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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 119: FRONT PAGE OF THE NEWSPAPER

Next morning was fresh and bright. Mu Lan woke up with a light mood. She finished her breakfast in cafeteria and went back to her room. She turned on her laptop and started to search for 'Hua Lan'.

'I wasted two days. I can't do it anymore. I need to find who I really am.' Mu Lan sipped the hot milk. She took out a book from the attached bookshelf and opened it. The book was called, 'How to hack'. This book had every possible way to show tricks how to hack. Mu Lan's thought was, if she had to hack Chinese Intelligent, she needed that book. However, before that, she had to practice. She had no interest to get caught.

Mu Lan's first choice was social media. Although she didn't know about her previous life, she thought that as a normal student she might have social media account. The only problem was, if she had open as account in fake name, she could do nothing about it.

Mu Lan was too caught up with searching process to realized that it was already noon. Just when she thought of taking brake, her cell phone chimed.

Mu Lan looked at the cell phone screen. It was a message from Qi Ying. In WeChat, she wrote, 'Xiao Lan, did you read today's newspaper? Or did you see the news?'

Reading the message, Mu Lan frowned. She didn't have any television in her room, so, she could only read newspaper through internet. Before she could think of anything, she searched in internet. She checked the most popular daily newspaper. Looking at the front page, Mu Lan's jaw dropped.

In the first newspaper, the headline was about four female students was caught because of drugs and group sex. The reporter said that this group of girls were related to drug dealers and the girls had created a group for sex to sell the drugs. These girls were from very rich families and they were very spoiled. They were drug addicts since teenagers and their families knew nothing about it.

FBI had been looking for the drug dealers and the drug seller for two years. Two days ago, they found some tracks and clues. When they reached the hotel through the track, they found a group of men and women were having sex. They were caught red handed. Those people were found naked and were taking drugs. Even though the FBI came to arrest them, they just had no clue what was going on. They were too drowsy to be interrogated. Soon the FBI found that the group sex party was organized by the four girls. In addition to that, they were directly related to the drug dealer the FBI was looking for.

The reporter was very co-operative to write down the details of those four girls' backgrounds and photos. However, he skillfully neglected the fact that they were student of Peirry and Marie Currie University. Even if the reporter didn't mention it, the whole university would get to know that since those girls were popular gang.

The second big news after the drug news was two male students' cruel death. They were also related to the drug dealer the FBI was looking for. Somehow, those two men got killed for unknown reason. The pictures and names were given in the newspaper.

The FBI was currently investigating the reason of the death. But their thought was that the male students died because they had some conflicts with the gang, so the gang reaped off the two male students' hands and tortured them thoroughly by peeling their skin and then threw the bodies in the backside of the casino were the drug dealer was working in hide. It was a horrible way to kill. If the faces were also peeled off, the FBI couldn't find their identities.

Mu Lan kept reading the details and her whole body started to get numb in fear. She recognized those two men and four women very well. They were no other than the people who tried to harm Qi Ying that night. Mu Lan could tell that those people were just bad eggs, but she couldn't imagine that they were rotten to the core. She shivered thinking of those naked bodies. She really wanted to vomit.

She thought all of that, but never in million years she imagine the fact that it might be the work of Mu Feng.

All of a sudden, she thought of Qi Ying. 'If I feel like puking, what about Qi Ying? She looks so softhearted. Can she hold it alone?' Thinking of that she gave Qi Ying a call. When Qi Ying didn't answer the call, Mu Lan sent her a message to invite her at lunch.

Mu Lan's class would start after lunch so she wasn't in hurry. She didn't even had the interest in searching about herself either. As she felt restless, she headed towards the library. It was the only place to make herself calm.

In the Library, Mu Lan took some books about 'Hacking Skills', 'Computer Science', 'Searching Through Satellite' etc. She took them with her and found a place around corner and sat closer to the window. As she started to read, a girl stood in front of her. Mu Lan looked at the girl.

It was that white jade skin girl with ash eyes and red lips. Her brown hair maid her face and skin even more attractive. But the girl had no care for her own charm. She wore black glasses and cheap shirt with worn out jeans. Her eyes were sharp as she looked at Mu Lan. She bowed to Mu Lan formally and said in a beautifully soft voice, "Thank you for saving Xiao Ying."

Mu Lan understood right away that this girl in front of her was talking about Qi Ying. 'Is this girl Qi Ying's friend? Maybe the book worm girl Yan Su and Qi Ying talked about, could it be her?' Mu Lan thought. She said, "And you are...."

The girl looked little uncomfortable as she tried to hide her embarrassment. "Sorry for my late introduction. I'm Fa Xue Lin. I'm Yan Su and Xiao Ying's roommate. Nice to meet you."

'I knew it.' What Mu Lan thought was correct. She was the bookworm.

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