Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 126: I HATE YOU

Blue Stone Bar

When Mu Liang left with Mu Lan, Mu Feng was still dumbfounded as he saw Qi Ying. She was wearing an elegant blue prom dress and her golden hair was tied in a bun. She was completely drunk and her other personality showed up.

Four years ago, once Qi Ying got drunk and for the first time in her life she let other except her know the fact that she had double personality. And that was Mu Feng. To her surprise, Mu Feng could tame that wild Qi Ying.

Four years later, Mu Feng got the chance to see that wild person again.

When Mu Feng saw that the love of his life was being touched by three drunken men, his eyes turned cold. For a moment, he forgot everyone in this room except Qi Ying and the other three perverts.

He slowly strode towards them. Just when the largest man tried to touch Qi Ying's left breast, Mu Feng grabbed the wild Qi Ying and pulled her against his body. When the three drunken men saw Mu Feng's chilling gaze, immediately they sobered up. But alas! It was too late.

Mu Feng looked at the largest guy's stretching hand and said, "Hugo?"

"I already called the A team." Hugo replied in a monotonous voice. He tried hard to control his anxiety.

A team was Mu Feng's personal team. They were trained by world famous martial artists. They were very mysterious.

Those men shuddered in fear. They sat in the floor and started to beg for mercy. However, no one dared to come and to help them. No one had the courage to mess up with the King of the Underworld's woman. Not even the drunken men. Those three really had death wish tonight.

In few seconds, Mu Feng's special team came to take care of those drunken men. No one stopped them. People could only stare and tremble in fear.

As soon as they left, to lighten the mood, Mu Feng ordered to give everyone free drinks. The people around them cheered as the bar again became a warm place.

Mu Feng looked at the woman in his arms. His heart was full of tenderness. His left arm was in her waist. He slowly touched the girl's supple face with his trembling right hand.

That's when the girl looked at his eyes. Mu Feng was startled by her rage. All of a sudden, she punched Mu Feng's handsome face. Tears almost came out of Mu Feng's eyes. His form was good, so he didn't fall down but moved away a little.

The people in the dance floor could only see what happened. They thought that the girl must have some death wish too.

However, to their surprise, Mu Feng didn't do anything to her, neither his eyes turned cold. He tried to get closer to her and this time she threw a kick aiming his leg.

Mu Feng caught her leg in time and pulled her leg towards him. Getting off guard, Qi Ying was slammed against Mu Feng's firm chest. She wanted to move away but he didn't budge at all. When she realized that she couldn't get away from him, she found a new tactic. Qi Ying began to punch and scratch his body wherever she could.

Mu Feng endured her torture and controlled his desire to kiss her right there and then. He swiftly put her on his left shoulder and walked out of the bar.

The people in the bar were just stupefied. They only could watch the scene like it was a TV show. One of the bartenders kept pouring wine on the glass, he didn't realize that the glass was already over brimming with the wine and it spread on the table.

Mu Feng put Qi Ying inside the car and he also went inside. He turned on the auto driving mode. Just then Qi Ying gave him another scratch in the left arm. He checked if she broke one or two nails. When he saw that she didn't, he sighed in relief.

"You jerk! How could you leave me alone for all these years? Do you know how guilty I was? Do you have any idea how I lived all these days? Do you know that every night I have nightmares and when I wake up and search for you, then I realize that you are not by me side? Do you know how does it feel?" Qi Ying screamed as she kicked and punch the culprit. Her eyes were full of rage.

Mu Feng let her punch himself. When she said those words with fury, he felt like someone stabbed his heart multiple times. His whole body trembled as he tried to imagine her pain.

"You did not feel anything. All of your love for me was just acting. You forgot me and found some new women to play with. So what if you don't touch them? Weren't you like that four years ago when you dated me? Now one woman is not enough for you. You need more than two women to satisfy you. You are a jerk. You are disgusting. I hate you. I hate you." Tears started to fall from her beautiful green eyes.

Mu Feng could never see her cry. He hugged her tightly in his chest and kept rubbing her back and head. He closed his eyes and murmured in soft voice, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. I'm to blame. I am a bad guy. I am the worst lover. I am jerk. I am disgusting. But from now on, I won't hurt you anymore. I'll be by your side from now on. I will never leave you. I'll stay together with you till the end. You will find me whenever you want. When you will have nightmares, I will hug you tightly in my arms. I will sing song for you every night. I'm here now. Don't worry anymore."

Mu Feng didn't realize when his tears started to fall.

- - - - -

When they reached the Mu Mansion, Butler Leo came to the entrance, "Welcome home, se.." Once again, he lost his voice.

Mu Feng was carrying half asleep Qi Ying. His shirt was torn apart. There were scratch marks on his face. His hair was messy. He looked like he just came from hell.

Mu Feng had a seriousness written on his face. He passed the butler as he carried her and said, "Don't come to the third floor."

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