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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 134: WHAT HE WANTS, HE GETS THAT

Mu Feng's eye brows rose up. He shortly said, "OK." And then hung up the call. He looked at the ladies and said, "They are safe and sound. Don't have to worry. Apparently, tonight we have a party. Right now, you can think of how to eat all those foods. If you miss out one of them, you'll regret it....."

Mu Feng went on and on, like a chatter box. Suddenly something caught his eyes. He asked, "Sister Lan Lan, are you feeling cold today?"

It was October. The air was slightly cold but it was normal weather.

Mu Lan shook her head as she answered, "No. Why do you think so?" As soon as the words left her mouth she realized her mistake. But it was too late.

"Then why are you wearing shawl?" Mu Feng asked as he was puzzled. Just then something came in his mind. He sheepishly asked with a goofy smile, "Are you trying to cover up something?"

Clearly he meant that something steamy happened last night.

Mu Lan controlled her racing heart. In front of Qi Ying and Mu Feng, she hand no problem of controlling her emotion. If it was Mu Liang, she heart would go crazy by now.

Mu Lan smiled at Mu Feng and asked in sweet tone, "Brother Feng, is you nose bothering you lately?" half of her words were in her mind. 'If I request Liang Liang, I believe he will make an arrangement to get rid off it.'

Mu Feng was clever enough to understand the hidden meaning behind his sister-in-law's words.

He scratched his head as he laughed like a fool. "Ahahahaha. Not at all. Not at all. I'm your dear little brother. I'm so cute and tiny. I care for you so much. That's why I was asking if you caught cold or not. It seems like, you are healthy. I'm relieved."

Qi Ying looked at her beloved and was speechless. 'He is not only shameless in bed, but also in the garden at broad daylight.' She thought in shame.

Mu Lan didn't bother with him anymore. She got up and said, "I won't become a light bulb between you two. I'm going back."

After Mu Lan went away, Mu Feng laid his head on Qi Ying's thigh, just like four years ago.

Qi Ying asked in amazement, "How could you ask her things like that? Isn't she your future sister-in-law?"

Mu Feng replied in smile, "She is exactly my future sister-in-law and that's the reason why I'm having fun with her. I want her to become more friendly and relaxed when she is with us. So that, after she gets her memory back, she won't be able to leave us."

Mu Feng took Qi Ying's hands and played with them.

Qi Ying enjoyed his touch and said, "I heard from Xiao Lan that you told her about your grandfather's illness. What I know that there is no such thing. He is living a healthy life. Why did you make up such trap?"

Mu Feng sighed deeply and replied, "Big brother loves her for three years. When she lost her memory after an accident, he wanted to take care of her. He can never deceive her. Therefore, as a brother, I wanted to do something for him."

Qi Ying smiled and leaned in to kiss Mu Feng's forehead. She further asked, "But what about Xiao Lan's heart? Isn't she being forced like this?"

Mu Feng gave a confident smile. He asked her back, "Do you think there is a woman who won't fall his charm? You are different and so does sister-in-law. But trust in my brother's ability. What he wants, he gets that."

Qi Ying frowned. She said, "Don't say things like that. It feels like you two are kind of devils waiting for your prey."

Mu Feng lightly kissed her lips and asked as he winked, "Are we not?"


Lu Feng's residence

Yan Su woke up with heavy pain in her head. She frowned as she sat up on the bed.

"That's should not be an expression of a princess first thing in the morning." A gentle voice said.

Yan Su's expression immediately changed. She gritted her teeth in pain and said, "Have a hangover and say that line again."

"Unlike you, I have high tolerance in alcohol." The voice replied.

"Shut up and treat my pain. Aren't you a doctor?" Yan Su bickered.

"That I am." Lu Feng sighed as he came closer.

He gave Yan Su a mug of hot tea and said, "Drink it. I mixed herbal, so it will ease your pain."

Yan Su sipped in and nodded, "Hmm, it is good." She looked at Lu Feng and asked, "Are you experimenting on herbal now?"

Lu Feng said shortly, "Aren't I your rival? Do you think I'm going to tell you about my experiment?"

Zhen Corporation had their own medicine company and they became rival of Lu Corporation. Zhen Corporation's sole purpose was business while Lu Corporation's main target was to research and to find cure for various diseases. Their main focus was medicine. However, Zhen Corporation's main focus was clothes. Medicine was one of their side businesses. Though Lu Corporation had no enmity towards anyone but Zhen Corporation made them their rival.

Yan Su pouted. "What a cold heartened doctor!" She murmured.

"Well, thank you. Hurry up and leave. I'm busy." Lu Feng said and walked to the door.

"What? Is that how you treat your guest?" Yan Su got mad. 'This guy is deliberately doing it.' She thought.

"That's for telling me 'cold heartened'." Lu Feng replied.

Yan Su gave him a lustrous smile. She asked, "What? Does it hurt you that much?"

Lu Feng's heart shook. He controlled himself and replied, "Think what you want but I want you to go back to your campus in thirty minutes." Then he left the room.

Yan Su was perplexed. She asked to herself, "When did that guy become a monk?"

After thirty minutes when she went out of Lu Feng's residence, than she remembered a man was picking up Mu Lan. She couldn't see the face properly because her eyes were blurry. As she think of that, her face became as white as sheet.

Yan Su immediately called Mu Lan.

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