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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 143: SHE IS EXCEPTIONAL

After ten minutes, Mu Lan came downstairs and hurriedly went to the department. In ten minutes, she jumped out of the bed, freshened her face, wore jeans, and rolled the painting, put on her shoes. She forgot to comb her hair, she forgot to wear a sweater and instead of shoe, she was wearing her slippers.

When she came in front of the elevator, it was on the fourth floor. She didn't wait and climbed the stairs. As she went to the department, she saw Ms. Moore was leaving.

"Ms. Moore!" Mu Lan exclaimed.

Ms. Moore looked back and gave her a sweet smile.

"Isn't this my prodigy? You missed today's class. Why do you look like a mess?" Ms. Moore looked concerned.

Mu Lan breathed heavily and gave the rolling paper to Ms. Moore. "I'm okay Ms. Moore. Please check it."

"Oh, you finished it. Let's go to my room and check it." Ms. Moore took the paper and headed to her room.

Teacher and disciple went inside.

Ms. Moore said, "I almost thought I couldn't see your last painting. Now I feel re...." the last syllable of the word 'relax' was caught on her throat. She kept looking at the painting before her and forgot to breathe.

Mu Lan felt uneasy. Her heart was beating loudly. 'Is it not good enough?' She thought. She was standing behind Ms. Moore, so she couldn't see her teacher's expression.

A whole one minute later, Ms. Moore opened her mouth. "....Lan, my dear, what made you paint that?"

Mu Lan wondered. 'Why is she behaving like this? In my eyes, I didn't make any mistake.'

Mu Lan replied, "I've read some novels of the Restoration Period... I wanted to show everyone those people's real feelings. That's all."

Mu Lan could feel that she was sweating.

"You mean that you wanted to show everyone's true desire." Ms. Moore said.

Mu Lan forced a smile. She was so nervous. She said, "Not everyone's, Ms. Moore."

Ms. Moore smiled and said, "Yes, you are right." Slowly she turned towards Mu Lan and then suddenly grabbed her hands and exclaimed, "Oh! My dear Lan, I'm so proud of your work. You exceeded my expectation. We should take it to the department."

Ms. Moore let go of her hand and dashed to the department with the painting.

Mu Lan was still in daze.

'What just happened?'

Soon, the entire department saw her work and praised her hard working.

One teacher said, "When I first saw her, I knew she was an amateur. It must be because she is a born artist. That's why she easily coped with us."

Another teacher said, "She is even as good as Ms. Moore. It sure is her talent."

Another teacher said, "Ms. Moore is lucky to have such a disciple. She definitely won't let her go. I envy her."

There was another teacher who said, "I want her as my disciple." He was wearing a glass. His sharp eyes were looking at the painting.

Another teacher laughed and said, "Good luck with that."

The Head of the Department brought Dean Andrew Smith.

The department Head said excitedly, "Look Andrew, the girl you enrolled in our school nailed her assignment. Take a look."

Dean Andrew Smith frowned. He was busy with some work and his long-time friend forced him to come to the department. Feeling annoyed, he looked at the picture and his expression changed.

"...Who did this?" He was so stunned that his question sounded like exclaim.

Ms. Moore dragged Mu Lan in the front and happily said, "It's my favorite disciple."

Andrew Smith's eyes nearly popped out. 'Madam Mu!' He exclaimed in mind.

He couched and said, "She is exceptional." What he said was the truth. She, after all, caught that man by her charm.

He looked at Mu Lan and smiled lightly while saying, "Good job."

Dean Andrew Smith was told not to mention her background. So he didn't say anymore.

Mu Lan thanked him. She was relieved that Dean didn't say anything more.

Ms. Moore said, "Dear Lan, as I'm not going to the ball, as my disciple, I want you to attend." She gave Mu Lan a blue invitation card. "You worked hard. This is your reward."

Mu Lan felt embarrassed. She was never been in this situation, not after she woke up.

"Thank you, Ms. Moore but I can't accept blue card. It's for the teachers." She said.

Apparently, there were three types of invitation cards. Golden colored card was for the guests. Blue colored card was for the teachers, faculty deans, principal and chairman. Red one was for the students.

The Head of the Department said, "Don't see it as an invitation card. See it as your teacher's blessing."

Mu Lan was ashamed for her narrow thoughts and thanked Ms. Moore while she took the invitation card.

One Teacher said, "Hey, I got a plan. Don't show it to the students. We should hide it after framing. We won't decide a price for it. Let's have an auction for this painting. The money will go to the charity fund either way. After the ball, we'll let the journalist students handle the fame of our department."

Dean Andrew Smith said, "That's a good idea. But I need the Principal's permission. I'll get it." He left.

Ms. Moore looked at Mu Lan and said, "What type of frame do you want?"

Mu Lan replied, "Wooden frame and it will be better if the frame is colored in golden. I also want to put some stones."

Ms. Moore smiled and said, "Fine then. You should go and take a rest. You look tired."

Mu Lan thanked everyone and left.

With a happy heart and light mind she went to the dorm. She went to the second floor and saw Yan Su was waiting for her.

"How long have you been waiting?" Mu Lan asked.

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