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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 137: STRONGER THAN BEFORE

Next day, Mu Lan and Qi Ying were supposed to leave together but Mu Feng said that Qi Ying wanted to sleep more. Mu Feng also assured that Qi Ying's class was at noon, so there was nothing to worry. He didn't dared to mention that Qi Ying fainted in the passionate battle last night.

Thus, Mu Liang sent Mu Lan back to school campus. However, when they reached, he didn't want to let her go. Mu Liang ordered Ronald to get out of the car. The young driver followed the order with a flushed face. At last, Mu Liang let her go, after giving her lots of kisses. When Mu Lan came out of the car, her face was red.


Mu Lan went to her class and heard about their upcoming assignment. The school was going to hold an evening ball. People from prestigious families would be invited. The evening ball would be arranged like the ball from eighteenth century. The one who was going to arrange it was the Department of Arts. Now the department had to show their skills. The students of interior design, fashion design, fine arts, photography, music, culinary and food decoration would be divided into groups. Each department would have their own leader and their leaders would plan together to make the ball successful.

Only freshmen were going to have the assignment which meant Mu Lan, Yan Su and Qi Ying also had to attend. From Mu Lan's Department of Fine Arts, they chose their leader. That girl was Anne Donne. She was arrogant but a promising leader.

Their classmates were divided into three groups. One team was going to make various sculptures. They had most of the students.

Another team was going to paint with oil color. They had second most students. They had lot of tasks which they needed a large group.

And the third team was going to paint with water color. They had only four students. Mu Lan was one of them. Since it didn't need to be done with a group they would do it individually. Their leader Anne provided them with theme and disclosed the plan. Everyone was excited.

Thus Mu Lan's hacking practice was halted. She had to study arts of eighteenth century or Restoration Period. In the lunch time, she had to eat with her watercolor group. In the evening, she would spend her time with her other classmates.

Yan Su and Qi Ying had similar situation. Hugo was also busy as he had to make sculpture but he

didn't know about Restoration Period and such. He had no desire to study about it at all. Therefore, he asked Mu Lan's help. In exchange, Hugo would cook her dinner and breakfast. Mu Lan got busy with drawing and counting to make an incredible sculpture. It took mathematics skills as well.

Mu Feng would disturb Mu Lan time to time. Sometimes, he could go through Qi Ying's phone and it would make him worried. Unlike Yan Su and Mu Lan, Qi Ying had even more difficult task. Designing and making dresses for numerous people was strenuous.

At first, Mu Lan would answer him politely. But Mu Feng was very childish. In the end, she had to request Mu Liang so that Mu Feng wouldn't disturb her anymore. Getting warning from his elder brother, Mu Feng could do nothing but sulk.


In the middle of everything, Qi Ying managed to contact her family.

Mu Feng hired a hotel room and positioned bodyguards for Qi Ying. Everything went well according to plan.

As they expected, Qi Family was furious. But they couldn't do anything against the King of the Underworld and top rated businessman.

Qi Ying's elder brother Qi Yang and father Qi Geming's faces were solemn. Their had heavy mood.

However, Qi Ying's French mother Agatha Bonnet was pleased to see her daughter grew up well enough to control her own life. She knew that if anyone was out there to make her daughter happy, it was Mu Feng. Mu Feng was very caring towards Qi Ying and it would never change, that Mrs. Qi understood perfectly.

Seeing her son and husband had quiet faces, she could do nothing but sigh. Agatha had opposed to the marriage of Qi Ying and the Chinese military from the very beginning. She found out that the one who made her daughter suffer so badly was those Chinese. Still that heartless Qi Geming and Qi Yang wanted to get Qi Ying married off to them. Because of Qi Geming's stupidity he fell into the trap of Chinese military. Thus he offered them his daughter.

Qi Geming always thought of success. He was blinded by greed and for that reason, he fell into their trap. To make everything right, he offered his own daughter. Now that his daughter refused, what could he do?

Qi Geming tried to emotionally blackmail his daughter. He knew that hard way wouldn't work. So he took the pitiful way.

However, Qi Ying knew her father better.

She said, "You want to sell me off to the people who almost killed me. Daddy, did I do anything wrong to you? Do you hate my existence that much?"

In the end, Qi Geming lost his cool and said, "Yes! Yes! I hate you. I nurtured you for so long and you repay me with what? You are stabbing my back from behind. If you are not useful to me, then why should I care? You probably should have died four years ago. This way, I would be freed from them." Then he left.

Qi Yang's face was black as he left behind his father. He didn't say a single word since he came. Only Agatha had a sad face. Her eyes were red. She blessed her daughter with good fortune before she left.

That night, Qi Ying spent her night in Mu Mansion. She cried a lot in Mu Feng's arms. In the middle of the night, she had an extremely high fever. She was unconscious for a whole day. It took her two days to reduce the temperature. Those two days, Mu Feng was so worried that he almost brought the whole hospital. However, Mu Ling and Lu Feng managed to hold him down.

After her fever subsided, Qi Ying went to her school and met her worried friends. She had lots of task to deal with. She finished them one by one with the help of her friends.

Mu Lan had to patch up her fingers multiple times. Yan Su messed up every time she touched a new lace. Xue Lin was very helpful. She was used to mend her own dresses. As she had no evening ball assignment because she was in the Psychology Department, she helped Qi Ying a lot. Their friendship became stronger in these days than it was before.

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