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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 144: DID YOU MAKE A MOVE ON HER?

"How long have you been waiting?" Mu Lan asked.

"Not too long. I saw you from the balcony." Yan Su looked at her thoroughly. "You are a mess."

Mu Lan unlocked and opened the door. She said, "Yeah, I know. I forgot to comb my hair."

"That's not the point. Your hair is silk and it is in a good shape. I'm talking about 'this'." Yan Su

pointed out the place with her eyes.

Noticing her gaze, Mu Lan looked down.

'OMG! I'm wearing slippers! And I went in the department with that appearance! Thank goodness that everyone's focus was on the painting.'

Mu Lan took of her slippers and wore another one. She pulled her hair up and made a bun.

Yan Su looked at her in a daze. Then she suddenly smirked. "Rough night, huh?"

Mu Lan looked at her and said, "I painted whole night. My head is hurting."

Yan Su's smile broadened. She asked in a flirty tone, "Are you sure, honey? Well, I think something else kept you awake all night."

Mu Lan frowned at her words and said, "Ha ha, very funny."

Yan Su coughed and said, "I thought you did it intentionally but...."

"What is it?" Mu Lan lost her patient.

Yan Su scratched her own neck and didn't say anything.

Mu Lan found it suspicious. She went in front of the mirror and saw two red hickeys.

'Damn Liang Liang! How could he do that? And I went to the department like this! It is worse than the slippers. I will not forgive him for that.'

Mu Lan was in rage. She grabbed the concealer cream and put it on her skin.

Yan Su rose her right eye brow. 'Is she mad? Her knight in shining armor is so screwed.' She thought.

Mu Lan opened the freeze and took out last night's dishes.

"Oh my God! Epicure dish!" Yan Su exclaimed in surprise. 'No wonder she had love bites. She had a romantic date last night.'

Mu Lan looked at her and asked, "Want some?"

"Definitely!" Yan Su grinned. Epicure's dishes were well known.

Mu Lan warmed the food and they ate together. While eating, Mu Lan told Yan Su that she was going to attend the ball.

"Congratulations! It's great that all four of us can join. We were feeling bad that you could not join us. Xiao Ying was feeling the worst. She made a dress especially for you." Yan Su was very excited.

"Really? But why did she do that?" Mu Lan was surprised.

Yan Su explained. "Xiao Ying said that she made dresses for me and Xue Lin. So she would design a dress for you too. You could wear it anytime you want."

Mu Lan's heart filled with warmth. She found herself a good friend like Qi Ying.

Yan Su asked, "We have fourteen days left. What do you want to do?"

Mu Lan cleaned the table and replied, "I'll help others if they need it."

Yan Su nodded. "Last few days will be the hardest."


As Mu Lan said, she dedicated herself to help others in need. Most of the time, she worked with the interior designers. She wanted to work with her classmates but their representative Anne Donne didn't let her do that. She was sort of annoyed. At first Mu Lan wasn't bothered by Anne's proud and mighty behavior. But day by day, Anne was making her uncomfortable.

These days, Mu Liang called and messaged Mu Lan multiple times. Mu Lan ignored him.

Mu Liang was upset and worried. He sent Hugo to investigate.

Hugo sighed. He already explained to his boss that young miss was helping others. But his boss wouldn't listen. So Hugo had no choice but to ask young miss directly.

And what did Mu Lan say?

She said, "Tell him to control himself."

Zero romance experienced Hugo went to Mu Mansion and directly told his master what exactly young miss said.

Mu Liang turned gloomy.

Lu Feng was present that time. He smiled and asked, "Did you make a move on her?"

Mu Liang didn't reply him and his face was solemn.

What actually Mu Liang could do? He was holding back. Yet Mu Lan approached her in her drunken state. Now that they don't see each other often he felt absolute loneliness. So he couldn't control himself when he saw her painting. He also couldn't control himself when she was about to leave him. Before his mind worked, his hands moved on their own.

Lu Feng never saw the demon acting like sulking child. 'Dude, are you for real?' He dared not to voice out his thought.

Just then Mu Feng entered the room.

He exclaimed in happiness, "Big brother, I don't have to order for our ball. Ying designed two costume for us. Have a look!"

He gave Mu Liang his packet.

Mu Liang found a note on the costume. He read it and felt relaxed.

Mu Feng said, "Ying knows my measurement. But how does she know yours?"

"Boss told her." Assistant Ju Long replied. He was also there.

Mu Feng frowned. He complained, "Why did you overworked Ying? You cannot do that!"

"I thought you would be happy. Who knew?" Mu Liang sighed.

He said to his assistant, "Call Qi Ying and tell her that her boyfriend is upset after getting her designed costume."

Ju Long immediately tapped his cell phone and said, "Yes, boss."

"No, no, no. You guys are wrong. I was just making jokes, that's all, hahaha." Mu Feng hurriedly left.

Lu Feng and Ju Long sighed.

'Only he can handle his childish brother.' Both of them thought the same.

Fourteen days flew away in a glimpse.


I had a terrible experience.

When I was writing in the dark on my bed, something moved on my leg.

I jerked my leg and turned on the light. Finding a little cockroach on the floor I killed it.

Feeling relaxed and sat on the bed and found a large one just walking towards me on the bed..

Thank God that I didn't scream in the middle of the night!

I wanted to get off but my leg got tangled with bed cover and I fell down.


My knees hurt so much. T.T

The large cockroach feel on the floor then I didn't know what happened.

Then whole night, the light was turned on. =.=

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