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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 130: LIANG LIANG, YOU BIG BULLY!

Mu Liang was in extremely good mood. To him, today was a beautiful day. He wore casual shirt and pant and went downstairs. He went straight to the kitchen and asked Cook Eve to give him breakfast for him and Mu Lan.

Cook Eve told him to wait for few minutes and went back to warm up the breakfast she prepared in the morning.

Mu Liang looked around and found something odd.

He asked, "Where is Uncle Leo?"

Cook Eve's body stiffed. She hesitated before saying, "He is sick. So he is resting in his room."

Mu Liang's eye brows lifted up.

Butler Leo was a diligent person. His maintained discipline more than anyone. He hardly caught cold let alone fever. How could he get sick?

Mu Liang asked, "How?"

Cook Eve was really in dilemma. She cared for her colleague but how could she tell young master that Butler Leo had caught a fever because last night two young masters were reckless and brought two drunk young misses home and told them not to disturb them? It was too much for an old heart.

Cook Eve answered, "Don't worry, dear master. It is nothing serious. Brother Leo called Doctor Lu. Doctor Lu sent a doctor to check him. He will be all right." She gave Mu Liang a trey and changed the subject saying, "Here's your breakfast. Should I call a maid for help?"

"No one needs to come upstairs." Mu Liang said flatly.

Cook Eve nodded. She already started to imagine lots of little Liang, little Feng, little Lan and little Ying.

Before Mu Liang could leave the kitchen, Cook Eve said, "Tonight's dinner will be special."

Mu Liang nodded and left.

In the doorway, he halted because someone was entering the kitchen.



When Mu Feng woke up, it was already noon. His mood was light and blissful. He never felt like this before.

He looked down at his arm where his sleeping beauty was sleeping soundly. Her eyes bags were deep. She didn't sleep this well in four years.

Mu Feng's heart ached as he leaned down to kiss her forehead.

Both of their bodies were sticky and smelly. So Mu Feng wanted to take a bath. Thinking of something, he gently took the girl in his arms and headed to bathroom. He gingerly cleaned her and wiped her body. Then put her on the sofa and covered her with a blanked. He changed the bed sheet and then laid her down. He was cautious enough not to wake her up.

Later he took a bath and went downstairs to have breakfast. There he met his elder brother carrying a trey of food.

Mu Liang stopped at the track and said, "You.." He totally forgot that he had a younger brother.

Mu Feng understood it very well. He sighed and said, "Having sister-in-law all to yourself, you forgot that you have a brother. Some big brother you are!" He looked hurt.

Mu Liang frowned and said, "We didn't."

He meant that they didn't do 'that'.

At first, Mu Feng was stunned. Then he squirmed in delight. He said, "At last, I won and you lost."

Saying that, he patted his brother's shoulder and continued, "Big brother, it is called real pleasure. Once you taste it, you will only want it more and more." His white teeth were shining like starlight.

Mu Liang understood well what his brother meant.

'So he became a man and brought her home.' He thought.

Just because Mu Liang didn't do it, did it mean that he lost? Of course not. It meant that he was a true gentleman. If he did it, Mu Lan would never show her true self to him because she wasn't in love with him.

What Mu Liang wanted from Mu Lan wasn't her body to pluck pleasure. He wasn't that low. He wanted her heart, her soul. He wanted her to crave for him as much as he did. He wanted her to love him back. That's when, he would find his true happiness.

He was patience when it came to her. So how could he lose?

Mu Liang coldly looked at his bother and said, "Beast." Then he left the kitchen and went upstairs.

Mu Feng stood there. He was speechless.

Once again, he got a proof that no one can win against Mu Liang, the demon lord.


On the bed, Mu Lan tried to call her friends but no one answered. She sighed and put down the mobile.

Her head was hurting since she woke up. But so much happened after she opened her eyes that she couldn't feel it.

She grabbed her head and stayed silent. Slowly her mind started to flow in the bathroom incident.

Mu Liang's hands were touching her everywhere. Mu Lan wiggled in his embrace and couldn't help but moan loudly. Her body shivered in his touch. She felt butterflies in her stomach. His lips could work like magic. Their works on her lips made her senseless. When she couldn't take it anymore, she also started to kiss him back. Slowly she melted in his arms.


Mu Lan grabbed her head tightly and rolled all over the bed.

"I cannot think of it. I should not think of it. I must forget it. I must." She was talking to herself. She didn't know that she was being loud.

"What do you want to forget?" Mu Liang entered the room with the trey.

Mu Lan jolted on the bed and she sat up. Her heart shook violently. She could hear her own heart was beating loudly. Her face was red.

'Oh God, please don't let him hear my heartbeat.' She prayed in silence.

Mu Liang put down the trey on the side table and sat on the bed. Looking at her stiff body he smiled and said, "Relax your body. I'm not going to eat you up. I have tasted enough for today."

Hearing what he said, Mu Lan's face became beet red. She hung her head in shame.

Mu Liang found this reaction of her extremely cute. He hugged her in his arms and stroked her back till she felt relaxed.

He said tenderly, "Does your head hurt? I'll massage your head." Then he massaged her head. His hands worked like magician. The pain in her head went away.

After few minutes passed away, he said, "Let's have breakfast." He took the soup bowl and continued saying, "Let me feed you."

Mu Lan's eyes grew bigger. She shook her head in protest.

'Wasn't I embarrassed enough?' She thought

Mu Liang's face closed in to her right ear and he said in a husky voice, "Do you want to be punished?" Then bit her ear lightly.

Mu Lan's body trembled but didn't protest anymore.

'Liang Liang, you big bully!' She screamed in her mind.

Later, he gave her a glass of milk to drink and then, fed her breakfast.

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