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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 112: DRIFTED TO THE PAST PART 3

As the Qi siblings planned, Mu Feng started to visit them frequently. Qi Ying observed his every move. Mu Feng understood that very well. Whenever he caught her red-handed looking at him, she would reply, "I'm learning." Yes, she was learning. That was true. She was learning about him.

Qi Ying began to understood Mu Feng little by little. She realized that Mu Feng had no interest in his beauty. He admired her. Mu Feng had soft heart for children. Whenever he would see a bunch of kids playing, he would join them. Once, he was a famous womanizer, a mature playboy, in second, he was childish. He was talented and hard working. He liked nature and when he found out about Qi Ying's gardening hobby, he invited her to Mu Mansion to create a plan of making a flower garden. She was the first female outsider to visit that place. If Mu Feng couldn't stop in time, Cook Eve and Butler Leo would arrange a romantic candle light dinner.

When Qi Ying realized fully that Mu Feng had no interest in her outer appearance, she slowly let her guard down. She started to be more friendly and open towards Mu Feng. They would play chess together, they would talk about flowers and plants. Whenever, he would come, she would cook for him. Cooking was her specialty and Mu Feng loved to have dinner with her. She always wanted a true friend and she actually found one.

Day by day, they became close and would go often out for walk. They would go to park, museum, amusement park, library and they would talk about many things. They would talk about art, life, nature, human beings, imagination and so on.

Qi Ying and Mu Feng, they both maintained healthy diet, so their time management and health management were accurate. They had many things in common, so they got along well too.

When the Qi Family found out that their 'Little Princess', who was shy around outsiders, started to fall in love. They didn't say anything and only kept looking at them. Because they knew that their 'Little Princess' didn't realize her own feelings.

However, in the side of Mu Feng, it was exact opposite.Whenever Mu Liang, Mu Feng, Qi Yang and Ju Long were together, Qi Yang and Ju Long would tease Mu Feng till he would blush. Mu Liang from the side would only smile a little and wouldn't say another word. Mu Feng's these two friends would keep pressing him about the fact of confessing. He couldn't answer them at all.

Finally, the confession day had arrived. It was new year eve. Mu Feng took Qi Ying to Seine river cruise. On the boat, after a romantic candle light dinner, in the exact 12 o' clock, Mu Feng confessed his love and they shared their second kiss and it was a very passionate kiss under the sky of fireworks.

It was an important and the most special memory in their life time. They could never forget that night.

From then on, they would walk hand in hand, would have lunch together or dinner. Qi Family didn't say anything but they would welcome Mu Feng in their mansion wholeheartedly.

Most of the time, they would stay on the garden. It could be Mu Mansion or Qi Mansion. Qi Ying would sit under a huge tree and would sew handkerchief or a dress. Mu Feng would lay on the grass, reading the documents while his head would be on her lap.

Qi Ying was a shy person and she loved Mu Feng with all her heart. Mu Feng knew it very well. So, he never forced her for kiss or anything. They would be busy with their own things while enjoying each other's present. Their love was platonic and pure.

Both of their families didn't rush them since the couple's target the reaching their own goals. Qi Ying was still in middle school and Mu Feng was a graduate. As they weren't physically involved, Qi Family was at ease. They understood that though Mu Feng was called womanizer, he was truly gentleman, as expected of Mu Liang's brother.

Everything was in peace and harmony until one day, Qi Ying got abducted.

Everyone was very worried and started searching for her. The more time went by, the more they became frightened. After two hours, Mu Feng found out the culprits. The criminal hid their tracks well. But is was nothing, compared to Mu Liang's intelligence force.

They were the new gang who tried to revolt against the underworld King, Mu Feng. That gang was powerful on their own and wanted to take the throne of the underworld. They wanted to prove that if the king wasn't able to protect his woman, he could protect his kingdom either.

Mu Feng almost lost his cool. He dared not to imagine what was happening to Qi Ying. Understanding the situation, Mu Liang helped his brother for the first time. In an hour, they rescued Qi Ying. It was a blood bath war. The enemy didn't get a chance to fight. Everyone died in a ruthless way. Mu Liang had his first time experience seeing his second brother's devilish appearance.

When Mu Feng found Qi Ying, she was unconscious. Her school dress was almost torn apart. She was bound tightly with ropes. Knowing that she wasn't raped, Mu Feng almost cried out in relief. But the enemy did something horrible to her.

The enemy injected her drugs and poison which caused her nearly killed her. Her whole body was internally burning and she screamed in pain. Mu Feng was so frightened that he hugged her tightly as his face was pale.

Seeing her condition, not knowing what to do, Mu Feng called Mu Liang's another friend Lu Feng who was an established doctor. Lu Family was a family of doctors over generation. They had their own research facilities and had medicine companies and hospitals all around the Europe and China.

Under Lu Feng's instruction, Mu Feng took Qi Ying to Lu Research Center in helicopter. As soon as they reached there, Lu Feng took Qi Ying in the emergency room and told Mu Feng to wait outside. That time, when he saw through the glass that Qi Ying was screaming and crying, his heart was almost torn apart.

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