first place."

Mu Feng let go of her leg and said, "Speak."

"What's the deal with elder cousin? He never comes to a party when a single woman is invited. Today, he shocked me to death by dancing with my friend Lan." Yan Su or any cousin in the Mu Family never called Mu Liang by his name. They always called his as 'Elder Cousin'.

Mu Feng knew Mu Lan's friend circle zone, so he wasn't surprised when Yan Su thought Mu Lan as her friend.

As Yan Su was the part of the family, it wasn't inappropriate to tell her about Mu Lan's new identity.

Therefore Mu Feng blurted out, "You friend is actually your future elder cousin-in-law."

Yan Su's first thought was she heard him wrong. Ten times she recalled Mu Feng's last sentence. Then she came to realize what she just heard. Her eyes almost popped out of her sockets. Her face was full of surprise and disbelief. However, looking at Mu Feng's serious face, it was hard not to belief.

She said in mockery, "Hah, cousin, today is not even April Fool...."

"She is already registered in Mu Family. Her full name is Mu Lan. She wanted to hide her identity because it would attract many people." He paused and then continued, "I believe, she never told you her family name, right?"

At this time, Yan Su's head stopped working. It was hard for her to breathe. How could she belief that the cousin who was cold and distant since she first saw him and acted like he was asexual, suddenly got himself a beauty who was going to be his wife? The thing she believed about her elder cousin since she was a child was completely ruined by her second cousin.

"I think my head is spinning." She said.

Mu Feng wanted to say something but interrupted by Mu Liang's call.

Mu Feng answered the call. "What is it, big brother?"

"It seems like Xiao Lan's painting is going to be auctioned. Come quickly." Mu Liang hung up after he finished.

'Auction of painting? Never happened in my school before. It must be worth watching.' Mu Feng got excited. He texted Qi Ying and dragged his while cousin inside the ball room.

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