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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 113: DRIFTED TO THE PAST PASRT 4

The doctors on the other side had to work hard to control Qi Ying. They dared not to inject tranquilizer drug in her body. They just bound her with the bed, took couple syringe of blood and took it to the laboratory.

Mu Feng kept looking through the glass. He didn't dare to sit. He didn't dare to blink. He could able to soothe her pain away. An unbearable pain numbed his whole body. He didn't have any strength to think of anything. He didn't know the time and place anymore. Only he could see what was before him.

As soon as Qi Yang heard about the location of his sister, he rushed to Lu Research Center with Mu Liang. Two of them saw Mu Feng who was lingering with a glass wall. Before they could say anything to him, their eyes went to through the glass.

Seeing the suffering of his one and only beloved sister, Qi Yang felt numbed. He felt someone dragged him in the cold water. He almost lost his stepping and immediately sat on the closest bench. He covered his face with his hand and started to sob and pray.

Mu Liang didn't say anything. He just sat in the corner and texted. After he was done, he went Lu Feng. Lu Feng's face was dark.

"What's the news?" Mu Liang could guess the answer. Still he asked.

Lu Feng shook his head and answered, "Not very promising. The drugs could be treated but the poison is rare. I have never seen it before. I have already called my grandpa. He is in plane right now. He took the fastest private plane to reach here. He is a famous researcher. I can only hope he can do something."

Mu Liang only nodded. His face was also dark. He asked, "How long do you think she can handle it?"

Lu Feng didn't want to answer first. He was silent for a while and then said, "Probably four to five hours. Good thing is, she maintained her healthy diet. Or else, we had to arrange her funeral."

Mu Liang shortly said, "Don't let Mu Feng hear you."

Lu Feng gulped.

- - - - -

In an hour, Grandpa Lu reached the research center and started to examine the patient. With a bleak face, he tested her blood and gave Lu Feng some instruction.

Then he came out of the room and told the three men in waiting, "Good thing that when Feng told me about the patient, I told him to send the research papers of the drugs and the poison. It took me less time to know what she was injected."

Grandpa Lu was silent for a moment, then said, "The one who did this to her is very vicious. He did it intentionally to hurt her. He wanted her die slowly and painfully. Maybe he wanted to hurt her love ones so that they could hopelessly see her die and could do nothing." He sighed.

Qi Yang asked, "Do you have the cure?"

Grandpa Lu nodded, "I have and I instructed Feng to inject the antidote. She needs it three doze in a day. The treatment will last for seven days. We can't drug her with tranquilizer. So till then, she had to suffer. After that, the drug and poison will came out on their own by vomit or other way. She only needs to take bed rest for two months. She has a healthy body. You guys don't have to worry anymore."

Three of them sighed in relief. Only then Mu Feng sat on the bench. He didn't know when, tears started to fell from his eyes.

Grandpa Lu looked at Mu Feng in sympathy. Later, he signed Mu Liang to come with him. When they were alone in his private office, Grandpa Lu opened his mouth. "I have seen many of your enemies' treachery. But this time, they crossed the limit."

Mu Liang frowned and asked the elder, "What do you mean?"

Grandpa Lu looked at him seriously, "Look son, I know since you are little. You are very good friend of my grandson. I know that you don't deliberately cause trouble or make enemy out of nowhere. However, this time, it was a bit unwise to make such enemy without even any preparation. It's not your style."

Mu Liang didn't say anything. He just kept listening what the elder had to say.

Grandpa Lu continued, "It isn't the first time that I have seen this poison, you know. When I was still young, I had a military friend. Now, he became Major General in China. He first made allowed me to military for some research. It was for chemical research. I'm not going to tell you everything details. I'll keep it short. One day, I realized that I made a poison and it was nothing to compare with other. Before I realized the sample of the poison got stolen. I was a wholehearted researcher. I could never guess what went wrong. There was a spy and I didn't realize a bit. Then..." He sighed and went on, "I copied my research papers, destroyed whatever was left and flew away with my life. If it wasn't for your father, I wouldn't able to see my family again in my life."

He stopped for few moments and then continued, "The poison I made back then, I never realized that I would find it in the patient's body."

Mu Liang's left eye quivered. Astonished, he asked, "You mean....."

Grandpa Lu nodded, "This is a military poison, child. Your enemy this time is sure something. I think you all should be careful."

Mu Liang took out his phone and immediately made some call. After knowing that everything was under control, he didn't take rest. He called back his youngest brother Mu Chen from Hong Kong and told his intelligence agency to report him within ten hours about the people who came to France and was still living for the past two years. He wasn't sure what triggered to what but the problem with the gang started two years ago. That time, Mu Feng was playing with that gang and didn't end them the way he did with other. Now he had to pay the price.

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