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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 114: DRIFTED TO THE PAST PART 5

Mu Liang came out of Grandpa Lu's room and headed to the patient's room. He saw that Mu Feng was sitting beside Qi Ying while holding her hand. Qi Yang was sitting on the other side. With a teary eyes, he was looking at his sleeping sister.

Mu Liang said, "She's finally sleeping."

Qi Yang shook his head and said, "Mu Feng made her unconscious. First he didn't want to, but who could endure her scream and loud cry?"

Mu Liang sighed. Then he said, "I need to talk to you guys. It's about the gang."

Qi Yang looked at him and asked, "Do I have to stay hear that too? Isn't it confidential?"

Mu Liang replied, "If Xiao Ying is going to enter our family, you have to. More importantly, it is also connected to her."

Mu Feng this time looked at his brother. Qi Ying's name caught his attention.

Mu Liang said, "The poison which was inject to Xiao Ying's body came from China Military Force."

Looking at the two pairs of marble eyes, Mu Liang pinched the place between his eyebrows and went on, "I know, it's very mysterious because we never offended China. So I thought maybe it had to something to do with Qi Family."

As Mu Liang looked at his friend, Qi Yang was first stupefied and vigorously shook his head while saying, "I have never been to China. My dad goes there for business purpose. Also his parental family lives there. However, if there was any problem regarding Chinese Military, father would definitely tell me. I have never heard something went wrong in past few years. I'll call my dad to know about the situation."

When Qi Yang left the room, Mu Liang looked at his brother and asked, "How are you holding up?" His gentle voice made Mu Feng all teary.

With a hoarse voice, Mu Feng replied, "I should have kill them all. If I took a mercy on even one jerk, I could interrogate him."

Mu Liang lifted an eyebrow and said, "You peeled their skins before you killed them. You ask for more now?"

Mu Feng said in a cold voice, "If you ever fall in love, you'll know what I'm feeling right now."

Mu Liang's eyes became dark and said, "What will you do if the enemy is actually ours and they keep targeting our love ones. We couldn't capture them all. How do you know that they won't attack her again? Even if they do, can you actually protect her? You are the King of the Underworld. You and the people around you will be always be a target. Don't forget that."

A silence came to the room after Mu Liang finished. Mu Feng's body started to shook. He asked, "Do you want me to let her go?"

Mu Liang felt sorry for his brother. He replied, "Of course not. But you have to choose a path to protect her. She is your beloved and one and only. Whether you stay with her or leave her, you have to protect her with all your might."

Then Mu Liang patted his second brother's shoulder and said, "You stay with her. I'll try to find the culprits."

"Thanks brother." Mu Feng mumbled in a low voice.

Later Qi Yang informed them that the problem wasn't from their side. For next few months, Mu Liang took the control of the Underworld. He didn't let anyone know that it was him but with the help of Mu Feng's Secretary Tasha. This girl was very smart and helped Mu Liang to message every leader of every gang. Mu Liang wanted to find out the link between that rebellious gang and China Military. Unfortunately, they didn't leave any useful clue. They hid their tracks well. Not finding any other way, Mu Liang sent four spies in seven days. But the enemy got their tracks. The four spies never came alive. Mu Liang found the last one's dead body. That guys was brutally killed. Other three simply vanished.

Mu Liang became more remorse. He realized that the enemy planted spies in the underworld. That time, Mu Liang played some tricks. On the surface, he was the one who handled everything, but in reality, he asked for Mu Feng's help. This time, no one knew about the two brothers' strategy. In two days, Mu Feng found out that the spy was his own Secretary Tasha. Before they could get a hold of any information, the secretary was killed by a sniper. A special force caught the sniper but he killed himself.

It was more like God wasn't with Mu brothers. However, they got a message from that sniper. On the paper that sniper wrote, 'They are coming.' It was a warning. But that was it. Without clues, Mu Liang couldn't investigate anything. Mu Feng also took his throne as King of the Underworld.

Three months went by in the blink of the eyes. Mu Feng went to Qi Mansion. Qi Ying had recovered. But she still had nightmares. She would walk inside the mansion and would not go out. Though she was practically well from the outside, her inner self was very weak and she couldn't come closer to strangers. In three months, she nearly forgot Mu Feng and as soon as she looked at him, she would scream. Seeing her like that a pain rushed through his body.

How could Mu Feng able to see such state of his beloved. Not only he failed to protect her, he even failed to punish the criminals. Mu Feng kept thinking, 'If she wasn't his girlfriend, if she wasn't his, nothing would happen to her.' Guilt took over him. For three months, he indulged himself in drinks, at his own bar. He didn't stop till he was sent to hospital.

The doctors had never seen such disobedient patient. They nearly blew off. Seeing their condition, Lu Feng called Mu Liang for help. Mu Liang came straight to hospital and took some photos of his devastated brother. Then he warned Mu Feng that after Qi Ying would recover, Mu Liang would personally sent those photos, if Mu Feng misbehaved. From then on, Mu Feng hated Lu Feng.

Time flew on its own accord. Qi Ying recovered completely and so did Mu Feng. One day, Mu Feng went to Qi Ying mansion. Seeing the normal Qi Ying, greeting him normally, he couldn't be happier. That day, for the sake of her happiness, for the sake of her smile, for the sake of her purity, he broke up with her.

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