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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 125: IN THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME

Mu Lan, who was just kissed so passionately, had no way of thinking anything anymore. She could care less what was going on. Her eyes were teary and lips were swollen and felt painful.

Mu Lan's body was naked in front of Mu Liang. Her body was slim and tender. Her pinkish skin was supple and creamy like a body of a princess. It was absolutely flawless. On the other hand, Mu Liang's body was well tone. His muscles made his body more attractive. His white skin was very desirable. Their bodies were truly perfect for each other.

Mu Liang's body was in flames. His inner most desire wanted to devour the naked girl in front of him.

Mu Liang didn't wait any longer as he trailed down kisses from her forehead, temples, ears, neck, nape, collarbone to cleavage. He could smell her vanilla scent. His mind went blank in desire to taste her skin. This time, he didn't stop when he kissed her breasts and fondled them with his hands.

Mu Lan realized that her body was acting different. Her head was dizzy. Her body was trembling as she felt excitement. She could only tell that her heart and body wanted the man in front of her.

When she felt that Mu Liang's hot, passionate lips were touching her naked skin, she writhed her body against his naked form and moaned softly. Subconsciously, her hands went around Mu Liang's neck and pulled him closer to her.

At her touch, Mu Liang's body stiffed. He stopped kissing her right nipple and slowly looked at her. Mu Lan's was looking at fuzzy eyes. Her eyes lips were open as if they were inviting Mu Liang.

Mu Liang couldn't help but kiss her lips again. He nibbled her lower lip, licked her lips and then he entered his tongue. Their tongues intertwined as they played with each other. His lower body started to show its reaction. Mu Liang hold her down to grind his lower part against hers.

"Hmm..Liang...." Mu Lan moaned and Mu Liang groaned.

This time Mu Lan took the initiative. She held Mu Liang down as they changed their posture. She kissed his lips hungrily. Then her lips moved to his forehead, temples. After that, she nibbled his ears and then she licked them, kissed them, bit them.

Mu Liang gritted his teeth as his hands circled around Mu Lan's naked waist and held her down to his lower body. His lower part didn't miss the chance and poked her back. Mu Lan breath hitched. At that moment, she was licking his nape. As her breath hitched, she bit Mu Liang's nape and gave him a hickey. Finding it funny, she giggled. Her drowsy head remembered how Mu Liang gave hickeys to her.

Mu Lan looked at Mu Liang's dark eyes. Her face was completely serious but her eyes had some hidden meaning. Before Mu Liang could find out her plan, she pounced over him and started to bite and lick his nape, neck, collarbones and she went down to his nipples, leaving all the hickeys. Just as he did to her, she began to suck them too.

Mu Liang's throat became dry. His body started to shake. His right hand went to her head to hold it tenderly.

When he couldn't take it anymore, he stopped her by suddenly bringing his right hand in front of her lips. Mu Lan looked at the man she was devouring. Then she looked down at his hand and began to lick it. Just like his skin, it was salty.

Mu Liang fondly rubbed Mu Lan's cheek with his left hand as she kept licking his right palm. She kept licking until she moved her lips to his wrist, then arm and then shoulder. She began to brush her naked form against his.

Mu Liang's body hardened. However, he didn't stop her. He wanted to see that in drunken state how much she could do. He kept enjoying her kissing, licking and biting. Soon, Mu Lan went to lower abdomen. That's when Mu Liang's body stiffed. For him, it was hard to believe that she would go that far.

Dizzily, Mu Lan found the hardening thing that kept rubbing itself to her lower body. She touched it and then tightened her grasp around it.

Mu Liang lost control. He gritted his teeth and flipped her over. Mu Lan gave a short scream as she laid down under him. He groped her buttocks. He started kissing her lips and his attention returned to her bosom as he stroked her body against his.

"Ahh." Mu Lan cried out as she held down Mu Liang's head. She scratched his back with his sharp nails.

Mu Liang spread her trembling legs and positioned him against her. His right hand went to her the softest spot. When he touched the place, it felt moist. He continuously rubbed his fingers against the wall and was making the place wetter.

Mu Lan's breaths hitched. She couldn't control her voice as she screamed louder. Her body shuddered in pleasure. Her head started to feel dizzy. Her mind began to go blank.

Mu Liang lowered his face to look at her inner most forbidden place. He rubbed his nose on her wet panties. Then he took off her last defense. Her legs twitched but she didn't moan neither she made this time. Finding that odd, Mu Liang looked at her.

Mu Lan's eyes were closed. He wasn't sure that she lost consciousness or she fell asleep. She drank too much this time. But she held it longer then previous time.

Mu Liang could hardly believe that this woman just fell asleep in the most important time. He deeply signed. He looked at his lower body which was still active and burning.

He thought of taking a cold shower. But thinking of that she would feel cold, he gritted his teeth one more time and laid down beside her. But both of their bodies were sticky in sweat. So it was uncomfortable.

Mu Liang got up from the bed. He took a soft towel and soaked it in cool water. Then he wiped Mu Lan's whole body. After finishing the task, he took a cold shower.

Finally he slipped into the warm bed. He put a blanket over them and hugged her closer. He looked at her angelic face and couldn't help but kiss her swollen lips before he drifted to sleep. It was a long day for him too.

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