Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 146: DEAR COUSIN

At the ball, Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker' was being played.

Mu Liang and Mu Lan were dancing on the third music.

Mu Liang kept recalling the night on the Seine River in their boat, they were dancing on the waltz, alone. Remembering that night, his eyes heated. But he controlled himself so well that Mu Lan couldn't find anything.

When they were dancing, they were looking at each other's eyes. It felt like that they were on their own world. Their intertwined hands were warm. Mu Liang's right which was on her back was warm enough to make her feel that. Her dress wasn't thin but she could feel that his hot hand's warmth against her back and it spread her whole body. As their bodies were too close, they could sense each other's breaths. Mu Lan's face gradually became hot. She felt extremely shy. She wanted to look away. However, Mu Liang's ocean blue eyes captivated her, so she couldn't.

Women around them were burning in jealousy. They cursed Mu Lan. On the contrary, men were offended. They wanted to dance with Mu Lan, especially the young generation. The old generation wanted to have a chance to talk to her and make her agree to marry their grandchildren. But Mu Liang danced with her three times already and had no wish to leave her be.

Those who knew Mu Liang, they were utterly shocked seeing him dancing with a woman. They thought that either they were hallucinating or they were still dreaming and didn't wake up. Because Mu Liang never even try to get close to women, let alone touch them. Now he was dancing handsomely.

Mu Lan and Mu Liang danced till the music ended. Looking at Mu Lan's tired face, Mu Liang took her in the food section.

"Eat some fruits." Mu Liang gave her a plate and some fruits.

"I'm not hungry." Mu Lan could sense that people were watching them.

"You look thinner than before. You worked too hard. Have some fruit custard." Mu Liang didn't look anywhere and all his attention was towards the girl beside him.

Mu Lan didn't argue with him and obediently ate.

"You look beautiful." All of a sudden, Mu Liang blurted out.

Mu Lan almost choked. She still had food on her mouth. Her face was flushed red.

Mu Liang handed her a glass of water. "Drink it." He said worriedly.

Mu Lan drank a mouthful water.

Mu Liang asked, "Are you alright?"

Mu Lan complained with her red face, "Whose fault is that?" After a moment she asked, "Did you tell Xiao Ying to design more costume in same style?"

"It's business. Qi Ying needs to earn money. After she refused to listen to her father, he cut ties with her. Now she had to pay for her tuition. I ordered her with money in exchange of costume for us and Feng." Mu Liang said.

Mu Lan thought so after she saw his and Mu Feng's outfits. She was relieved that someone was backing Qi Ying. After Yan Su told Mu Lan and Xue Lin about Qi Ying's family problem, she was worried about Qi Ying.

Mu Lan asked, "Can't Mu Feng take her responsibility?"

Mu Liang shook his head, "She is too proud for that."

When this Mu couple were talking about second Mu couple, Mu Feng and Qi Ying were in the balcony.

Mu Feng hugged her close to him. He said, "The moon is so bright tonight."

Qi Ying smiled in his arms. Her smile was ever so sweet in the night of the ball.

Mu Feng was looking at her face with affection. Seeing her smile, his mind went blank. He couldn't help kissing her deeply.

Qi Ying's eyes became larger in shock. When she realized what just happened, her body trembled. She tried to push him away but in vain.

She was always so shy and mild. She never liked crowd. So it was hard for her to have such an intimate moment in the public place.

When Qi Ying couldn't stop her boyfriend, she stomped him foot with all her might.

In instant, Mu Feng let go. He was shocked by the surprised attack from his beloved. He didn't take time to recover from the shock. Just then he realized his mistake. But that moment, Qi Ying wasn't by his side.

Panicked, Mu Feng ran towards her.

In the corridor, he chased after her from behind. He was too distracted to watch his surroundings.

A beautiful golden heel shoe tripped him. As he fell down on the floor, he heard a sultry laughter.

"Chasing after you wife after eating her, dear cousin? You are such a dog!" The beautiful lady in golden gown said. Her voice was full of amusement.

Mu Feng gritted his teeth. He growled, "Damn you Yan Su!"

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