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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 135: WILD IMAGINATION

Mu Lan answered the call after the second ring. She asked, "Yan Su, I was worried about you. Are you alright?"

Yan Su didn't check her phone when she hurriedly called. She replied, "i'm sorry, I didn't check. I'm alright. I'm going back to campus. Where are you?" She almost said that she saw a man picking Mu Lan up. But she held her tongue.

"I'm outside now. I'm a bit busy. I'll come tomorrow at the campus." Mu Lan didn't want to tell Yan Su about where she was now. She felt a bit guilty but she didn't know Yan Su properly yet.

Yan Su understood that Mu Lan would not tell her anything. She answered, "I won't disturb you then. Bye."

"Bye." Mu Lan hung up the call.

Meanwhile, Yan Su was having wild imagination.

'Xiao Lan didn't tell her title. Does that mean, she is a princess? Maybe the guy who took her last night was her knight in shining armor? She must be in a hidden identity and that's why she couldn't tell me about her. Or maybe, she is a mistress and her master took her away. Maybe she was punished for being drunk. Therefore, she couldn't get up from the bed and said that she will come tomorrow.'

Yan Su imagine a half-naked Mu Lan on the bed with red face and moist eyes. She was begging for mercy.

Yan Su got excited as she delightfully went back to campus.


Mu Mansion

After a wonderful feast, Mu Feng and Qi Ying went back to his room.

Qi Ying was thinking of Mu Liang who dramatically changed in front of Mu Lan. He was very attentive towards Mu Lan and made sure that she would eat a lot. Mu Lan was not a spoiled brat. She ate everything in silence. Sometimes she praised Cook Eva's cooking skill and said that how much she missed it in past few days.

When they reached the bedroom, Mu Feng hugged Qi Ying from behind. He asked, "What's wrong? You have been thinking something for a while."

Qi Ying looked back at him and hugged him closer to her. She said, "I was thinking about Xiao Lan."

Mu Feng carried her to the bed and put her down. As she laid down, he changed his clothes and laid down beside her.

He embraced her in dark and asked again, "What did you think of sister-in-law?"

Qi Ying buried her head in Mu Feng's muscled chest and breathed in his smell. She replied, "I was thinking that she lost her memory and yet she didn't show her powerlessness. She is strong and intelligent. I'm nothing like her."

Mu Feng rubbed her head lovingly and said, "Who said you aren't brave and intelligent? Didn't you stay strong after I stupidly left you? Also you clearly spied on your own family. In my eyes, you are very strong and intelligent. Just believe in yourself."

Qi Ying smiled at his word. She nodded and said, "You are right. If I believe in myself I can do it, can't I?"

Mu Feng kissed her lips lightly and said, "Yes, my princess."

Qi Ying looked at the man beside her and said, "I've decided. I'm going to talk to my family about us and tell them to refuge the marriage proposal."

Mu Feng smiled at her and said, "You won't be alone. I'll stay with you."

Qi Ying shook her head. She said, "No, I won't take your help. I want to do it alone, just like Xiao Lan is facing everything alone."

"My dear wife, she is not alone. She has my brother with her. And also, you don't have to as strong as her." Mu Feng started to panic.

"I want to deal with my family alone. If I can't even fight against my family, how can I fight against the world?" Qi Ying protested.

Mu Feng felt helpless. His wife got quite spark in her after she found out about Mu Lan. "Why will you fight against the world anyway? Who will dare you fight against you after knowing that you are my wife?"

Qi Ying felt wrong. She asked, "How will I able to support you if I'm not strong?"

"Who said I need you strong to have your support? You stay beside me, keep smiling happily is enough for me to boost up five thousand percent." Mu Feng coaxed his wife.

".....Fine, you win. But I'm going alone this time." Qi Ying was stubborn.

Mu Feng sighed in relief. He said, "I don't mind. But you can't go to your house. I'm sorry but after you go there, they might not let you leave. And I know that you don't want me to destroy your house either. You can meet your family in a restaurant or a hotel. While eating you can tell them your thoughts. Of course, I will send guards to keep eyes on you all the time. They will surround the whole area. That way, you won't have to be nervous."

"Must you do this?" Qi Ying asked him.

Mu Feng nodded while saying, "I must. Who knows if you are carrying our child right now or not?"

Qi Ying blushed at his words.

Last night, when they were drowned in pleasure, none of them thought about protection or anything. If she were to get pregnant....

Mu Feng suddenly looked very lively. He said, "Ying, let's make some babies."

Qi Ying's face dyed in many shades of red. She exclaimed, ""

Her scream was stopped by Mu Feng's passionate kiss.

When they both became breathless, then Mu Feng moved away his lips. He said in a husky voice,

"Don't worry. Tomorrow you have class. So I'll be gentle with you."

Qi Ying's mind was flying in the cloud. She asked, "Wh-what if I get pregnant?"

"What are you getting worked up about? If you are thinking of your important classes, I'll hire your teachers to come to our house and teach you properly." Giving a solution, Mu Feng again kissed her. It was even more passionate.

Their rooms filled with moans, rustle sound of clothes and friction of two bodies.

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