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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 132: WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE?

Mu Lan went to her room and found Mu Feng was striding one side from another side. When he saw her entering, his eyes lightened up.

"Sister Lan Lan, thank you for coming." Mu Feng looked extremely happy.

Mu Lan sighed inwardly and straightly went to the point, "What type of dress do you need?"

Mu Feng started to describe an imaginative dress, "High neck dress with full sleeved, more like maxi and it would be better if it's comfortable." He had no intention to let other's see his wife's body full of hickeys.

"What else?" Mu Lan already started to look for a maxi styled dress.

Mu Feng hesitated before saying, ". U-underwear..."

Mu Lan shot a glare.

Mu Feng pleaded as he bowed thrice, "Dear sister, please spare me this time. I really need them."

If Mu Feng could, he would go for shopping. But he was afraid that when Qi Ying would wake up, she would be alone. He didn't want their first night experience would go wrong. He also didn't want others to buy dress for her and he also searched in the internet to buy a perfect imaginative dress for Qi Ying but he didn't find one. So he had no other option left except asking Mu Lan.

Searching for a while, Mu Lan a white maxi styled cotton dress. It had high collar and also full sleeves. It was very comfortable too. She never wore it, so it could be given. As for underwear..

Mu Lan glanced at Mu Feng.

Mu Feng asked, "What is it, sister Lan Lan?"

"Do you really need underwear?" Mu Lan asked.

Mu Lan didn't want to invade someone else's personal boundary. But giving her own underwear to the opposite sex was little odd for her, even if she had to give it to Mu Feng.

Mu Feng nodded vigorously.

'Underwear is the most important. Qi Ying won't be satisfied if she could wear underwear.' He thought as he sweated.

Mu Lan sighed and took out a new piece of bra and panty and put them inside the dress. Then he gave it to him.

Mu Feng sighed in relief and thanked Mu Lan twice and then hurriedly left.

'How old is he?' Mu Lan wondered.

Mu Feng went to his room and put down the dress on the sofa. After that, he took some documents and read them as he sat beside sleeping Qi Ying.


Qi Ying woke up after the lunch time had passed. She opened her eyes, but feeling pain in the head she frowned. She closed her eyes, then opened them again and first thing she saw was Mu Feng who was sitting beside her and reading some official documents. Looking at his face, she remembered the past and smiled a little.

Mu Feng found a movement beside him. He looked at the girl who was sleepily looking at him. His heart melted at the sight.

Mu Feng smiled at her lovingly and kissed her cheek. He said, "Good morning, Ying. Did you sleep well?"

Qi Ying felt shy thinking about last night and nodded lightly. She tried to move but gave out a soft whimper as her back was sore.

'He really overdid it.' She thought.

Mu Feng became worried. He asked, "Is it that painful?"

Actually, it was excruciating. They did it till sunrise. In the last part, Mu Feng forgot to hold back. They were in deep passion, so both of them cared less about it. Now, Qi Ying couldn't move at all.

Qi Ying said in a low tone, "I can manage."

She already looked pale.

Mu Feng felt guilty. He remembered what his elder brother said to him. 'Beast.' Mu Feng now believed his brother's word.

He said, "You don't have to get up. Just stay like this. I got you some clothes for you. When you get up, you can wear them. As long as you are in my room, don't worry about wearing nothing."

Qi Ying's face turned red. 'How can he say that?' She wondered.

"Are you a pervert?" She questioned.

Mu Feng was speechless.

'What's wrong with the people of this household today? Why is everyone questioning my character? I'm just worried about my wife. I don't want her to do anything which will cause her more pain.'

Mu Feng blinked before saying, "I just want you to relax and don't want you to move around. It will hurt you more."

"I-I can't stay naked." Qi Ying stammered. She continued while touching her head, "My head hurts."

Mu Feng sighed and helped her to sit on the bed. Though he liked her stay naked, he couldn't say that. Maybe he was a pervert as they said. As Qi Ying had hard time to wear dress on her own, Mu Feng helped her to wear bra, panty and dress.

In the daylight, Mu Feng was helping her wearing dress, a shy woman like Qi Ying couldn't lift her head.

Mu Feng knew her personality very well. He didn't pressure her by teasing her unlike his big brother.

Mu Feng said, "Wait here and rest. I'll bring some food and ice."

As he said, Qi Ying's stomach growled.

She was too embarrassed to look.

Mu Feng smiled fondly at her and kissed her on the head before he left.


After Qi Ying finished her breakfast, she wished to visit the flower garden.

"Aren't you sore?" Mu Feng asked worriedly.

Qi Ying once again turned red and said, "I-I want to."

Mu Feng didn't object anymore and took her in his arms.

Qi Ying struggled slightly. She didn't want the maids and the butlers know what happened last night.

However, Mu Feng didn't budge. He said, "I'm not letting you walk on your own when you are in pain."

Qi Ying hid her face on his shoulder in shame.

Mu Household's servants were very polite. They were trained properly before they started working. So no one commented about their masters' private life styles or started rumors. They didn't look eye to eye at their masters and mistresses and also the guests. They were very well behaved.

Once again, their mannerism was proved when Mu Feng took Qi Ying in the flower garden. Not a single maid or butler looked at them, neither did they comment. They only bowed and greeted their second master and second miss in silence.

Mu Feng put down Qi Ying on the grass. She liked to sit on the grass bed.

Mu Feng said, "Stay here. I'll bring some documents."

Qi Ying nodded and replied, "Okay."

Mu Feng left. Qi Ying enjoyed the flower garden. She felt happy when she saw some familiar plants she gave to Mu Feng four years ago.

While she was thinking of the past, she heard a rustle sound and looked back. Her face immediately changed.

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