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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 122: THAT'S HIS CHARM?

Mu Feng was sitting on the sofa. His mood was relaxed. He was smiling and drinking. Occasionally, he was looking the girls beside him and made few comments. The girls giggled as they heard him.

The four girls from the next section were very curious about what he just said. However, the glass separation didn't let them hear anything.

Yan Su became frustrated. "Oh come on. How am I supposed to hear what he just said?"

Xue Lin sipped the glass of pink cocktail and said, "He was telling jokes."

The other three girls looked at her in amazement. Mu Lan asked her first, "Can you read lips?"

Xue Lin nodded while drinking. Three girls beside her were stunned. 'Is she some kind of secret agent?' They thought.

Yan Su said, "Okay genius, do share what he just said."

"Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house? Of course, a house does not jump at all." Xue Lin said directly. She didn't stop a second and when she said, she had her usual poker face. It made the joke even funny.


It was a good thing that Yan Su already gulped down the cocktail she had in her mouth, or else, she would be choked to death by now. Mu Lan controlled herself from spraying out the drink in her mouth. Qi Ying only smiled a little and nothing more.

"What kind of joke is that?" Yan Su couldn't control her laugh. "So, this is it? That's his charm? Come on women, have some dignity."

Xue Lin said, "He said another joke. I managed to lose my rifle when I was in the army. I had to pay $855 to cover the loss. I'm starting to understand why a Navy captain always goes down with his ship."


Yan Su laughed loudly.

This time, Mu Feng was playing with a girl's hair. Then he filled each of the girls' empty glasses. They all together cheered and started to drink. He looked very happy.

He was good with women when it came to gossip. Naturally, men were not used to gossip like women. Mu Feng was different. It was his natural talent the way he would gossip with women like he was one of them. It made him very popular. In outer look, it seemed that he was gossiping. However, it was his way of gathering information. And he liked this strategy very much. It also made him popular with women.

I mean, who doesn't like gossiping anyway?

Mu Lan observed for a while then said, "Did you see? The women over there are sitting closely to other guys while the women around Mu Feng kept their distance. It is odd, don't you think?"

Yan Su shook her head. "No, actually there was a rumor about it. A girl once dared to sit on his lap in here. Mu Feng was smiling all along. He hugged her waist and said something I closer to her ear which no one heard except her. That girl became as pale as white sheet. It was the last time the people saw her here. Next day the girl was found dead. Police said that the cause was having excessive drugs. No one pointed at Mu Feng. However, since then girls do not dare to get close to him." Yan Su looked at Qi Ying and asked as she frowned, "Xiao Ying, aren't you drinking too much?"

Hearing her question Mu Lan and Xue Lin also looked at Qi Ying. Qi Ying indeed looked tipsy. Her face was flushed and she looked adorable. Actually she wasn't the only one. All four of them were slightly drunk. Xue Ling took three glass and she started to see everything double. Mu Lan's face was already red. Her eyes became hazy and she couldn't think straight. She already had five glasses. Yan Su also had five glasses. But her alcohol tolerance was better than her friends. She was still a bit sober.

Qi Ying kept looking at Mu Feng as she drank another two glasses of cocktails. Then she stood up and said, "I want to dance." Then she stopped towards the dance floor.

The other three was looking at her, but said nothing.

Xue Lin laughed lightly and said, "She is jealous. But she cannot do anything. Women are sometimes so powerless." In the last sentence, her voice became distant and melancholic.

They kept drinking and suddenly Yan Su stood up hurriedly. Mu Lan looked at her in daze and asked, "What's wrong?"

When Mu Lan didn't get any answer, she looked at Yan Su's face. Yan Su looked astonished as her jaw was dropped. Being curious, Mu Lan looked at the direction Yan Su was looking and she almost had a heart attack.

Qi Ying was totally drank. Anyone could understand just by looking at her. She was dancing alone at first. A drank man tried to grope her butt and she twisted his hand and slammed him on the floor.

Mu Lan slowly stood up. Her jaw also dropped. She could not believe what just she saw. If it was Yan Su, she would believe that. But it was Qi Ying. The shy, introverted girl who loves nothing but sewing and gardening. How could she even do that?

Qi Ying's eyes were red. She looked pissed off. She had a murderous aura all around her. Her body was stiff as she was about to hunt down her prey.

'She doesn't look like a girl I know. It seems that she is totally a different person. Could it be, she has double personality?'

Mu Lan couldn't think anymore. Drowsiness came over her. She sat down and lounged in the sofa. It was soft and comfortable. She remembered her bed in Mu Mansion. It was also very soft like she was laying down on wool. She thought about Mu Liang. When he would hug her, she would feel at ease.

Mu Lan smiled. She took another glass of cocktail and drank half of it. However, before she could finish it, someone took the glass form her and put it down on the table. She wanted to look at the person, but her eyes were too blurry to see anything properly. She felt annoyed. She pouted her lips and tried to take the glass. However, the person took her in arms and didn't let her take the glass.

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