Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 131: IS HE DRUNK?

After their hot-cool breakfast, Mu Liang wiped Mu Lan's mouth with tissue. Mu Lan kept silent all the time. Her red face was down and she didn't look at the man beside him at all.

Mu Liang enjoyed her reaction. He knew that he teased her too much. He smiled inwardly as a warm feeling of love and tenderness spread inside his body.

He asked, "You don't have class today. Do you want to go out? Or you will stay here? Tonight Aunt Eve will arrange a feast. You better stay for dinner."

Mu Lan nodded. She briefly glanced at the handsome figure, then averted her gaze. She replied, "I want to stay here."

Mu Liang smiled in response. He looked at her fondly and asked again, "Do you want to stay in the room and take rest?"

Mu Lan shook her head and replied, "I want to stay in the garden."

What else could she do? If she would go out, definitely Mu Liang would join her. But if she stayed in the mansion, he didn't have to keep an eye on her and she could relax.

Mu Liang could easily understand what's in her mind. He was in good mood and his heart softened. Therefore, he decided give her some time alone. He didn't want to make her tired.

Mu Liang gave her a kiss on the lips and said before leaving, "Be careful."

"Okay." Mu Lan replied shortly.

After Mu Liang left, Mu Lan get off of the bed. She looked at the mirror and hot blood rushed in her face. She was wearing a low cut yellow dress. She could the hickeys all over her skin. Mu Lan took out a white silk shawl and put it around her. She tied her hair into ponytail.

It had been a while since she was in the mansion. She went out of her room and moved downstairs.

She wanted to greet Butler Leo, Cook Eve, Alice and Emma. She missed their hospitality.

In the kitchen, she greeted Cook Eve. Cook Eve was very caring towards her. She asked about Butler Leo and found out the he was sick and went to see doctor. Alice and Emma were happy to see her as well.

However, Mu Lan found something very odd. Every one of them avoided looking at her properly and their faces were flushed. It took her minutes to understand the reason. She could recall vaguely that she was drunk and being carried by Mu Liang and he ordered to the maids and butlers not to disturb them. Mu Liang did it for her good but it made a huge misunderstanding.

'I should have gone out.' She thought.

Woof! Woof!!

Mu Lan's chain of thoughts interrupted by a cheerful sound. She looked on her left and found a German Shepherd was running to her. It showed a pure joy in its expression.

When it got closer, it pounced over Mu Lan.

Mu Lan had a weak body and couldn't hold a big dog. So she fell on the grass while the dog was over her body.

"Oscar! I'm really glad to see you again." Mu Lan greeted Oscar happily.

Mu Lan was in the east wing and this meant that she was in the vegetable garden. From Mu Liang's study room, this place could be seen perfectly.

Oscar, as sharp as he was, found a solitude standing beside the window straightly looking at them.

A glint crossed Oscar's eyes. He happily licked Mu Lan's cheek with his huge tongue and showed that how much he missed Mu Lan.

The solitude in the dark clenched his fist.

Mu Lan was a lass with a pure heart. Her heart filled with happiness after getting such affection. She laughed and patted Oscar's head. She didn't feel wrong at all.

As they were hugging and licking, all of a sudden, Oscar heard a whistle. It was a special whistle only for dogs to hear. Oscar knew it very well. His master was calling Lucy.

Just as Oscar thought, a beautiful white German Shepherd came running to them. It was none other than Lucy, Oscar's wife.

Lucy nudged Mu Lan slightly. They still didn't become friends yet. Then Lucy nudged Oscar fondly, bit his ear and tried to take him away.

Oscar clearly understood everything. He looked at the window. He saw a dark figure was still standing.

"Grr." Oscar growled at the dark figure and went away with his wife unhappily.

Finding his attitude suspicious, Mu Lan also looked at the window but didn't see anything. She went to the lake side and sat on the swing to play and enjoy the scenery.

After a while, she got a call. She looked at the screen and saw 'Brother Feng' was written on the screen.

"Hello, brother Feng." She greeted.

"Sister Lan Lan, how are you? I went to your room and couldn't find you." Mu Feng cheerfully said.

"I'm fine, brother Feng. How are you? I'm in the lake side. Do you need something?" She wondered.

"I'm actually in trouble. Only you can help me, Sister Lan Lan."Mu Feng said earnestly.

Once Mu Lan agreed to help Mu Feng and caught up with marriage thing. This time she wouldn't be fooled. She needed to know what actually Mu Feng needed help with.

She said, "I want to help you but how can I do that if I don't know what you need help with."

Mu Feng hurriedly said, "I need a set of clothes from you. Also I need some under garments."

Mu Lan really didn't know what to say at first. "......Are you a pervert?"

She thought inside, 'Is he drunk?'

"Sister Lan Lan, I'm a pure soul with poor heart. Please try to understand. I need them right now. If I don't have them, I might die." Mu Feng's voice was urgent.

Mu Lan thought for a moment and then said, "I'm asking Liang Liang first..."

Mu Feng interrupted her. He was horrified as he pleaded, "Sister Lan Lan, please I beg. Don't involve my big brother. You have lots of clothes. Please spare me one set. Am I not your most beautiful, most dashing, most intelligent brother Feng? Am I not the one....."

Mu Lan sighed and interrupted, ".... I'm coming." She didn't want to hear his explanation anymore. If he really needed one, she would give him. After all, they were the people who gave her clothes.

"Thank you, sister Lan Lan. Than........" Mu Lan hung up.

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