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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 117: I WAS PUNISHED

For the time being, Mu Lan took care of Qi Ying. Qi Ying sweated a lot. So, Mu Lan changed her dress and bandages. Qi Ying was still unconscious and it made Mu Lan a bit concerned. She was very curious about Mu Feng and Qi Ying's love affair fact. However, she didn't push anyone to know the fact. She knew that when Qi Ying would wake up, she would tell Mu Lan the story or Mu Lan would get to know it anyway.

Thinking of that, suddenly Mu Lan's mind went to yesterday night...

Mu Liang bit Mu Lan's left ear and said in a husky voice, "Promise me something."

Mu Lan was feeling too out of herself that she couldn't answer him properly. She only replied,


Mu Liang's deep voice echoed in her ear, "Never eat instant noodles."

That time Mu Lan was thinking that her ears would get pregnant if it was going to continue. With whatever sense was left with her, she replied, "Hah..hmm.."

Mu Liang didn't stop with that. He started caressing her naked waist with his warm hands and said, "If you are hungry, go to the cafeteria."

Mu Lan nodded subconsciously...

Thinking of that incident now, Mu Lan's leg lost strength. With a 'plop' sound, she fell on the floor. Highly embarrassed, she buried her face on the knees and covered her head with her hands. Then she started to roll on the floor and screamed in mind, 'Ahhhhhhhhh...'

Now that she was clear headed, she understood very well that as she ate instant noodle two days and didn't take care of herself properly, Mu Liang punished her for that. Mu Lan shrieked in mind, 'I was punished like that because of instant noodles? So shameless! So shameless!'

- - - - -

When Qi Ying woke up, the sun was already saying 'goodbye' to French people. Slowly she opened her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar room. Just she was about to think anything bad, Mu Lan popped her head from the painting room.

"Oh, you are awake!" She exclaimed.

At first, Qi Ying couldn't recognize Mu Lan, slowly she recalled previous night and she also remembered that fact that Mu Lan helped her.

Mu Lan handed her a glass of hot milk and stretched her right hand to take Qi Ying's temperature. Then she happily said, "Great news, your fever is gone." She looked at Qi Ying's blurry eyes, "How are you feeling?"

Looking at Mu Lan's angelic smile, Qi Ying's tears started to drop like rain. Mu Lan became flustered seeing her like that. 'Did I say something wrong? Maybe I triggered last night's event. She must be terrified.' Mu Lan thought.

Qi Ying wiped her tears as she said in hoarse voice, "Thank you for saving me. Thank you very much."

Mu Lan was a bit embarrassed getting all the credits. She said, "Actually I wasn't the one who saved you. It was my friend. I called him for help."

Qi Ying shook her head and said, "Still, it was you who came to rescue."

With a helpless look, Mu Lan patted her head. "Okay, let's not think talk about it anymore. You must be hungry. I'm going to warm up the porridge my friend cooked for you. You can eat it and we'll talk about what exactly happened."

"Okay." Qi Ying nodded.

After Qi Ying finished her meal, she told Mu Lan about last night. "I finished study at the library. Then I was going to my room. Before I did, a classmate of mine asked me for help. I'm good at sewing, so sometimes I help the girls. However she tricked me. She and her three friends were at their room. They gave me a juice to drink. After drinking I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I found myself in the dark corner and those two boys..."She couldn't finish as she shuddered.

Mu Lan squeezed Qi Ying's hands tightly and thought, 'Just as I thought. It had to be those girls.'

Qi Ying controlled herself and said, "I'm burdening you. I'm sorry."

Mu Lan smiled as she got up from the chair. She replied, "I don't think you burdened me though. I'm thinking about your roommates. Aren't they scared to death by now?"

Qi Ying got startled by her question and she hurriedly stood up nearly flipping out the chair. She exclaimed, "Oh my God! Yan Su!"

Mu Lan was dumbfounded. She asked, "Yan Su?"

- - - - -

Yan Su was a hot tempered. She was fuming as she was sitting on a chair in Mu Lan's room. After a few minutes of silence, she said, "Do you have any idea how worried I was? I couldn't call the dorm manager and I couldn't even ask the guard about it. Last night both Xue Ling and looked for you everywhere we could. We couldn't sleep well."

Yan Su was very worried. She knew it wasn't Qi Ying's fault and she didn't know where to pour her frustration. She stomped her foot angrily. Mu Lan and Qi Ying were afraid of her. Though it wasn't their fault, they got scolded. They felt that they were wronged.

Yan Su took some deep breaths and calmed herself. Then she looked around the room. Being amazed, she looked at Mu Lan and asked, "Xiao Lan, are you sure that you aren't keeping some secrets? You didn't tell me you family name yet. Are you an heiress? I've never seen you before in any business parties. Or you might be a princess too."

Mu Lan shook her hands as she said, "You got it all wrong. I'm nothing like you are imagining. I'm nothing this sort of. It's just that, I can't tell you."

Yan Su was stunned. She said, "You are pretty blunt, aren't you?"

Mu Lan bowed a little and said, "I'm sorry."

Yan Su shook her hand slightly and said, "No, its fine. Everyone has their own secret. You don't have to feel bad. And you did a good job by helping her. Thank you."

Mu Lan sighed in relief in mind and said, "It was a pure chance. I'm just glad that nothing bad happened to her."

Yan Su and Mu Lan were just acquaintance. So, Yan Su didn't bother much. Though she really wanted to look around, she held her desire. She got up and before she left, she told Qi Ying to come to her own room to take rest.

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