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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 115: DRIFTED TO THE PAST PART 6

Mu Feng went home. He suddenly felt very tired. He slept all day. In the evening Qi Yang came to meet him. Looking at Mu Feng's face he sighed deeply.

He sat beside Mu Feng and said in a cool voice, "I heard that you broke up with my little sister."

Mu Feng sipped red wine and replied, "We haven't found the criminals. They know our every move while we don't. You should also stay away from us."

Qi Yang nodded as he understood. He said, "This time, you guys are caught up with a big fish." He took a glass of wine from Mu Feng. Then he asked, "Why do I feel like that the enemy this time has grudge against you? Certainly, you the head of the underworld. But, did you do something?"

Mu Feng shook his head and said in a airy voice, "Just like you, I never went to China. How come I would go against their military?"

Qi Yan sipped the glass and said, "That's true."

The room fell into silence. Two friends didn't talk for a long time.

It was summer. As the strong wind entered the bar, they felt comfortable.

Suddenly Mu Feng asked, "How is she doing?"

Qi Yang put down his glass after he finished his wine and said, "Do you think it is a great idea to break up? She is completely fine and no one is blaming you."

Mu Feng replied, "I still can't forget her scream and crying face. If it wasn't for my carelessness, she wouldn't suffer like that. And where I'm not sure that I'll be killed or not, how can I provide protection to her? The last thing I want to see her as a widow." He filled his glass and asked again, "How is she?"

Qi Yang sighed and said in a little irritated manner, "Well, what do you think? She never shares her inner feelings. Even if she is torn apart, she won't let us get worried. She doesn't know that it will make us even more worried."

Feeling suddenly pissed off, Qi Yang got up and before leaving he said, "Don't regret your decision you made today. Just as I said, no one is blaming you. But I'm relieved that you made that decision, as a brother of Ying."

After Qi Yang left, Mu Feng gave a cruel smile and mumbled on his own, "Not blaming? Your whole family was relieved that I broke up with her. You are just too afraid to say that. We, Mu Family have no connection with China but Qi Family has. Do you think I am stupid?" He's eyes burnt in rage.

Late at night, Mu Liang came to visit his younger brother. Looking at his brother who was still drinking, he frowned and asked, "Didn't you have enough?"

Mu Feng looked at his elder brother with his red eyes. Mu Liang sighed. He sat beside Mu Feng and took a glass. He said in a calm voice, "I heard Qi Yang came to meet you."

Mu Feng filled his brother's glass and said, "I found two spies. They are nothing but corpse now. Maybe, Yang got afraid and wanted to see me thinking if I found out anything." After a pause he said, "I broke up with Ying."

Mu Liang frowned again, then he said, "If it were me, I wouldn't do that."

"So you are saying that I am going to regret it?" Mu Feng questioned his brother. His eyes were full of mockery.

Mu Liang flatly answered, "You will regret it."

Hearing such blunt reply, Mu Feng's eyes narrowed. He further asked, "And what if I don't?"

"Then you never loved her in begin with." Saying that Mu Liang sighed. He said, "You should have told her everything. That way she wouldn't suffer."

Mu Feng hung his head. "She will forget me easily if she comes to hate me."

Mu Liang looked at his brother and said, "You are underestimating her feelings for you. Don't blame me for not warning you." Saying that, Mu Liang left the bar.

Mu Feng's eyes were dimmed. He smiled pathetically, thinking, 'As if I don't understand her. I know her better than anyone. I understand her better than her own family.'

My Feng sighed and kept thinking. ' Ying, why does it has to be us? Why does it had to be this way? I know the moment I hold your hand, you have to let go off your family. Can you do that? Your dad fell into their trap. And he sacrificed you for the sake of his own life and company. What will you do if you find that out? If I were to take you with me, I had to let you know it because there is no way in hell I'll let them contact you again. But, wouldn't you become a caged bird. How could I let that happen? I know it will be hard for you, but please Ying, please. Please forget us. Please forget me. Just let me protect you from afar. Just let me hold onto our precious memory. Please don't cry. Please don't cry for a guy like me.'

Soft sobbing filled the silent room.

Just as Mu Feng knew, in the Qi Mansion, in a beautiful room, on a warm bed, a beautiful girl was sobbing as well. In her right hand, there was a red rose locket which was left by Mu Feng today when he broke up with her.

She couldn't blame him. She couldn't blame anyone. She blamed her for her carelessness. And she regretted it deeply. She knew her family was celebrating the fact that they broke up. And she let that happen. She felt guilty, very guilty.

Qi Ying gave pressure to her right hand and soon, blood started to drip from her fist. The red rose became ever redder. However, her hand didn't hurt. She didn't feel any pain at all. How could she feel that? Her heart was hurting even more.

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