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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 145: THE EVENING BALL



The weather was sweet cold. It was comforting.

In the Peirre and Marie Currie University, the ball had started. The guests started to enter the ballroom. The Principal and the Deans of Faculties welcomed them.

The room was round. The wall was dyed in cream color. The open curtains were red color. The decorative lights were illuminating golden hue. The floor was shining. There was no a single spot on the white floor. In the middle of the ceiling, there was a huge ancient chandelier which was glittering. It was gorgeous than anything else. Because of the huge closed windows, the cold wind could enter the ball. So inside the large room was warm. The ballroom was decorated with art painting and statues. There were price tags on them and also a name tags of the artifacts.

The music students were playing waltz. They were all wearing formal dresses.

The students who were moderating the ball were on the second floor. They were calm and collected. Their sharp eyes didn't miss anything.

The guests were talking to each other. They were all from high class society. On the east side, on the big table, there were lot of pastries and snacks. The waiters who were also students were serving red wine and champaign.

The whole environment was royal and grand.

The representatives came one by one and introduced themselves. They greeted their teachers and the guests.

Everyone was talking and smiling but no one forgot their manners.

Mu Lan came in the ball Xue Lin. Qi Ying and Yan Su were already in the ball. Xue Ling wasn't used to in this type of environment. So she became extremely rigid. Mu Lan also wasn't used to party and none of the faces were familiar. So she didn't know what to do except eating pastries with Xue Lin. However, she was more relax than Xue Lin was.

It took five minutes for Xue Lin to relax. She told herself continuously, 'They are all human beings. None of them was ghosts or goblins. So it's fine.' When she became relax, she went to her own world and didn't feel bothered.

Mu Lan wore a red gown with cream and golden color design. The golden red sleeves covered her hands. It was a low cut gown. On her neck, a simple golden chain was hanging with a ruby locket. A pair of ruby was hanging on her ears close to her neck with a pair of thin golden chains. Her hair was tied up on the back of her head. Few golden sticks were decorated on the bun. Few locks were hanging on the both sides of her face. She wore a light makeup and red lipstick. Black eye-liner made her eyes extra eye catching.

The Principal called Xue Lin to join him. He wanted to show his guests his talented student. Lonely Mu Lan looked around to find a certain person who had no restrain. She took a glass of wine and wandered randomly. Many men and women looked at her with curiosity. The men looked at her in amazement while women felt a jealous.

Suddenly a ball became quiet. People started to look at the entrance. Feeling strange, Mu Lan also looked at the entrance and her eyes halted.

There were two men who were being greeted by the Principal and the Chairman. Those two handsome men were none other than Mu Liang and Mu Feng.

Mu Lan looked at Mu Liang's outfit. Just like everyone, Mu Liang was wearing a costume of eighteenth century's royal outfit. His costume was white with red and golden design. Like others, his hair was tied on the back and added an extra brown hair just like then-French people. He looked ever so gorgeous. Girls couldn't help but get excited.

Mu Lan found the design of his very familiar. She frowned and looked at her own dress. Her face became slight red. She realized who designed Mu Liang's costume. Qi Ying was practically announcing Mu Liang and Mu Lan's relationship. Mu Lan felt shy and moved away.

Mu Feng found his dear wife the moment he entered the ball. The girls crowded around two brothers. He gave them a sweet smile and then slipped pass them to meet his partner.

Just like Mu Lan and Mu Liang, Qi Ying and Mu Feng's outfits were designed in the same way with royal blue and silver color. Those who were in love with Mu Feng's charm, all understood the meaning and felt broken heart.

So they planned to capture Mu Liang's heart. They all came to him and tried to talk to him.

Mu Liang's eyes turned as cold as Siberia and treated them like germs. A moment ago he spotted Mu Lan and for these women he lost them. He walked towards the place he saw her and found her in a glimpse.

He walked fast and stopped in front of Mu Lan. Mu Lan halted in surprise. Her heart raced. She felt a little happy and he found her but she remembered that she was acting being angry at him. So she ignored him saying 'excuse me'.

But with whom she was doing it? Didn't she know?

"Mademoiselle, may I have the honor to dance with you?" A deep voice rang.

Mu Lan heart shook. It had been awhile since she heard his voice. His voice was like magnet. Subconsciously she turned around. She saw Mu Liang was bowing and his right hand was extended towards her.

People were gathering around them. Mu Lan didn't have the heart to disrespect him in front of many people. With courtesy, she bowed and placed her left hand on his. Mu Liang's eyes shone in the golden light.

When the musicians saw that a dance was about to start they immediately changed their music and began to play Andre Rieu's 'Ballad pour Adeline'.

As the music started Mu Liang took the lead and took Mu Lan close to him. He placed his left hand on her right palm and intertwined their hands. His right hand was on her slender back. Mu Lan put her left hand on his right shoulder nervously. They danced under the ancient chandelier.

When they started to dance, other were also inspired and the men asked their partner for dance. Soon twenty couples joined Mu couple. Mu Feng also took Qi Ying on the dance floor.

Mu Liang felt Mu Lan's stiff body and said in a low tone, "Follow my lead. Then you won't make any mistake."

Mu Lan followed his footsteps As she got used to it, she understood the pattern and danced naturally.

She never once spoke to Mu Liang. He realized that she was still mad at him but she didn't want him lose face, so she agreed to dance.

Mu Liang smiled slightly and his eyes filled with warmth. He lowered his face close to her right ear and said in his deep voice, "I'm sorry for troubling you that night. Please don't be mad at me anymore."

His deep pleading voice melted Mu Lan's heart. Her heart beat crazily. Her face turned red as she said, "Its fine. You don't have to apologize."

Mu Liang hugged her closer as mischievousness flashed in his eyes. In instant, Mu Lan understood that was a trick of his. She once again fell into his trap.

Mu Lan got mad. She tried to move away from him but Mu Liang didn't let her go an inch. He said, "If you tried to leave, I'll kiss you in front of everyone." Then he pause a little and continued, "A French kiss."

Mu Lan froze on the spot. 'I don't believe it!' She glared at him and said no more, neither did she struggle.

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