Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 14: BURNING HAND

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In the morning Mu Liang went to see Hua Lan before he left for office. Of course he wanted to introduce Mu Feng to her so it would be easier.

Seeing her eating meal with lots of enjoyment, his heart felt ease.

Knock! Knock!

Hua Lan looked at the door only to see the handsome male wearing ash suit, pant, tie and white shirt.

She didn't know why, she felt happiness seeing him at the door.

She broadly smiled at him. "Good morning, Liang Liang!"


Mu Feng almost chocked as he heard her calling 'special nickname' to his one and only elder brother who was known as 'Demon'.

Clearly, he had the same expression as Lu Feng.

He was hidden behind Mu Liang who gave him zero importance and treated him like air.

Mu Liang entered into the room, eyes fixed on her shiny smile.

He softly replied, "Good morning to you too."

Then he glanced at her meal. It was a simple dish with two boiled eggs, toast, butter, milk dessert and fruit juice. "Is the food your liking?"

Hua Lan happily nodded and said. "Yes. I like them very much. Specially the dessert. Aunt Eva is really a good cook. I can't thank her enough for such a delicious meal."

Mu Liang relaxed seeing her carefree attitude.

The cook, Eva Rodrigues, is a caring cook. She was 62 now. She took care of him and his brothers since they're little.

The youngest master, Mu Chen, couldn't even eat without her cooked dish when he was a kid. They were all fond of her. So when Mu Liang moved here from Family House which was situated in Italy, he took the old cook with him.

She was the very reason both him and Mu Feng come home almost every night to have a taste of her cooked food, even if it is a little bit.

'Looks like someone else also fell for Aunt Eva's charm.' He smiled inwardly.

Then suddenly his charming, elegant face turned pale.

'What if she likes Eve's cooked food more than me?' Sudden tension came across his head.

Before he could think anything else Hua Lan asked him, "Are you going somewhere?"

"Hmm, at work." he replied stopping himself from thinking any other unnecessary things.

Then he remembered the reason he came here.

"I would like to introduce you to my second brother Mu Feng." As soon as he said his brother's name, Mu Feng popped up his head and merrily entered the room.

"Hello sister, I'm Mu Feng, second young master of this household. At your service." He bowed like a prince.

Seeing another elegant but also mischievous, handsome male she intensely looked at him.

'Did I do any good deed in my previous life that in this life I'm bestowed with handsome men?' She wondered.

"I'm Hua Lan. Please take care of me." She also bowed her head.

"If you have questions you can ask him anything. I'll come home early tonight." Mu Liang said and put his right hand on her head.

His warm hand gave a warm and secure feeling in her heart.

With her big, transparent eyes she looked at him and then smiled warmly. "I'll wait for you then."


Mu Liang couldn't think straightly. His heart was beating loudly in his chest.

He quickly took of his hand off her head and turned and walked away.

"I'll be going then." He said quickly. His ears are turning red.

'Damn! They totally are ignoring me!' As Mu Feng was sulking he saw his big brother ears turning red.

His eyes glinted with impishness.

He teasingly said, "Sister Lan Lan, why don't you wish your Liang Liang a good day?"

Hua Lan didn't take it to heart. She nodded as she agreed with him and said, "Good luck Liang Liang!"

As she shouted happily almost whole household could hear her voice.

Hearing her wishing him good day he already felt like a married man. He felt bliss and his mood turned lighter.

On the road, all the way he was looking at his right hand. After touching her head his hand started to burn.

While he was looking at his hand dizzily, the head driver was sweating because behind him he could feel spring, he could smell flowers and could hear chirping sound of love birds.

He was never in this situation before. Seeing first young master looking like he was a teenage high school girl fell in love for the first time, he could barely concentrate on driving.

'Someone please, change back my young master!' The driver cried and prayed without a sound.

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