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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 124: LAST THREAD OF CONTROL

Mu Liang took Mu Lan out of the bar. Mu Lan was hugging his neck. She was very unsatisfied at the person who took the glass away from him. She wanted to punish that person. But for now, she wanted to see where this person would take her.

Mu Liang went inside the car and ordered Ronald, "Drive to home."

Ronald was stunned. 'Where did young miss come from? And she looks drunk. Doesn't master want young miss to send her to the campus?'

As Ronald hesitated, Mu Liang asked in an icy voice, "What?"

Ronald stammered, "B-but young miss..."

"Drive." Mu Liang was already in the worst mood. He wanted to burst in flames but the soft feeling in his arms made him unable to do so.

"Ye-yes master." Ronald started the engine and drove to the Mu Mansion.

Mu Lan was moving her legs. She felt uncomfortable and stuffy. She moved her body. Mu Liang looked down at her. He adjusted his sitting posture to make her comfortable and hugged her closer.

He kept running his fingers through her hazel colored hair. It made her feel at ease. Suddenly Mu Lan felt funny and giggled like a kid. Then she rubbed her head on Mu Liang's warm chest like a spoil kid. Seeing her happy drunk face, Mu Liang also became cool. His mood became lighter than it was minutes ago.

Within an hour, they reached their destination. As usual, Butler Leo welcomed them politely, "Welcome ba....." When he saw Mu Lan in Mu Liang's arms, he lost his words.

"Uncle Leo, I missed you!" The moment Mu Lan saw the old butler, her expression changed and became very happy. It was like a puppy found its master.

The moment she said, 'Uncle Leo, I missed you.' Mu Liang's face became as black as back of the old pot. He raised an eye brow and thought, 'So you miss the old butler and you forgot your husband?'

Butler Leo had no idea what to do at that moment. Should he greet young mistress or came down young master's temper?

Mu Liang ignored everyone in the entrance and said in the coldest voice, "Don't disturb us." Then he went to upstairs. Everyone in the entrance were frozen by the sudden low temperature.

When Mu Lan saw that the place was familiar and she was being carried to her room, she started to fight back. "No, no, I want to drink the juice. I want that juice. Give me that."

Mu Liang took her in her room, with his leg he slammed the door close. After that, he turned on the dim light. Then he put her in the bed and started to take off her shoes.

In the dim light, Mu Lan looked closely to the face who carried her here. Her eyes were clearer than before. She recognized the man and exclaimed as he hugged him warmly and tightly, "Liang Liang, it's you! I missed you very very much!" She giggled as she snuggled closer. She liked his manly scent. It would make her at ease.

Mu Liang froze on the spot. All the anger and sulking flew away from the window. He hugged her back and said in a deep voice, "I missed you too." He didn't let go, neither did Mu Lan.

After few minutes, when Mu Liang found no movement from Mu Lan, regretfully he thought that she fell asleep. He slowly laid her down. That's then he saw her sulking face. Mu Liang was startled by her expression. 'Did I do something to her?' He thought.

Before he could ask 'what's wrong?' Mu Lan said as she pouted, "Liang Liang, you bully. You took my juice away. You need to be punished."

Mu Liang did not have any chance to speak up, because before he could do that, he was forced to get close to her and his lips were captures by Mu Lan's alluring lips.







At first, Mu Liang couldn't register what just happened. When he felt her warm lips against him, his body shook violently. He tried to control his desire which was buried deep inside his heart. But then Mu Lan's tongue slipped inside his mouth.

Mu Lan's tongue played with Mu Liang's tongue. As the tongue twirled together, it felt warm, soft, slippery and desirable.

Mu Liang's last bit of strength was lost and the thread to control his desire snapped.

Mu Liang grabbed Mu Lan's side of the head with right hand and his left hand circled around Mu Lan's waist. He pulled her closer as he kissed her back.

When Mu Lan first woke up, Mu Liang wanted to hold his desire to kiss her back. He wanted to kiss her pink, rosy lips so many times. He wished to devour her many time. But this heartless maiden had no sympathy for him what so ever. She cracked his last bit of self-defense and now he became the most passionate beast in the world.

At first, his kisses were soft and tender, then it became passionate, and then it turned into storm. The silent room filled up with the sound of kissing and rustle sounds of clothes.

Mu Liang took off his shoes with the help of his legs and then straddled her. He ripped off his shirt and pulled off his pant. Still he didn't let go of Mu Lan's rosy lips as he kissed her from different angles. Their tongues started to become numbed as they both felt the taste of blood inside their mouths.

His hands roamed around her body. Her back was naked. His hands torn apart the thin laces of the dress and took off her dress.

When they both were out of oxygen, Mu Liang let go Mu Lan's lips. Their tongues were connected with thin layer of saliva. Both of them were breathing with their mouths and their faces and eyes were red. Their hearts were beating wildly and their breaths were irregular.

Mu Liang looked down at Mu Lan's body. She wasn't wearing any bra. Her naked bosom was touching his naked chest.

His eyes went dark. His breaths became heavy again. In a husky voice he said, "Lan, you are so sexy."

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