Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 116: DON'T GO

Chirp! Chirp!

The wind was cold and the sun started to rise from the east. The birds woke up and tried to announce that a new day had arrived.

Mu Liang woke up by the sound of the birds. The room was dark and cold. Slight light was coming from the window. Mu Liang understood that it wasn't morning yet.

Though it was cold, Mu Liang felt warm as he was holding a human flesh. He looked at the woman in his arms who was sleeping soundly. His heart filled with sudden warmth and emotion he couldn't describe.

He looked at the cell phone to know about the time. It was almost five in the morning. He needed to get out of the campus before anyone could realize that the richest man in the Europe was here to comfort his loving wife.

Mu Liang started to stroke Mu Lan's soft face and his other hand circled around her waist. Few seconds later, Mu Lan stirred a little, she frowned and hugged Mu Liang tightly, and then fell asleep again.

Mu Liang's heart raced as he witnessed such adorable behavior. He hugged her closer. Later, he moved his face closer to her ear and called her lovingly, "Lan, wake up. I need to go."

Mu Lan, who was still in dreamland, nuzzled her face in his crook and said in a sleepy voice, "Don't go."

Mu Liang's heart melted by her lovely gesture. He knew that she didn't sleep enough, so he didn't force her to wake up anymore. He smiled sweetly, then made her lay down on the sofa and put his coat over her. Looking at her sleeping face for a while, he bent down to kiss her forehead. Then he got up and went to the washroom. He freshened himself. After that, he checked the freeze and kitchen. Before leaving, he once again looked at his 'Charming Sleeping Beauty' and then left.

Mu Lan woke up when the sun rose above. She rubbed her eyes and stretched her hands as she sat on the sofa. With sleepy eyes she looked at the surroundings. She tried to remember how she ended up in sofa. Just when she remembered, her sleepiness flew away. She jumped out of the sofa and searched in the washroom, painting room and kitchen. When she didn't find Mu Liang, she felt rather disappointed. Her eyes went to the sofa. Seeing his coat, she remembered their last night intimate activity. Her face turned red and heart started to race.

Mu Lan also remembered that at dawn before leaving Mu Liang was trying to wake her up. She placed her two palms against her cheeks. 'Oh my God! Did I just hug him and told him not to go?' She tapped her head against the wall.

Mu Lan went to washroom and freshened up. Then she checked Qi Ying's temperature. She still had a fever but the temperature was lower than last night. Mu Lan sighed in relief. She warmed up last night's vegetable soup and slowly ate it. There was no way she would go to class when a patient was in her room. Moreover, Qi Ying was Mu Feng's lover.

Mu Lan checked her cell phone and saw ten messages and they were all from Mu Feng. He kept asking about Qi Ying if she woke up or she had eaten or her fever subsided etc.

Thinking of the way Mu Feng cared about Qi Ying, Mu Lan smiled. Then she tapped his number and called him.

Before it could ring properly, Mu Feng answered the call. "Sister Lan Lan, I was dying, you know. How long you wanted to torture me?"

Hearing his pained voice, Mu Lan felt sorry. She also felt happy at the same time that Mu Feng was in his usual self. She said, "I'm so sorry brother Feng, I was sleeping."

The other side fell silent. When Mu Lan thought that the call was disconnect, Mu Feng asked, "Did my brother visit you last night?"

"..He did." Mu Lan was trying to figure out how Mu Feng knew that. 'Did they contact?'

"When did he leave?" Mu Feng inquired.

Mu Lan tried to answer in a normal voice. "I.don't know. Maybe at dawn. I was sleeping soundly. I can't remember anything."

Mu Feng was silent again. Then he said in a calm voice, "Sister Lan Lan, I'm going to ask you a question. Please answer truthfully."

"Alright." Mu Lan had really, really, bad feeling about it.

Mu Feng asked straight forwardly, "Did you become all lovey-dovey with my brother I front of Qi Ying?"

As soon as Mu Lan heard the answer, she became flustered. "Wha....what are you saying? We aren't that close yet!"

"You sound so suspicious." Mu Lan frowned. 'Sister Lan Lan never rise her voice like that. They definitely did something. When did my demonic brother become so saint that he won't attack his woman when he gets to see her after two days? Huh, sister Lan Lan is a liar. She thought that I wouldn't find it out. Who do she think I am? My poor Ying. Maybe be suffered a heavy blow.'

Mu Lan understood very well that her lie was exposed. Feeling ashamed, she tried to change the subject. "Qi Ying's fever is almost gone. She will wake up soon. I'll give her porridge as soon as she wake up."

Just when Mu Feng was hot headed, hearing about Qi Ying, his went back to normal. He said, "Oh, then, please take care of her for the time being. If she waked up, please give me a call. I'll send doctor Lu Feng to check her up."

Mu Lan thought for a moment and then asked, "Lu Feng, isn't he the one who treated me?"

"Yes, he is the one." Mu Feng nodded.

"He is a talented doctor. Where will we meet?" Mu Lan thought, 'I need to talk to the doctor. It's great that it is him.'

Mu Feng replied, "In the cafeteria. You have to take dinner, right? We'll meet there. I am an ex-student of this college. So I won't have problem."

"Sounds good." Mu Lan hung up. Then she looked at the girl who was sleeping.

'You got yourself a loving boyfriend. How lucky you are!' Mu Lan smiled.

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