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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 120: I NEED TO TALK TO HIM

Mu Lan smiled at the girl and said, "I'm Xiao Lan. Nice to meet you too." She also bowed respectfully. If Xue Lin was respective to her than it was only normal for Mu Lan to be the same. "Please don't stand there. Why don't you sit?"

Seeing Mu Lan so polite, Xue Lin nodded as she took a sit. She opened her book and started to read. Mu Lan looked at the book. It was about 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. Xue Lin had another book with her about 'Controlling Emotion'. Mu Lan got curious as she asked, "Are you in Psychology department?"

Without even looking at Mu Lan, Xue Lin replied in a short voice, "Hmm."

Mu Lan blinked. 'Did she just ignored me?' She blinked again. 'Isn't she the one who came to talk to me first? Then why is she ignoring me now? Is it because she wanted to thank me and that was it? Now that there was no reason for her to talk, she won't actually talk. Pretty interesting.'

Mu Lan didn't know to cry or laugh. Since she opened her eyes, she kept meeting weird people every day. She buried her face in the book.

At launch time, Mu Lan got message from Qi Ying that she wanted to join Mu Lan for launch. Mu Lan immediately left the library. When Mu Lan saw Qi Ying at the cafeteria, she felt bad, because Qi Ying's face was pretty pale.

Mu Lan felt bad as well as worried. She asked, "How are you holding?"

Both Qi Ying and Mu Lan sat face to face. Qi Ying had ice cream and Mu Lan took cheese burger. Qi Ying pondered before she opened her mouth, "Xiao Lan, there is something I want to ask you. Can I?"

Qi Ying's voice was so light that in this crowd cafeteria Mu Lan hardly could hear her. Mu Lan answered her, "Of course you can ask. What is it you want to know?"

Qi Ying took two spoonful ice cream and put it in her mouth. After finishing the ice cream in her mouth she meekly asked, "Xiao Lan, do you know Mu Feng?" In the last stage, when Qi Ying mentioned 'Mu Feng', her voice quivered a little.

Just then Mu Lan thought someone threw her a bucket of cold water. She could remember that yesterday Mu Feng repeatedly told her not to talk to Qi Ying about him at all. However, what could Mu Lan do when Qi Ying was the one who mentioned it first?

Mu Lan tried to smile but it was more like a forced smile. She tried to say, "Xiao Ying, what are you...."

"Four years ago, when I was abducted and drugged, Mu Feng peeled the criminals' skin. I was his girlfriend and so I was targeted. I almost died back then. Mu Feng felt guilty and broke up with me. Though this time it wasn't his fault, he still punished those who hurt me. Just like four years ago, this time he peeled their skin." Qi Ying shuddered as she continued, "Please tell me that you know Mu Feng. I need to talk to him, please."

Hearing such mournful plead, how could Mu Lan refuge. She was really shocked about Mu Feng and Qi Ying's past. Mu Lan wanted to shudder but she controlled herself. She thought for a moment and then revealed, "Yes, I know Mu Feng." Seeing Qi Ying's eyes got brightened, Mu Lan was relaxed. "He is like a brother to me. I have his contact number. But I think you guys should talk to each other face to face."

"I know his contact number. What I want is a good talk with him. Xiao Lan, can you please arrange it for me?" Qi Ying grabbed Mu Lan's both hands and requested. "If you don't do it, I'm afraid Mu Feng won't come to meet me."

Looking at Qi Ying's earnest expression, Mu Lan couldn't bring herself to say know.

Meanwhile, Mu Feng got a call from his elder brother. "Big brother, I was thinking about you. How did I do?"

Mu Liang steadily said, "Good job. Specially hiding the name of the university." It was a good thing that Mu Feng hid where the students went to study. If the people got to know it, the reputation of the university would turn out pretty bad. It would be bad for both Mu Lan and Qi Ying.

Mu Feng was also satisfied with his job. So he said in a happy tone, "Big brother, then let me enjoy myself tonight."

"Suit yourself." Mu Liang hung up the call.

Mu Feng went to 'Blue Stone' bar with his some male friends. That bar was well known for pretty girls. Many times Mu Feng went to the bar to have fun with women. He called Hugo Muller to join him but Hugo immediately refused because he had to protect Mu Lan. Moreover, he had many horrible experiences because of women, it was partly Mu Feng's fault too, and so he had no desire to go there again.

There were still some times before the nightfall, Hugo was tracing Mu Lan when she called out.

"Young miss." Hugo politely greeted Mu Lan who was eating potato chips.

Hearing his greetings, Mu Lan frowned. She said, "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me 'that'? Other will think of me as mistress of some sugar daddy or something."

Hugo bluntly said, "There is no one who can hear me, young miss."

Mu Lan looked around and saw that there was actually no one around then. She sighed and said, "Fine, you win." She looked at Hugo, "There is something I need to ask you. It is very important."

"As long as I have the information, I'll provide it to you, young miss." Hugo sat beside Mu Lan and observed the area with his professional eyes.

"Do you know where brother Feng is? I called him but his mobile is switched off." Mu Lan said as she offered Hugo potato chips.

Hugo shook his head to let her know that he didn't want potato chips and hesitated to answer at first. Perhaps, Mu Lan looked very earnest and cute, Hugo couldn't say that he didn't know.

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