Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 138: ASSIGNMENT

One month passed by. There was still a month left before the ball.

Mu Lan was exhausted as she sat on the sofa in her room.

Today was weekend. Mu Lan had no class. Still, she had to stay at her room and finish Hugo's job. She had done the sketch after lots of calculation. She draw the statue from different angles. So she drew it eight times. And that was quite tiresome.

Later, she met Hugo in the entrance of her dorm and gave him the sketches. He thanked her multiple times and left.

Mu Lan was climbing the stairs and met Yan Su.

"Hey Lan, miss me?" Yan Su said in a play tone.

Mu Lan's mouth twitched as she asked back, "Can't you just talk normally?" She looked at Yan Su's outfit and asked again, "Where are you going?"

Yan Su was wearing a red cocktail dress. It was fitting and revealing. It showed her all attractive areas pretty well.

At first, Mu Lan was bothered by the way Yan Su liked to dress up. However, in one month, she got used to it.

"We got two days off. Why will we waste it? We are heading out. Oh, change your dress. We are giving you ten minutes." Yan Su replied as she dragged Mu Lan in the second floor and urged Mu Lan to unlock her room.

Mu Lan sighed as she felt helpless. She unlocked the room and they entered. Soon, Xue Lin and Qi Ying came to join then.

It was November. The weather was cold.

Mu Lan wore a light blue dew top, blue arcano, blue ash utilitarian coat and black pearse booties.

Four girls departed and went to train station. Yan Su didn't tell anyone where were the heading. So the three girls were curious. When they got the tickets, then they knew that they were visiting the neighbor city Reims.

Yan Su explained, "Xue Lin never visited the cities of France and I believe you guys never had any experience of journey by train. So do I. That's why I wanted to visit this place. Moreover, it may help us for assignment." Yan Su explained.

At first, they visited Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims. This place was known for formally the place of coronation of the kings of France. The cathedral was so beautiful that Mu Lan and Xue Lin both looked at the front in awe.

Qi Ying and Yan Su had visited this place before, so they didn't have such awe expression like the other two. Yan Su took her two DSLR, Nikon D850 and Canon EOS 80D and snapped photos.

Then, they went to Saint Remi Basilica which was about a mile from Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims. Several royal and archepiscopal figures lie buried in the basilica, but in unidentified graves. They include:

Carloman King of the Franks (751771; reigned 768771), the brother of Charlemagne

Queen Frederonne (died 917), wife of Charles III (879929)

Gerberga of Saxony (910984), wife of Louis IV (King of Western Francia from 936 to 954)

Henri d'Orlans (died about 1653)

Lothair I, (941986), King of Western Francia from 954 to 986

Louis IV (King of Western Francia from 936 to 954

They visited the graves with a special permission. Yan Su had a VIP pass. Normal visitors weren't allowed in here but the museum was open to everyone.

They had lunch in a local restaurant. As the night fell down, they walked in the beautiful streets and squares of Reims. The principal squares of Reims included the Place Royale, with a statue of Louis XV, and the Place Cardinal-Luon, with an equestrian statue of Joan of Arc.

Then they went to a five star hotel to stay for the night. Yan Su and Xue Lin was in one room, and, Qi Ying and Mu Lan was in another room. Everyone was tired except for Yan Su. She opened her laptop and started to type. When they had dinner together, Yan Su excitedly told them how remarkable her photos were.

"You seem rather excited." Mu Lan pointed out.

"She got an assignment on the historical places of Reims. She is here to study and dragged us with her." Xue Lin said without looking at others. She was busy with eating a delicious chocolate desert.

Qi Ying and Mu Lan looked at Yan Su without any expression.

Yan Su exclaimed, "Hey, I didn't tell you about it. How do you know?"

Xue Lin said nothing and save Yan Su a look 'Duh, as if you don't know.'

Just then Yan Su remembered that this bookworm in front of her was studying psychology. She could read people. Yan Su closed her mouth,

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to visit this beautiful place." Xue Lin said in a low voice.

Yan Su held her one ear towards Xue Lin and said, "Did you say something? How come I didn't hear anything? Please repeat your words."

However, no matter how many times she pleaded, Xue Lin said nothing more.

Next day, they visited Gallo-Roman antiquities and Palace of Tau. Later they went to the Monument to the Black Army of Reims and Forts.

After that, they took train to go back to their campus. They were in the local train and it was crowded.

Mu Lan saw a pervert looking at Yan Su's chest with a disgusting look. They were all standing and the pervert was sitting in front of Yan Su. The pervert was forty-five year old man and he looked like a service holder.

Yan Su was wearing a low cut dress and so it revealed her bosom quite well. Mu Lan looked at Yan Su to signal her. But Yan Su just gave her a glance and winked.

Mu Lan's jaw dropped. 'This girl...' She couldn't finish her thought after realizing the fact that this girl was doing it intentionally.

All of a sudden, an idea came to Mu Lan's mind. She slowly sneaked behind Yan Su and gave her a hard push. Then she smiled like an idiot and apologized.

Yan Su, on the other hand, fell atop of the pervert. The pervert's mouth sank in her luscious, soft breasts. He couldn't help but inhale her sweet saint. But then he experienced something that made him a goner.

To keep balance, Yan Su accidentally landed her left hand in the middle of the man's legs, at his majestic spot. Before she could understand anything, she gave a hard squeeze to keep her balance.

When she wanted to apologize, she was the man's face was red and eyes were fuzzy. He looked like that he was going to faint. Just then Yan Su realized her mistake and her hurriedly stood straight and said 'sorry'. Then she gave Mu Lan a glare.

Soon, they reached their station and Yan Su blocked Mu Lan on the track.

"What was that?" Yan Su asked.

"What? Don't tell me you didn't like 'it'?" Mu Lan said as a matter of fact.

Yan Su thought for a while and then gave Mu Lan a dirty smile as she said, "It felt quite good."

Listening to her reply, Mu Lan's face turned purple in disgust, and, Qi Ying and Xue Lin's faces turned bright red.

Yan Su held her chin and asked, "Do you want me to explain the sensation?"

The other three exclaimed at once, "No need!"

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