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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 12: WE ARE HERE TO PICK YOU UP

President Li was thinking about the last time they saw each other.

Nine months ago.....

He went to Italy with his family. His son was one year old back then.

Though he only wanted his family but his wife insisted to take her younger sister.

He couldn't refuse. Moreover, he thought that it might be better if she could see him happy with his family, it would give her more pain.

After they finished their meal, they went to stroll in the night city of Milan.

He was holding his wife's hand and her head was in his shoulder as they walked. Their child was in his left hand sleeping.

His wife was very happy because he never showed this type of affection to her.

And that girl was behind them.

As they were walking, suddenly a group of men came and stopped them in the track.

They looked like gangsters, only watching them in a glance he would understand.

He growled in a low voice, "What do you want?"

"We want the woman behind you. Miss, come with us without straggle, no one will get hurt in any way." One of the gangsters replied.

'So he is the leader.' He thought.

He would love to make her miserable but he would never hand her over to some gangsters. He knew their rules. Not to mention, his own brother was the king of Chinese Underworld.

Before she could give an answer, he shielded her.

"She won't go anywhere." He growled.

The gangsters laughed. "Really? if we take her, what will you do? What you can you do? You're in the disadvantage dude." They mocked and they their eyes became bloodshot."So back off. Don't test our patient."

As they were talking a police car came. The gangsters shield his family with their bodies so that the police couldn't see them.

A police came out.

"Officer Roy, it's been a while. How are you doing?" The gang leader asked cheerfully. 'Damn that officer, disturbing us in such crucial moment!'

"You people are all together here. Looking for trouble?" Officer Roy asked.

"Haha...Officer, can't we have fun too........"

As they were talking, the girl gripped him hand.

He looked at her with displeasure.

But she didn't care. She was already used to his sudden change of behavior.

She signaled him to get back without any sound.

Slowly they moved backward.

As they went almost 30 meters, "By the way, your preys are getting out of your hands boys." Officer Roy looked relax as he lit up a cigarette.

[A/N: Unfaithful police officer!!!]

Quickly the gangsters looked their behind.

'Damn it.' President Li thought. "Run!" He growled.

They started running.

"I didn't see anything." Officer Roy went to the car and drove off.

Gangsters got the signal and started running.

'Damn, they can run!' The leader took out his gun.


The leader was good at shooting. And he aimed at the guy but the woman they wanted to take her with them, shielded him. And took the bullet.

The leader smiled cruelly as he saw her stumbling.

'It doesn't matter if she was hurt, Boss said to bring her with us at any cost. He didn't mention dead or alive.' He remarked cruelly.

Hearing the gun fire, the baby suddenly woke up and started crying.

Damn!!! He didn't know how to take care of a child!

The girl from behind took the child before he could say anything.

His child stopped crying as soon as he went to her embrace. He felt peace.

"Take my sister." She calmly said though she was breathing hard.

He was amazed by the calmness of her in this type of situation.

He looked at his wife and got annoyed.

'Annoying woman, this isn't time to get faint!'

Though he was annoyed, this girl was here, so he couldn't possibly show that displeasure in front of her.

{A/N: So much for acting. Hmm! You deserve an Oscar!]

He took his wife carefully and they both started to run.


[A/N: And you know the rest. :'( ]


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