Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 121: WORTH TO SEE

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Mu Lan was laying down on the bed. After launch, she could hardly concentrate in the class and hiding her emotion, she asked Hugo to give her the information where Mu Feng would be in the evening. After getting Hugo's hesitant approval, she went to her room.

Mu Lan still could not forget what Qi Ying told her at launch, "Four years ago, when I was abducted and drugged, Mu Feng peeled the criminals' skin..." After that, what else she said, Mu Lan didn't hear them at all.

It took Mu Lan whole afternoon to digest what Qi Ying said. Her whole body shook as she remembered every word. She hugged herself tightly.

'No, no. I should not, I must not panic. I need to calm down.' Slowly, she started to take deep breaths. Once, twice, thrice, Mu Lan started to relax her body. Her shivering body was now still. As her mind became clear, her brain started to work like roller coaster.

'Mu Feng is always kind and gentle. How come he could do such thing? Is it because Qi Ying suffered so he punished them like that? But hurting people is wrong. Why does he have to be so ruthless?' Mu Lan clutched the bed sheet tightly.

When she realized that her body started to shake again, she took another deep breath. 'No, Mu Feng was not the only one who was wrong. Those girls and boys, what they did was also wrong. If something would happen to Qi Ying, she might die from humiliation. Isn't that why Mu Feng did that? More importantly, they were criminals and did many horrible deeds. Even the FBI was hunting them down. Getting rid of them was good for society. But torturing those boys like that.....'

Mu Lan shook her head. When she recalled the night when Mu Feng was looking at sleeping Qi Ying, his expression was hurt, his body was shaking, Mu Lan's heart calmed down.

'When it comes to heart, Mu Feng is very delicate. He seeks for love from someone he can't get it. He was hurt when he saw Qi Ying's condition. He couldn't protect her in time and that gave him extreme pain. He was also mad at those who actually dared to harm her. All those emotion developed in his heart and he didn't have any place to vent them. So what did he do? He captured those people and punished them with his heart's content. It was a demonic act but this way he protects his love ones. Not everyone is same and no one is perfect. At least, he is generous and kind to others, and cruel to his foes only. I shouldn't blame him. I have no right to blame him. Because I wasn't the one who was suffered. They are so rich. Who knows? Maybe the FBI also helped him too.'

- - - - -

In the evening, in Blue Stone Bar, four ladies went inside.

Four of them had their own charm. Four of them could be called beauties. One of them was wearing Beverley red strappy body-con dress. It was a short fitting dress making her body curves exposed to wild eyes. She had pinkish white skin. Her long hazel colored hair was trying to cover her back which was trying to be exposed. Her transparent black eyes were very captivating. Her rosy lips had no lip stick. She tried to be calm as she walked together with her companion. The men who looked at her, forgot to blink.

One of her companion was wearing a blue prom dress. Her golden hair was tied and her green eyes were glancing around the bar. Men in the bar held their breaths.

Beside the blonde queen was the tallest girl. She had yellow white skin and her black hair was also tied up. She wore a strapless pink short dress. The dress was tight and very revealing. All her curves were very alluring. The women in the bar became jealous and the men's throats got dry.

Beside them were another girl who people noticed only once then took their eyes off of her. She looked very out of places. She wore a t-shirt and a shirt. They were not revealing and so not enticing. Her brown hair was loosely tied and glasses were covering her ash eyes. She closely observed everyone's reaction. When she saw that people had no interest in her, she slightly smiled and became relaxed.

Mu Lan asked Qi Ying, "Did you find him?"

They both looked around to see where Mu Feng could sit. The one who found that out was Qi Ying. Mu Feng was sitting with bunch of men and women. Mu Lan sweated just looking at him. Just she was about to suggest that they should leave the place, Qi Ying sat just beside the next section of where Mu Feng sat.

Both side of the bar had some sections separated by transparent glass. Qi Ying sat exactly where she could see Mu Feng. When she sat there, Mu Lan, Yan Su and Xue Lin also sat one by one.

In the afternoon, when Mu Lan mentioned that she wanted to go to 'Blue Stone Bar', Qi Ying understood why Mu Lan mentioned it. She was about to agree to go with Mu Lan, that's when Yan Su said that her mother was the owner of that bar. It was even famous for excellent cocktails. She then invited all three of them to go there together. Xue Lin didn't want to go, but how could a bookworm win against a martial artist?

In the bar, Yan Su ordered cocktails and they started to drink. However, Qi Ying kept looking straight ahead of her. Yan Su found it suspicious and she looked at the direction where Ying was looking. When she realized that Ying was looking at Mu Feng, she smiled slightly. She said in a low voice, "Look who it is."

Both Mu Lan and Qi Ying was startled. Mu Lan got some courage and asked, "Who do you see?"

"Mu Feng, King of the Underworld, also known as a famous womanizer." When Yan Su said 'womanizer', Ying's body stiffed. Yan Su looked at her and said, "Xiao Ying, you like him, don't you? When you guys were dating, you never knew what kind of womanizer he was. We got a good chance to see tonight. Let's not miss it."

'He is what? No wonder that he acted viciously towards those guys. Now it makes sense.' Mu Lan was excited as she asked, "How did you know they were actually dating?"

Qi Ying was embarrassed hearing the question.

"In the business world, who didn't know their story? But that's not important. Rumors says that though Feng is a god damn womanizer. However, he always maintains an appropriate distance with women. I would like to see how he does that." Yan Su replied teasingly.

'A womanizer maintains appropriate distance with women? Worth to see.' Mu Lan thought as she also started to observe with great interest.

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