Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 142: GOOD NIGHT

Half an hour later, Mu Lan shoved the cell phone in front of Mu Liang.

"What do you think?" Her eyes glittered.

However, Mu Liang gave the whole different expression. His eyes became dark.

Mu Liang put down the fork and the knife and grabbed Mu Lan's head. Then kissed her passionately.

Mu Lan was startled by the sudden action. Before she could react, a flame filled up her whole body. She still couldn't control her emotion when he was around. Mu Liang's deep kiss, his manly smell, the fire inside her body drove her senseless. Mu Lan clutched his shirt tightly and subconsciously kissed him back. Mu Liang froze at her action and before he knew it, he kissed her harder. Their tongues swirled together and they felt numbness. Mu Lan softly moaned few times. When Mu Lan nearly fainted because of lack of oxygen, that moment Mu Liang move back his head slightly.

Their saliva was joined together as they breathed with mouth. Mu Lan's face was flushed and her eyes were teary. Mu Liang's face was warm and his eyes held desire. Their noses were touching and they could feel each other's warm breaths. They kept looking at each other and didn't blink.

Mu Liang leaned to her like a magnet and slightly kissed her moist lips. After that, he put his head on her left shoulder and said in a hoarse voice, "This picture is too good for me."

Slowly Mu Lan came back to sense. Her heart was beating violently. She filled that everything was spinning around her.

Mu Liang could sense that something was wrong. He gently laid her back on the chair. The coat which fell on the chair, he put it over her chest.

Seeing her like that Mu Liang felt guilty. He gulped down some wine and offered Mu Lan. She sipped a little and finding some stamina back, she sat up.

"I want the dessert." She said weakly.

Mu Liang fed her two chocolate balls. Then she refused to eat anything because she was full.

Mu Liang ordered the waiter to pack the rest of the food. He tried to take her in arms and Mu Lan refused.

"I-I want to walk on my own." She said.

It took her time to gain some strength. She stood up and wobbled. Still she refused to be carried

Mu Liang silently walked beside her and they left the restaurant.

Ronald kept the car on the entrance. Mu Liang helped Mu Lan to do inside the car and later he went in.

The journey to the school campus was silent. Ronald felt something was fishy. He kept looking at the rare view mirror and watch his boss and young mistress's faces.

Some moment later, the partition between the front side and back side closed. Ronald's heart shook. He tried to keep calm and to drive. He felt like it was a long journey.

Finally, the car reached the school entrance.

Mu Lan took the packet of food and stretched her other hand to open the door. As she touched the door of the car, a sudden force made her fall in a warm chest.

Before she could say something, Mu Liang's lips crashed on hers. Mu Lan's breath hitched. The sudden force burnt her whole body. This time, Mu Liang's lips didn't stay at her lips only. He moved his lips on her neck.

Mu Lan didn't lose her sense this time. Feeling his kisses on her neck, she used her all strength to push him back.

With slight dizziness she said, "I've to go back. Good night." Then she hurriedly left.

Mu Liang kept looking at her back with forlorn eyes till she disappeared.

Mu Lan's whole body was hot. She could remember his touch. She shivered. The cold night couldn't control what she was feeling.

As soon as she reached her room, she took of her shoes and sweater. She put the food on the freeze and then went into the painting room.

She wore an apron and stood in front of the blank paper.

Mu Lan closed her eyes and recalled Mu Liang's warmth, his smell, his touch, everything.

She opened her eyes and without blinking kept looking at the blank paper. Then she took the brush....


After wasting four papers and some colors, finally Mu Lan was satisfied with her work. However, her head was spinning.

She dizzily took of her apron and jeans, she went to washroom and washed her face. Still her head wasn't working well. She went to the bedroom and looked at the window.

'Why outside is bright? Is it...' She couldn't finish her thought. Before that, she fell on the soft bed and knocked out. It was already eight in the morning.

Mu Lan woke up when she heard her mobile was constantly ringing.

Feeling supper annoyed, she received the call.

"Hello?" She said in a sleepy voice.

"Young miss, are you still sleeping?!" Hugo's aloof personality couldn't hold back his disbelief tone.

"Hugo, stop disturbing." Mu Lan said. She still wanted to sleep.

"Young miss, you already missed two classes. I was worried. More importantly, Ms. Moore is going to trip. You have to hurry."

Ms. Moore was the water color teacher. She was going to vacation. She told Mu Lan to submit her work before she went to her trip. Today was her last class before her trip.

"What? What are you talking..." Mu Lan rubbed her eyes and looked at the wall clock.

It was half past two.

Mu Lan's eyes almost popped out of the sockets.

Holy ****!

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