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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 133: WHAT A BIG FAT LIAR!

Qi Ying enjoyed the flower garden. She felt happy when she saw some familiar plants she gave to Mu Feng four years ago.

While she was thinking of the past, she heard a rustle sound and looked back. Her face immediately changed.

"Ying?" The person who was standing said in a surprised tone. Though it was just a name, it sounded

more like a question because the speaker couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"X-Xiao Lan?" The person who was even more surprised was Qi Ying.

Hearing Qi Ying's voice, Mu Lan confirmed that it was actually Qi Ying. She wasn't day dreaming. She asked, "It is you! How come you are here?"

"That's exactly I want to know!" Qi Ying exclaimed.

Mu Lan still had to recover from shock. She sat beside Qi Ying and said, "Okay, first thing first. You were really drunk last night. I was worried. I called you after I woke up but I couldn't reach you, neither did I reach others. How are you feeling?"

"I-I'm fine. But what about Yan Su and Xue Lin?" Qi Ying thought her brain stopped working. She had no clue for what reason 'Xiao Lan' would be here.

Mu Lan replied, "I think I can get help from brother Feng to look for them."

Truthfully Mu Lan was really worried about them. But her mind went blank when she was with Mu Liang. She thought, 'I shouldn't disturb Liang Liang. He is busy.'

Mu Lan looked at Qi Ying, "So can you tell me how did you end up here? Did Mu Feng and you recoil? Congrats!"

Qi Ying turned red. "Yeah, it's because you helped me. Thank you, Xiao Lan." She shyly looked at Mu Lan and asked, "How did you find out?"

Mu Lan looked at the dress Qi Ying was wearing. She was not going to tell Qi Ying how much Mu Feng begged for this single dress and also underwear. If she did, she knew that Qi Ying could never talk to her normally. Also, there was a possibility that Qi Ying would get mad at Mu Feng. Mu Lan had no wish to break them apart.

Therefore, Mu Lan replied, "It's not hard to guess." She averted her eyes. She just saw a red kiss mark on Qi Ying's neck. She didn't want to imagine what happened between Qi Ying and Mu Feng but Qi Ying's face was practically radiant.

Mu Lan commented, "You look different today." Her face was getting warm.

Qi Ying flabbergasted. She hurriedly changed the topic, "You didn't tell me how you ended up here."

"It's a long story." Mu Lan answered.

"I'm listening." Qi Ying looked really interested.

Mu Lan took a deep breath before starting, "Eleven days ago, I woke up with amnesia. Since I woke up, I was in this mansion. They helped me to recover. In exchange I'm helping them with something."

Mu Lan didn't tell Qi Ying the whole story. She thought, 'The less people know about it, the better.'

Qi Ying was speechless hearing such story. She felt a little guilty. "Amnesia? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked. It must be painful for you."

"It's alright. You don't have to feel bad. I'm enjoying this life." Mu Lan smiled.

Qi Ying could help but ask, "Are they forcing you to do something you don't want to? You can tell me."

'Forcing me? I never thought like that. It's not that I don't want to marry Liang...' As Mu Lan wondered, her face flushed.

"Are you sick? Your face is red." Qi Ying said worriedly.

Mu Lan changed the topic. She continued the previous topic. "Brother Feng said that his grandfather was ill and he wanted to see grand-daughter-in-law badly. Brother Feng asked me to be wife of Liang Liang. To show my gratitude, I agreed."

'Did she just say "Liang Liang"? She just called eldest young master of Mu Family "Liang Liang"!' Qi Ying was bewildered. She lost her words.

Qi Ying looked at the smiley Lan. 'This girl lost her memory but still fought for her existence. She didn't feel devastated but she adapted herself in this new life and enjoying herself. She never let her show her weakness to anyone. And what am I doing? Don't I also have the right to fight for my own existence and happiness? Why should be oppressed when I have the most powerful man backing me silently. This is the least I should do for Feng. I should fight like Xiao Lan.'

Qi Ying looked at the girl beside her in a new vision. Her thought drifted to somewhere else. "You are very tough, Xiao Lan. I will try to become like you."

Mu Lan felt awkward. It wasn't that she was tough. It was because Mu Liang supported her. He gave her the sense of security.

When the two girls were in their own thoughts, a voice came behind them. "Sister Lan Lan?" Mu Feng asked in a surprised tone.

Mu Lan looked at the 'Romeo' and said, "I found out what treasure you were hiding."

Mu Feng felt a little embarrassed and replied, "I was actually looking for you to let you know properly." He laughed awkwardly.

'What a big fat liar!' Both Qi Ying and Lu Lan thought.

Mu Lan changed the topic and said, "Brother Feng, we are worried about our two friends who were with was yesterday. Can you check them if they are okay?"

"Please look for them as soon as possible." Qi Ying said worriedly.

Mu Feng sat other side of Qi Ying and took out his cell phone. He called Hugo.

Hugo was at the gym. So he took time to answer the call. "Yes?" He asked in his indifferent voice.

"Do you know the whereabouts of two other friends of Ying and sister Lan?" Mu Feng asked.

"One went to the dorm, and Miss Zhen went out with Doctor Lu Feng." Hugo answered stoically.

Mu Feng's eye brows rose up. He shortly said, "OK." And then hung up the call. He looked at the ladies and said, "They are safe and sound. Don't have to worry. Apparently, tonight we have a party. Right now, you can think of how to eat all those foods. If you miss out one of them, you'll regret it..... "

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