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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 127: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY

Mu Feng took Qi Ying straight to his bedroom. He put her down on the bed, poured a glass of water and then gave it to her. Qi Ying drank the whole glass of water and after that, she gave a glance at Mu Feng.

Seeing her glare, Mu Feng sighed and said, "Go to sleep. I'll sleep in the sofa, so you don't have to worry." Mu Feng took the glass from her hand and got up.

Before he could go any further, Qi Ying spoke up, "Yang ge and father planned to get me married."

Hearing that Mu Feng stopped on the track.

Qi Ying continued, "I heard the family is in Chinese military from old generation." She looked at Mu Feng, "You know what I mean, right?"

Mu Feng's body stiffed. He put down the glass on the table and walked to Qi Ying. He sat beside her on the bed and asked as he clasped his fingers together, "What do you plan to do?"

Qi Ying gave a small laugh before saying, "I'm planning on agreeing to the proposal."

Mu Feng looked at Qi Ying. His tone was full of anxiety as he asked, "If you know the situation from four years ago, why will you foolishly try to do that?"

Qi Ying glanced at him with her moist eyes. Her eyes were full of affection. She replied, "Four years ago, didn't you protect me by letting me go? You didn't even ask for my consent. Four years later, let me let go of you. This way everyone will be safe."

Mu Feng whole body started to shake. He clenched his both hands and asked, "So you plan to sacrifice yourself to protect me?"

Qi Ying smiled sadly. She asked him back, "Why? Don't you think it's a good idea?"

Mu Feng grabbed both of her sides and asked, "Do you think I'll let another man touch your body?"

Qi Ying thought that she heard a joke. She laughed and asked him further, "Well, isn't that why you broke up with me?"

Mu Feng halted. He couldn't talk back. Seeing his facial expression, Qi Ying's eyes suddenly became red. She gave him a hard slap on his left cheek.

The sound of the slap echoed in the room. Mu Feng felt a sharp pain in his cheek. But neither did he touch his cheek nor did he make a sound. He knew that he deserved it.

Qi Ying started to punch his chest. She was crying and said while choking, "Why did you come into my life? Why did you have to make my life so miserable? Now you keep looking what happens next. Just see me get married off with another man. Just let the man who tried to torture me to death, taste my body. Just watch me carry the children of the man who made our life upside down. Just see."

Her painful words were cut off by Mu Feng's sudden kiss. Qi Ying tried to move back but he caught her hands in left hand and touched her back of the head with his right hand.

Mu Feng's kiss was passionate. As soon as he captured her pink lips. Those attractive lips were like honey. They melted as they were touched by Mu Feng's warm lips. He didn't taste them for four years. The passion he had buried deep inside of his heart started to burn. He kept kissing, nibbled and licking her lips, giving her no choice to surrender her body to him.

Qi Ying was inexperienced with this sort of passion. In the past, they only kissed each other twice. The first kiss was even an accident. The second kiss was a light kiss. So she never got the chance to verify Mu Feng's desire for her. She didn't know it was that deep.

Qi Ying's whole body trembled as she started to feel hot. Her breaths became irregular. Her heart bit crazily. Her eyes became teary and mind went fuzzy.

After tasting her lips, Mu Feng invaded her mouth. His tongue twisted hers as they played inside.

Qi Ying got startled as her mouth was filled with his tongue. His warm, moist, intense tongue kept playing with hers till they got numb. She wanted to move away. Mu Feng also pushed her. As a result, they fell on the soft bed.

When Qi Ying was under Mu Feng, he let go of her mouth. Both breathed heavily. The air was hot. Their faces were red.

Mu Feng caressed her face with full of love. He said, "Ying, I'll never let you go like before. I promise to be with you for the rest of my life. Please, Ying, be mine again."

His proposal was more like a plea of a lover who was about to die. Qi Ying's eyes again filled with tears. She reached her hands and cupped his face. "Feng, don't abandon me in future."

A drop of tear fell to Qi Ying's cheek from Mu Feng's right eye. He nodded as he tried to smile, "I promise, I won't. Let's be together." Sensually, he kissed her whole face and wiped all her tears with his moist lips.

When he was about to get off, Qi Ying circled her arms around his neck and whispered, "Don't go, Feng. I've waited long enough."

Mu Feng's one and only goddess was desiring for him when she was beneath him. His eyes were in flames. He asked in a husky tone, "Are you sure? If I start once, I won't be able to stop."

Qi Ying pulled his face and kissed on his lips deeply. After that, she said, "Don't stop then."

Mu Feng didn't hesitate any longer as he kissed her hungrily. This time, he was fierce. Qi Ying's mind and body were in his control. Slowly his mouth went further down.

Qi Ying cried out in passion. Her head was too fuzzy. A hidden warm from her heart spread to her whole body. She squirmed her body under him. When Mu Feng looked at her, touching her face he whispered, "Are you afraid? Should I stop?" Then she realized that she was completely naked just as Mu Feng. She had no idea when that happened.

Blood rushed in her face as she said in embarrassment, "Don't look."

She tried to hide herself but Mu Feng caught her hands. He said in a playful tone, "What are you saying? Let me take a closer look." He started to observe her body thoroughly.

The light was on. Mu Feng could see her everything. Qi Ying cried out in shame, "Feng you bully."

Mu Feng laughed heartily. He asked, "Isn't that your fault to fall for me and seduce me?"

Qi Ying's eyes were red. She rebuked, "Who said I love you? I hate you."

Mu Feng's eyes narrowed. He said in a deep husky voice, "Really? Let's ask your body." He spread her legs and put his mouth in a certain area.

"Ahhh.....Do-don'tFeng...Ahhh.." Qi Ying screamed as she felt the pleasure. Her body was shuddering tremendously. Subconsciously, she grabbed his head.

When she was almost in her climax, Mu Feng entered her. He kissed her lips and face while asking, "Does it hurt? Should I stop?"

Qi Ying's eyes were closed. Tears were falling from her eyes. She shook her head and said, "No. I can handle it."

Mu Feng started to move. He gritted his teeth as he said, "You are so tight. Take some deep breaths. Relax your body. If it hurts much, bite my shoulder."

Qi Ying opened her mouth and breathed in and out. Slowly her body began to relax and Mu Feng started to move again. Their hands were intertwined. Qi Ying scratched his back and tried to bite her lips. Understanding her intention, Mu Feng kissed her lips deeply. He didn't want her to bleed her own lips.

The room filled up with moans and groan as well as their passionate frictions. The windows of the room became foggy.

Their love making kept going till they reached their climax. Mu Feng kissed Qi Ying's sweaty forehead and wanted to pull himself out of her body. However, before he could do that, Qi Ying grabbed his hand and said, "Don't. Let's stay like that."

Hearing such yearning from his adorable wife, Mu Feng had a reaction. Qi Ying's tired eyes flew open. Her face was again turning red. She stattered, "A-again?"

Mu Feng smiled playfully. He said, "It's because my wife seduced me. Take responsibility." He kissed her deeply and made her mind go blank.

As they went for one after another round, the night was too shy to stay any longer. The sun began to pop up in the east.

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