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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 129: WHO WILL TAKE THE RESPOSIBILITY?

Next day

Mu Mansion

It was already noon when Mu Lan opened her eyes. The first thing saw was an open muscled chest.

She blinked once, then twice. When the chest didn't go away, she reached her hand and touched it.

It was warm and soft. She realized that it wasn't a dream. She was really touching the thing she was actually seeing.

Mu Lan jumped in fright. A small scream came out of her mouth.

Mu Liang slowly opened his eyes as he heard his wife's scream. He looked at her and smiled, "What a beautiful thing to see in the morning!" He eyed all over her.

Finding it suspicious, Mu Lan looked down at her.


Her heart nearly left her body as she saw her fully naked body. She covered her body with the quilt. Her face was pale. Her whole body shook tremendously.

'What happened last night? Why can't I remember anything? I can't imagine that he would do something like that?'

Thinking all sort of things, her eyes became red and teary.

Watching his wife's teary and pitiable face, Mu Liang's soft expression also changed.

He said in a lazy tone, "Before you get to conclusion, I request you to remember what happened last night. I'm the victim alright?"

Mu Lan looked at him accusingly.

Mu Liang sighed deeply. He pointed at his naked body and said, "I don't have sharp nails and small teeth. Even if I have them, I can't do that to my body myself."

Mu Lan shyly glanced at his naked body.

Mu Liang's body was well toned. It could make any man or woman drool all over. However, that piece of art was scratched, bitten and given kiss marks all the way down.

Slowly Mu Lan started to remember piece by piece what happened after Mu Liang had taken her to her room.

It was all her fault!

Mu Lan's face was getting red in a second.

Mu Liang understood that she recalled the last night activity. Suddenly, he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him.

"Ah!" Mu Lan yelled in surprise.

Mu Liang put her under him as he kissed her deeply.


Mu Lan tried to straggle but all in vein.

Mu Liang's tongue invaded her mouth and twirled hers. Her mind started to go blank. Slowly she lost her strength. Mu Liang took out his tongue only when she lacked oxygen.

Mu Liang's eyes were in flames. His arousal gave a reaction.

Mu Lan could feel that something poked her lower abdomen. Her moist eyes flew open.

Looking at her reaction, Mu Liang couldn't help but smile. He kissed her forehead tenderly.

He asked, "Who was the culprit last night?"

Clearly, he was teasing her.

Mu Lan's mind still wasn't working. She said in whisper, "I-I was."

Mu Liang asked further, "Who kissed first?"

Mu Lan replied. "I did."

Mu Liang's eyes twinkled as he questioned her, "Who seduce first?"

"I did." Mu Lan replied. She had yet to brake from her blank space attitude.

"Who will take the responsibility?" Mu Liang asked in a husky tone.

Mu Lan wanted to cry out loudly. "I-I will."

"Very well said." Mu Liang kissed her again as a reward.

She still could not believe her last night activity. She couldn't blame Mu Liang because she was at the fault. Mu Lan wanted to dig a whole and bury herself there. All she could do was blaming herself. Then and there, she promised herself that she would never touch those drinks again.

Mu Lan thought that if it wasn't for gentlemanly Liang Liang, she would lost her virginity before she knew it. Therefore, she was grateful to him.

But why this man was kissing her now?

Making her breathless, Mu Liang asked, "Do you want to have a shower?"

'Nothing can be better than getting away from him right now. I'm ashamed to death.' Thinking that, Mu Lan nodded vigorously.

Mu Liang smiled and said, "Great. Let's bath together."

He swiftly took her in his arms and walked to bathroom. He thought, 'What? You thought that I can't read your mind?'

Mu Lan's eyes almost popped out when she realized that she fell into his trap. She was naked and was in the arms of a naked man in broad daylight. She struggled to free herself.

"What are you feeling shy for? I already saw every inch of you last night. And so did you." Mu Liang said it like it was a matter of fact. Actually, he was enjoying it deep down.

It was a hot shower.

In the bathtub, Mu Liang could help but touch all over her body and his lips were busy with kissing her rosy lips. He finally had his way to kiss her lips. He couldn't just let it go.

Mu Lan already gave in. He was really a good kisser. Her whole body shook in passion. Her body began to get hot. After some time, she started to kiss him back. She wasn't even sure what she was doing.

A fifteen minutes morning bath became forty five minutes bath. When they finished, Mu Lan had no ability to walk.

So Mu Liang gently wiped her whole body and wrapped a towel over her body. He took her out of the bathroom. He dried her wet hair and put clothes on her.

Mu Lan lost her last bit of energy to straggle. She didn't know what to feel anymore. She only knew that her heart was going crazy. Her head was dizzy. Her mind was a mess. And she was naked in front of her future husband. Also they slept an entire night 'naked'.

Mu Liang laid her down on the bed and said, "Wait here. Don't move around. I'm bringing the breakfast for you."

Mu Lan nodded as she looked somewhere else.

Mu Liang's lower part was covered with towel and his upper body was naked. There were still some water dripping from his hair. Some drops were on his naked chest and back. He looked so damn sexy.

Mu Lan gulped.

Mu Liang kissed softly on her right temple and walked out of the room.

Mu Lan covered her red face with her hands and rolled on the bed.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and thought, 'Where are my friends?'

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