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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 118: TOMORROW IS A BIG DAY

Mu Lan looked at Qi Ying and said, "Yan Su talked about her roommates once. It's good to see that you guys get along."

"Yes, we do." Qi Ying nodded and smiled.

Mu Lan remembered her first day at dorm and said, "She told me about the 'Queen of Beauty' and 'Bookworm.' So you are the queen and Xue Lin in the bookworm."

Qi Ying blushed lightly and replied, "I'm not sure about the queen though. But Xue Lin is indeed a genius."

"You are too modest." Mu Lan looked at her watch and got up. "It's time for dinner. Let's go."

"Okay." Qi Ying got up too.

Mu Lan checked her cell phone before they left.

- - - - -

Mu Lan put down the tray and served both of their foods.

Qi Ying took her meal and said, "Thank you."

"My pleasure." Mu Lan opened the lid of the bottle and drank a mouthful water.

They silently started to eat. There are very few students in the cafeteria right now because it was almost time to close the cafeteria. Between eating, Mu Lan looked around to look for certain group of girl but she didn't. Just as she sighed in relief, a male voice called out behind Mu Lan, "May I sit beside you?"

Qi Ying froze on the spot and Mu Lan looked back. Mu Lan was wondering when will Mu Feng and Doctor Lu Feng would come. It was Lu Feng.

Mu Lan smiled at him and said, "It has been a while, Doctor Lu. Thank you for coming all the way."

Lu Feng sat beside Mu Lan and said, "It is nothing. I was informed that your friend got hurt and I also heard that my patient wasn't taking care of herself properly." He gave a warning look to Mu Lan but his lips were smiling.

'Scary.' It was the only thing Mu Lan thought about Lu Feng. She hurriedly changed the topic and looked at Qi Ying. She said, "Qi Ying, this is Doctor Lu Feng. He's here to check up health and I also requested him to check you up. Please don't mind it."

Qi Ying shook her head and said, "You have done many things for me already. I'm grateful." Then she looked at Lu Feng and said, "Hello doctor, I'm Qi Ying. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." Lu Feng greeted her.

Qi Ying looked at Lu Feng deeply. Suddenly Lu Feng became nervous. Qi Ying asked, "Doctor, have I met you before?"

Lu Feng gulped. Before he came here, Mu Feng warned him thousands of time that he could not remind her of the past. Lu Feng was the one who treated her four years ago. He hoped that Qi Ying couldn't recognize him. But unfortunately she did.

Lu Feng tried to be calm as much as possible. He said with a slight smile, "If I had such lovely patient as you are Miss Qi, I would definitely remember it. Unfortunately we haven't net before."

Qi Ying nodded and said, "I see."

Lu Feng changed the topic and looked at Mu Lan accusingly. "I heard that you were eating unhealthy food. Tell me how should I punish you?" He looked like a mother hen scolding her chick.

Mu Lan said with a pitiful smile, "Please prescribe me some vitamins. It I'll be fine if I start to take them."

Lu Feng didn't complain anymore and from his bag he took out some bottles of vitamins and then pushed them towards Mu Lan. He said, "I'm well prepared. Don't you think?"

Looking at the bottles, Mu Lan's face turned pale. But she neither wanted to be punished by Mu Liang nor did she want to offend her doctor who gave her a new life. In a small voice she said, "Thank you."

After that, he checked Qi Ying's pulse and asked her few questions about health. Then he gave her some medicine and left. Lu Feng walked out and went towards the parking lot. Mu Feng was sitting on the car. Lu Feng sat inside and said, "She'll be fine after a couple of days rest. Don't worry too much."

"Did she recognize you?" Mu Feng asked calmly. He didn't look as cheerful as usual.

"She did, almost. However, I did say that this was the first time we met. She was confused and didn't say anything else." Lu Feng paused a little, then continued, "More than Xiao Ying's health, I'm worried about Xiao Lan's health. Her body is still weak. She does need fresh air and wonderful place to live but she needs rest more." Saying that he sighed deeply. "But who is going to make her do that?"

Mu Feng looked at the doctor beside him, "Who do you think?"

Lu Feng admitted, "I'll immediately inform Xiao Liang."

Before Mu Feng could say something, his cell phone rang. He looked at the screen and saw it was from Hugo. Mu Feng answered the call, "What now?"

Hugo's monotonous voice rang out. "The four girls are captured. We are doing everything according the plan."

Mu Feng's lips curled into a cold smile. He said, "Good job. Don't forget to tell the editors to make the article headline."

"I understand." Hugo hang up the phone.

Mu Feng drove the car as he thought, 'Tomorrow is a big day. Ying, I'll bring justice for you. Before I come in front of you, you must take care of yourself.'

Meanwhile, Mu Lan and Qi Ying finished their meals and headed back to the dorm. Qi Ying had recovered and she didn't need to stay at Mu Lan's room anymore. So she went to third floor, in her room where Yan Su and Xue Ling stay.

Mu Lan was worn out. Though she was tired, she changed the bed sheet, bed cover, pillow cover. She also changed the comforter. She put all the clothes in the washing machine. After drying them, she took a bath and went to sleep.

Both Qi Ying and Mu Lan slept soundly but those who made them suffer yesterday were having nightmares.

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