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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 123: WHY DON'T YOU ASK YOUR WOMAN?

Hugo was following the four charming girls from university campus. The girls went to 'Blue Stone Bar'. Hugo sat in the corner as he kept an eye on them.

Hugo was feeling very nervous. He saw Mu Feng sitting next section of the group. Mu Feng had very sharp eyes. If he were to see Hugo in the bar, he would drag him around the women and would make joke out of him. However, it wasn't the only problem.

The girls would know that they were being followed and Mu Lan would become cautious around him, and that would make his job difficult. Moreover, Hugo's disguise as a student would be revealed. Further, the girls wanted to check out Mu Feng and if Mu Feng got to know that the girls were spying on him, Mu Feng would catch Hugo, because Hugo knew where Mu Feng would be and so would the girls. Furthermore, both his young misses were alluring tonight. If guys tried to flirt with them, Hugo definitely had to protect them. But if he touch any one of those two, wouldn't be his hands cut off? His boss and boss's younger brother both were so possessive when it came to their women.

Hugo sighed deeply as he took a glass of orange cocktail. It was named 'the Sidecar'. The Sidecar was a famous cocktail created in Paris. It was said to have been invented because a regular would arrive at the bar after riding his motorcycle with a sidecar, wanting a drink straight away. The drink was a simple mixture of brandy or cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice. Hugo liked it very much.

Hugo was alert and he could hear almost everything. He finished one of his glass and suddenly Qi Ying got up from the sit. She went straight to the dance floor. Hugo looked at Mu Lan who was really drunk and her face was flushed.

That's when he heard the conversation.

A man was saying, "This red dress girl is so hot."

Another one said, "Yeah, look at her body. Her boobs are huge, ans she wore such sexy dress, is she here to hunt man?"

The others laughed loudly.

There was another guy who said, "I would love to become her prey."

The second man said, "Let's have a bet. The person who takes her to bed tonight will get five thousand dollars."

Hugo heard what he wanted. Of course, before the three men even made a bet, Hugo sent a message to certain someone.

- - - - -

Mu Liang was sitting inside the car with his two friends. One of them was Lu Feng and another one was a mysterious man. They were talking about Chinese business, that's when Mu Liang's cell phone chimed.

Mu Liang checked the phone and saw Hugo send a message and it was, 'Young miss is at Blue Stone. She is drunk. Should I take her home?'

Mu Liang frowned and sent a reply, 'You wish.'

Then he told driver Ronald to stop the car.

Meanwhile, Hugo gulped as he read the message.

Lu Feng asked, "Did something happened?"

Mu Liang took the driver seat and let Ronald sit on the passenger seat. Mu Liang replied, "Change of plans. We are going to Blue Stone."

Lu Feng was puzzled, "Bar? Why now?" He knew the largest collection of drinks were in Mu Mansion. There was no need for Mu brothers to go to the bar, unless it was for someone else.

The mysterious guy beside them was sitting quietly. His eyes were smiling. He said, "Fine."

Ronald said, "Please hold on tight."

As soon as Mu Liang start the engine, the car went crazy and drove in the highest force.

Mu Liang reached the twenty minutes location in six minutes thirty eight seconds. Lu Feng felt like he was going to vomit. Ronald was sitting inside the car and the other three men went inside the bar.

Mu Liang took four seconds to locate Mu Lan. He eyes grew bigger as he saw her appearance. She was wearing a very revealing short red dress. Her body curves were exposed to naked eyes. She was drunk and her face was enchanting. Her teary, dizzy eyes wanted men to make her cry even more.

Mu Liang saw there were other two girls, sitting beside her fully drunk and Qi Ying was hitting a man. Mu Feng, beside Mu Lan's section, was having fun and didn't catch anything what was going on.

Everything became clear to Mu Liang as day light. It must be Qi Ying who understood who punished those culprit and for some reason, she somehow found out that Mu Lan knew Mu Feng. So Qi Ying asked Mu Lan's help. Hugo gave Mu Lan the location and the four of them came altogether. Seeing Mu Feng flirting with other girls Qi Ying had gone crazy in jealousy.

Mu Liang thought that if Mu Feng was not in here, Mu Lan didn't have to come here in the first place. And she would never wear such clothes unless someone would force her. It could only be Zhen Corporations wild princess Zhen Yan Su.

To Mu Liang, criminal was already determined. It was Mu Feng.

His eye brow rose as he saw Mu Lan taking another glass of red cocktail when she was already drunk. Mu Liang strode towards her and gently snatched the glass form her hand and put it on the table. Mu Lan pouted and seeing such adorable face, Mu Liang's heart shook violently. He took the girl in his arms and realized that her back was open as his hand touched her skin directly. He gritted his teeth and got out of the section and went to Mu Feng.

Mu Feng who was smiling and playing with a girl's hair, saw his big brother standing in the doorway with his dearest sister-in-law. Mu Feng's jaw almost dropped as he jumped up and came closer to Mu Liang.

"Big brother, what a pleasant surprise! I didn't know you were here. You even got sister Lan drunk. How bold of you big brother! Tell me, tell me, who invited whom?" Mu Feng's eyes sparkled like thousand stars were glittering in the sky.

Mu Liang wanted to knock his younger brother off. He would do that if his hands weren't occupied carrying Mu Lan. Veins popped out on his temple. His eyes were as cold as North Pole. He gave a chilling smile and said in the coldest voice of the winter, "Why don't you ask your woman?" He moved a little right to let his brother show what was going on in the dance floor.

Mu Feng's smile vanished as his eyes went further away from his brother when he saw the golden haired girl in blue prom dress and some men were trying to touch her.

Mu Liang left the bar with the girl in his arms. Before leaving, he ordered Hugo to take care of his guest.

The people in the bar were gawking at the scene. Mostly rich people would come to this bar and many of them knew famous Mu Liang. Seeing a drunk girl hugging his neck and he was being gentle to her, the people thought they were hallucinating.

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