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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 128: INTERESTING NIGHT

[A/N: I assume everyone forgot Yan Su and Xue Lin. XD ]

Blue Stone Bar

Lu Feng was utterly speechless after watching the two Mu brothers' actions. His face turned red without his notice. He looked at the place where Mu Lan was sitting a while ago. Recognizing a face, his eyes narrowed.

'Isn't this Zhen Corporation's wild heiress? So angel Lan got herself wrapped with two heiress all at once. This girl certainly is not a common folk. She attracts rich people like honey attracts bees.' He huffed and went towards Yan Su. 'Should I leave her be? But as a close acquaintance, how can I do that? I must take her home or a safe place.'

Lu Feng coughed a bit and asked, "Miss Zhen, are you alright?" He waited a little but he got no reply. He asked again, "Miss Zhen?" Still, there was no reply. This time, he lightly shook her a bit.

The drunk Yan Su moved a little. It wasn't because she woke up from dreamland. Lu Feng's light shake was making her fall down.

Lu Feng caught her in time. He sighed. He wanted to leave her alone but looking at bunch of craps eyes gazing at her with beastly desire, he thought of helping her.

He put her right arm around his neck and he circled his left hand around her waist. He slowly walked towards the door. Before he left, he bade goodbye to his mysterious friend.

Lu Feng drove away and took her in his home. He put her down in the bed of the guest room and turned away to leave.

Just then, a strong hand caught his shirt and threw him on the bed.

Lu Feng was a doctor, not a martial artist. He could never win against a martial artist even if it was a girl.

He roughly landed on the bed. All the oxygen he had stored in his stomach, went out. His head span for a while.

Before he could realize what just happened, a soft yet strong body came top of him. Then he heard a sweet voice, "Oh my, isn't this famous doctor of the Mu Family. I thought you are a gentleman. Who knew you are a wolf in sheep's clothes?" The drunk girl giggled.

Wild or not, Yan Su was famous for her ravishing body. Right now, she was drunk and wearing a revealing dress. Which man could resist such seductress in the middle of the night?

Inexperienced Lu Feng's heart shook. He gulped and said, "It's not like that. Please try to understand. I was only trying to help you. I will leave immediately."

Yan Su laughed. "Why so rush? Don't you feel attracted towards me? Shouldn't you take advantage of me?" She rubbed her body against him.

Lu Feng thought that something poked his heart. He hurriedly replied, "Miss Zhen, if I was that kind of person, I would. I have no desire to force on a drunken woman." Saying that, he shoved her gently and left the room.

Yan Su smiled as her eyes glittered. She told him in mind, 'Still as pure as ever. What an idiot!'


Blue Stone Bar

When Lu Feng left, the mysterious guy looked around the bar. He wanted to drink alone but he didn't find a perfect place to sit.

Hugo came to him and said, "It has been a while, Sir."

The mysterious guy nodded in reply and looked at the section where previously Mu Lan and her friends were drinking. Xue Lin was still in there but she was already knocked off.

The guy thought that it would be least problematic if he was to sit there. He walked to the section and sat in the corner. He ordered some cocktails for him and Hugo.

Hugo didn't disturb him. Hugo knew that this man liked to be quiet. So he didn't join that silent man and sat on a chair in front of a male bartender.

The mysterious man sipped yellow cocktail and observed the girl next to him. The pony tailed girl wasn't wearing any revealing clothes like her friends or the other girls around her. She wore a white t-shirt and black skirt covering her thighs. She was unexceptionally skinny. Her skin was pure white jade and she had long brown hair. The attractive part of her was her red lips. Her face was plain and she looked pitiful. Her glasses were large and it made her out of place.

After observing her for some times, he concentrated on his phone. He was checking some messages. Just then, his mobile rang out.

He answered the called, "Yes?.... Business..... Yes... Thank you." He hung up.

His small talked woke up Xue Lin. She slightly stirred.

The mysterious guy looked at her.

Slowly Xue Ling opened her eyes. Her eyes were sleepy, hazy yet sharp.

The moment he laid his eyes on her eyes, his eyes froze on the spot.

Xue Lin's eyes were grey. They were very attractive and caught everyone's attention. So she wore glasses.

Xue Lin looked at the unknown person beside her. She was startled. She wanted to sit up properly but as her head was still dizzy, her body wobbled."

The guy next to her caught her left arm in time and helped her sit properly. He said, "Be careful."

Hearing such calm tone, Xue Lin looked at him properly. She saw a handsome face with black hair, fierce Grey eyes, sharp nose, and thin pale lips. His eyes were glittering in amusement.

Xue Lin was drunk, but she was still Xue Lin. She frowned and asked, "What's so funny?"

The guy's right eye brow rose up. He said, "I'm not smiling."

"Your eyes are smiling." Xue Lin pointed out.

That guy put his left hand under his left cheek as he looked at the girl next to him. He said, "You are pretty blunt."

"You are a quiet person." Xue Lin was becoming alert. She was fighting hard to come out of her drunken state. To her, the guy sitting next to her was unknown and suspicious.

His grey eyes smiled as they shone in the light of chandelier.

She looked around but didn't see her friends. She asked, "Where are my friends?"

Xue Lin acted casual but right now she was afraid to death.

The guy in grey eyes put down his empty glass and replied, "Three of them were taken away by their boyfriends. Don't worry, they are safe." He stood up and asked, "What will you do? Do you want me to help you to take you home?"

Meanwhile, Xue Lin tried to call her friends but no one answered. She slowly stood up as well. She shook her head and left the place as soon as possible. She grabbed a taxi and drove away.

The mysterious guy told Hugo to follow her taxi. He followed her till she reached the campus.

Hugo asked, "Should I take you to the hotel?"

The mysterious guy was still looking at her back as she walked away and said, "OK."

'It was really an interesting night.' He thought.

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