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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 141: YOU ARE CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL

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When the car reached the destination, it was already seven thirty. Ronald opened the door and then Mu Lan got free from Mu Liang's warm embrace.

Mu Lan quickly got off. Seeing that Mu Liang smiled lightly.

Mu Lan saw a grand restaurant. She didn't find a name plate.

Mu Liang brought her inside. Mu Lan looked at the place in amazement.

It was a huge restaurant. The walls were white in color. The curtains were red and the lights were golden. At night, it gave her an alluring feeling. But it wasn't the end.

Mu Liang took her the other side. There was door to go out. They entered the garden. In the garden there were white tables and chairs. The mild yellow lights gave a very romantic feeling.

Mu Liang's heart beat crazily.

Mu Liang took her in the corner and hold a sit for her. After she sat, he took off his coat and placed it over her and sat down.

"Aren't you feeling cold?" Mu Lan asked.

"I'm warmer than you are." Mu Liang replied giving her no face.

The table was small. So even though they were in the opposite sides, as they were bigger in size, it

felt that they were seating very closely. At night, in the garden, mild light and close proximity, they were enough to give Mu Lan goosebumps.

'Wasn't he worried about how cold I was? Then why he wanted to sit in the outside?' She thought.

Soon a waiter came and greet them politely. Then he said the order would come in a short time. After that he left

Mu Liang gave attention to Mu Lan. He said, "What's on your mind?"

Mu Lan hesitated before speaking, "Why are we sitting outside? Aren't you afraid that I will catch cold?"

Mu Liang looked at her in silence for some times and later he said, "I'm not worried about you catching cold. Because I will warm you up. And about the place we are sitting," he held her hand and rubbed them slowly, "this way no one can see what we are doing. It is romantic that way, don't you think?"

In the mild yellow light, Mu Liang's eyes glinted.

Just when he mentioned the word 'romantic', immediately Mu Lan's face turned red. She looked around and found some couple were sitting intimately and having dinner. Mu Lan tried to move her hands away, but unable to do so.

"There are other people." Mu Lan said in a low voice.

"Do you think they have free time to look at us? They are busy with themselves." Mu Liang kept holding her hands.

Mu Lan saw other women were wearing beautiful dresses. She looked down at her. She had a kitty dress up and two braids. She felt a little inferior.

Mu Liang understood her thought and said, "You are fine the way you are. Don't feel bad. You are cute and beautiful." He squeezed her hands.

Mu Lan's face turned hot and her heart was about to live her rib cage.

'What is wrong with him tonight? Why is he being so so.....' Mu Lan couldn't finish her thought.

He let go of her hands, when the waiter came and served the dishes. The smells of the foods made Mu Lan nearly drool

They had French onion soup, prawn and salmon terrine, beef and vegetable ragout, braised pork with pearl onions and grapes, crispy monk fish and capers, profiterole, riz l'impratrice and at last red wine.

Mu Lan looked at the foods and then glanced at Mu Liang.

"Did you starve for three days?" She asked.

"Isn't that you who loves to skip meals? Also you can parcel the food if you can't eat. Now eat properly. You need stamina for your assignment." Mu Liang served her onion soup.

"You know about my assignment?" She wouldn't be surprised if he told her that he got the invitation.

Mu Lan wouldn't be astonished if he heard about her assignment either. After all, Hugo was there to keep an eye on her. She was worried about the fact that despite her assignment, she helped others and nearly lost her mind. Hugo's assignment specially. If he knew about that...

"I'm looking forward to your three paintings." Mu Liang said.

Mu Lan smiled. Feeling relieved inside, she said, "You'll enjoy the ball."

"I'll be waiting for you." He said in a deep voice.

Mu Lan's hand halted in the mid-way.

Not every student could enjoy the ball. Only the representative of the each department which arranged the ball could join. Yan Su was from prestigious family, so she would definitely attend. Qi Ying lost her family support but as she was the representative of her Fashion Design Department, so she was going to attend. And since Xue Lin got the highest score in the entrance exam, so she was invited.

However, Mu Lan didn't achieve none of them and her identity was hidden. So even with Mu title, she couldn't join.

Mu Lan didn't want to upset Mu Liang who looked forward to the ball. She wanted to let him see her achievement. She wanted it dearly. She wished to let him know that all he had done for her would not go in vein. She once promised him that she would not make him regret his decision to marry him. She would not break it. She would make him proud.

Something flashed in her eyes. She froze on the spot.

Mu Liang noticed her sudden weird behavior. He also stopped eating and worriedly asked, "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Is the food not your liking?"

Without a word Mu Lan took out her cell phone and started to tap it.

Feeling curious, Mu Liang took a glance on the screen. He saw her drawing something on the screen.

He asked, "For assignment?"

She nodded and said, "Don't wait for me. You can continue eating." She didn't took off her eyes from the screen.

Mu Liang sighed and placed his chair closer to her and then started to feed her.

"I won't eat alone. Here open your mouth." He said gently.

Mu Lan didn't hesitate and listened to him. Her focus was on the screen. She didn't mind around her. But her mouth and nose betrayed her for her hungry stomach.

"Umm.,,,this food is delicious. What is this place? Are the heavenly food?" She exclaimed when Mu Liang put some salmon in her mouth.

He smiled to see her eyes sparkled. He said, "This place is called Epicure."

" good. I want more." Mu Lan sank in the taste of food.

Mu Liang's heart was full. His eyes were as warm as spring's sun. He continued feeding her.

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