Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 139: BLANK PAPER

While Mu Lan, Qi Ying and Xue Lin were being teased by Yan Su, Hugo was reporting Mu Liang about Mu Lan's two days activity in Mu Mansion. Hugo gave Mu Liang an envelope containing Mu Lan's photos. Mu Liang looked at the each photo and warmth spread his whole body.

'It's good that she is enjoying herself.' Mu Liang thought seeing her bright smile.

"Boss, the ball will be held after a month. The school sent you an invitation." Assistant Ju Long said.

"I'll attend." Mu Liang replied shortly. 'Of course I'll go. Lan's paintings will be exhibited.' He thought.

Ju Long knew that would happen. He started, "But the business trip...."

"You go." Mu Liang meant, Ju Long was capable enough to go to the business trip alone. So why would he bother?

Ju Long hung his head and said, "Yes, boss."

That moment someone barged into the study room.

"Brother, I'm home." Mu Feng said in a cheerful voice.

Mu Liang threw him a golden card and Mu Feng immediately caught it.

"What's this?" Mu Feng opened the card and read, "A ball? In my school? Of course I will go. Brother count me in." Mu Feng said excitedly. "Wait, isn't Ying working on an assignment? Is that about the ball? Why didn't she say that to me? I could have help her."

"That's exactly why she didn't tell you." Ju Long replied.

"But she is working so hard. Her health is weak." Mu Feng said in a worried tone.

'And who made her weak?' Mu Liang asked in his mind. He seemed very displeased. While he was holding back, his younger brother turned into a beast.

Mu Liang ordered his younger brother, "Take care of my costume."

Mu Feng beamed. He said, "You are going to? Well, of course you will. Sister-in-law will be there too. That's great! Our costume will be the most gorgeous ones. Our wives will love us to death." Excitedly he left the room.

Ju Long said in a doubtful tone, "He won't overdo it, will he?"

Mu Liang worried the same.

He ordered Ju Long, "Contact Qi Ying."


Another fifteen days past.

Mu Lan looked at her blank watercolor paper expressionlessly. Her theme was the social life of the Restoration Period.

Her first picture was of five girls in the ball. They were wearing revealing gowns, making them ravishing. The girls were waiting for the men to ask them for dance. It was a grand picture. She was even praised for that.

Her second picture was finished after she visited Reims with her friends. This picture was about the coronation of King Charles ll. It was cathedral where the coronation took place. She studied Restoration Period. It happened when the monarchy of England was restored. Mu Lan expend four days and three nights to study the royalty of England. This picture was spectacular and even the Head of the Fine Arts Department complemented her work.

Now Mu Lan became very popular and everyone became very curious what would be Mu Lan's next piece. And that made Mu Lan pressured. As she was mentally affected by it, whenever she sat in front of her blank, white paper, her ideas flew away.

Now there was fifteen days left and she still had no idea what to paint.

Some people might thing that painting was a very easy job when you knew how to draw. But that wasn't the point. Art was life. It had its own story. And when it came to think, if the artist understood the inner meaning, he or she had no problem. But if the artist couldn't figure out the inner meaning, then the painting would carry no value. So an artist had to understand the feelings of their painting.

Mu Lan was going nuts, then she heard a polite knock.

She opened the door and found Xue Lin.

"You look frustrated." Xue Lin commented as she entered Mu Lan's room.

"I can't do it." Mu Lan said in a pained voice.

Xue Ling rose an eyes brow. She asked, "Do what?"

"The final picture." Mu Lan murmured.

Xue Lin could hardly hear her. She sat on the sofa and asked, "What made you think that?"

"My mind goes blank when I look at my paper." Mu Lan sat beside her and hung her head.

"What's the theme of the picture?" Xue Lin took a heavy book from the tea table. It was about 'History of Restoration Monarchy'.

Mu Lan cupped her head and replied, "Social life of the Restoration Period."

Xue Lin suggested, "Browse internet."

"I did." Mu Lan looked at her laptop which was still turned on.

"Read books." Xue Lin gave another idea.

Mu Lan looked at the book Xue Lin was touching. She replied, "I read the whole history."

"Did you read the literature or history?" Xue Lin wanted to specify.

Mu Lan looked at her and said, "You mean.."

"I read that in the Restoration Period writers for first time wrote novels. You should read them." Xue Lin brought a packet with her and she took out some books and then handed them to Mu Lan. "They are the famous novels of that period. Try them."

Mu Lan took them and looked at the back to read the summaries. She asked, "How do you know about the novels publishing?"

Xue Lin replied, "My assignment was about that period's young women's psychology state. They were pretty stupid."

Mu Lan smiled at her comment and said, Thank you for helping me. I know you came to bring me the books to help me."

Xue Lin said straight forwardly, "Don't take me wrong. You are the only one who goes to library unlike some other people. I liked the books and that's why I brought them to you. If they help you in your assignment then it is an extra win." She stopped for few seconds and then said, "Also we have to prepare for the upcoming viva."

"Prepare for what?" Mu Lan thought she heard something wrong.

Xue Lin frowned before saying, "... You didn't know?"

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