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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 140: I'M THINKING OF YOU

[A/N: I wiped out your saddest chapter and now giving you a cute chapter. XD ]

Mu Lan took four days and three nights to complete the books Xue Lin gave her. The books contained love, conspiracy, mockery, comedy and explicit relationship. Few times she fell asleep feeling extremely boring. Few times she was overly excited and forgot to take her meal properly.

'Why their love stories are full of dirty love affairs?' Mu Lan frowned. She closed the last book and closed her eyes as she relaxed her body.

It was November evening. The sky still had the touch of the sun. The wind was cold and it gave Mu Lan a forlorn feeling.

She was missing something. Something warm.

A handsome face came into her mind.

Mu Lan's eyes flew open and she straightened her back.

'What am I thinking? What is wrong with me?' She thought.

Past few days, whenever she was reading about something like mature content on the book, she kept thinking about that drunk night.

'Ahhh.! I'm becoming a pervert! It has to be brother Feng's influence.' Mu Lan's face turned red and she screamed in mind.

She scratched her head few time in shame.

That's when her cell phone chimed.

'Hmm? A message? Who is it?'

Thinking that, she checked her mobile and seeing the name on the screen, her heart shook.

'Speak of the devil.' It was Mu Liang.

She read the content.

'I'm thinking of you. Your Liang Liang'

She read the massage and her heart filled with warmth.

'What a coincident!' She thought.

She immediately replied. 'I'm thinking of you too.'

The moment she tapped the 'send' button, then she realized what she did. She felt panic.

'What should I do? What should I do?' She tapped her head on the table and regretted her action. 'I shouldn't have done that. Does it make me shameless? Oh, how am I going to face him?' She wanted to roll on the floor.

Mu Liang didn't reply the message. However, it was clearly written that the message had been sent.

'Maybe he didn't see the message.' Mu Lan sighed in relief and relaxed her body.

That moment her stomach growled.

She didn't had her lunch today, so she was very hungry. Feeling upset, she looked at the clock. It was half past six. The dinner in the cafeteria wasn't ready yet and she didn't want to eat fast food. So she had to wait a little longer.

Mu Lan went to bed and tried to take a nap. But with hungry stomach, it wasn't easy to take a nap.

Fifteen minutes later, her cell phone rang.

Annoyed, she received her call with her eyes closed.

"Hello?" She said.

"Come to the entrance. I'm waiting." A deep vice said and then hung up.

Mu Lan jumped out of the bed.

'Oh my God! It was Liang Liang!' She screamed in mind and panicked. 'He is in the entrance. He wants to meet me.'

She walked from one side to another side for ten seconds and she took some deep breaths.

'Okay, come down. I have to think it properly.' She told herself.

She looked at herself. She was wearing a half-sleeved 'Hello Kitty' pink t-shirt and a three quarter pant.

Mu Lan changed her pant and wore a ash colored jean and wore a pair of pink booties. It had fluffy wool on the upper side and looked very cute. Then she wore a pink sweater and covered her head with the hood.

She hurriedly went downstairs and borrowed a cycle from the guard and rode it to the entrance.

Mu Lan saw outside the gate a red Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita was standing, attracting lots of viewers. She saw it once, when she went to have a dinner in Eiffel Tower with Mu Liang.

Mu Lan wanted to dig a whole and burry herself. 'Would it kill him if he took his black Limited Edition Bugatti Veyron by Mansory Vivere? At least, that was less showy.' She thought.

She gave the cycle to the entrance guard and request him to send it back to the girls' dorm. Then she walked to the car.

Ronald was standing beside the car and opened the door when he saw Mu Lan.

He greeted her with his smile and said, "Young miss, please get in."

Mu Lan hid her face and nodded to him and went inside the car.

She saw Mu Liang sitting on the other side and looking at her.

Mu Lan's heart skipped a bit. Suddenly she felt hot. She wasn't sure if it was because she was inside the car or it was his gaze.

Mu Liang's eyes narrowed as he glanced her whole body. He asked her, "Why are you wearing so little?"

Mu Lan replied, "I'm not feeling that cold." She was telling the truth. She rode the cycle and now she was in a warm car.

"Come here." Mu Liang stretched his hand and hugged her closer and then covered her with his large coat.

Mu Lan wanted to move back but Mu Liang was hugging her waist and held him close. She couldn't budge.

"Why are you here?" Flustered, she asked.

"You were thinking of me which means you missed me. So why should I let you suffer?" Mu Liang's words were so blunt and Mu Lan couldn't help but blush.

"Weren't that you who messaged me first that you were thinking of me. It meant that you missed me first." Mu Lan didn't want to lose.

"Did I?" Mu Liang asked with an innocent face.

Mu Lan, "......."

Ronald, "......."

"You." Mu Lan couldn't finish what she wanted to say. The guy beside her was so shameless that it made her speechless. Clearly he didn't deny neither did he agree. It was clear that he was teasing her.

And that innocent look. Mu Lan couldn't get mad neither could she retort back.

Feeling upset at herself she sat there still and sulked.

However, soon her sulking was gone when Mu Liang rubbed her cold hands and made them warm.

Mu Liang's body was also warm and her cold body became hot sooner.

She felt relaxed and that moment her stomach growled again. She felt embarrassed.

When Mu Liang asked, "Didn't you have you lunch?" Her shyness flew away and her body stiffed. She was guilty.

"I was busy." Her voice sounded like mosquito.

"Then you have to eat for lunch and dinner. Be prepare." Mu Liang said in a cold voice.

Mu Lan wanted to sob. 'My stomach will burst!'

Unfortunately she couldn't say that loud.

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