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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 111: DRIFTED TO THE PAST PART 2

Actually, they didn't fall in love.

it was true that Qi Ying's beauty was unique and Mu Feng was very handsome. However, Mu Feng was used to seeing beauties. All he was feeling that night was admiration. Qi Ying who was a beauty by born was used to with flattery and getting proposal. So she wasn't flattered by him either. But, of course she was grateful to him for saving her.

However, the unexpected encounter accidentally gave them a surprise. They lost their first kisses to each other. Two of them never met before. They were strangers and they kissed each other.

Mu Feng, the womanizer, though he was a flirt, he always kept a decent distance. It made him even more desirable. and he got startled by the sudden soft touch on his lips. His face immediately turned red.

Qi Ying, who was never close to any man other than her father and brother, was clueless at first. When she was her saviors red face, just then she realized what just happened.

Subconsciously, she shoved Mu Feng. He also backed away. Hurriedly he said, "I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention."

Qi Ying started blushing too. She didn't dare to look at Mu Feng's face anymore. She nodded lightly and said in a low voice, "I know. Thank you for saving me." Without letting Mu Feng say another word, she quickly went away.

That night, both of them kept touching their lips and kept remembering the warm soft touch they felt.

Next day, Mu Feng woke up with panda eyes. His personal maid was so shocked that she couldn't utter a single word. In the Mu Family, Mu Feng was called Beauty. He was specially aware of his skin and health. Every maid and butler kept looking at him in a weird way. He didn't realize what was that all about, until he looked at his own reflection in the mirror and screamed in horror. That day, he had to put on makeup before he left for school.

Since then, Qi Ying and Mu Feng would meet each other in various occasions like, business parties, Christmas parties, New Year parties, charity balls, wedding receptions and birthday parties.

Little by little, Mu Feng started to know her better. She wasn't a spoil princess like the rumors said. She wasn't proud heiress either. She was a shy middle school student and always got brilliant marks. She was very attentive to her family. She liked elder people and had her own hermitage for old people who had no family where they could live, eat and get proper medical treatment. She also loved nature and was very good at planting. She loved flowers and hand her own garden. Mu Feng started to like gardening too.

She was always busy with her own world and for her shy personality she hardly met people. For some reason, Mu Feng often started to visit Qi Mansion. He also didn't know why. Qi Ying was very skilled at chess. Whenever Mu Feng went there, they would play one or two rounds. Sometimes, Mu Feng would win, sometimes Qi Ying. There was another thing she was good at, it was cooking. Mu Feng would never miss a single chance to miss her cooked food. He got so obsessed that he started miss out Cook Eve's food. That old woman started to tease him whenever she could saying, they were having a new chef in near future.

As Mu Feng's attention started to move somewhere else, so he less and less paid visit to his circles. He also stopped looking at other girls.

This rapid change of his didn't miss from his elder brother's eyes. Mu Liang started to investigate and soon found some interesting news. He didn't say anything to his second brother and only smiled.

Qi Ying was shy and lacked of friends. She always wanted friends she could hang out with. She dreamed to have a group of friends with whom she could visit many places and have fun. But the girls only talked to her to use her as she was an heiress. For almost same reason and she was also a beauty, so boys would approach her all the time. Never she had a real friend with selfless intention and she got hurt countless times. So not to make her family worried, she shut her out.

Qi Ying had a good heart and for that she was always pampered by her family. Her brother was a closest ally. She learnt many things from her brother, Qi Yang. They were lovable siblings and true friends. Qi Yang would give her anything she wanted. Qi Ying also wholeheartedly loved her brother. She used to think that, there was only one friend in her life and that was her brother, until one day she met a guy who accidentally kissed her lips.

After that incident for three days, she couldn't sleep well. She would be absent minded and inattentive in the class. Thus, she became second in the class. Everyone in her family and the class were surprised by her sudden demotion. However, her family didn't pressure her, rather they even eased her and said that it was normal. Qi Ying felt something different. she started to think, she got herself another enemy who wanted to ruin her life. Just the way she thought, she tried to forget what happened that night and concentrate on her daily chores.

However, no matter how many time she tried to avoid Mu Feng, she kept facing him in almost every program she attended. She started to become suspicious, 'Is he stalking me?' As she thought that, she ordered the head butler of the Qi Family to investigate her.

Mu Feng's best friend Ju Long had already became Mu Liang's Personal Assistant. He was a first to get to know that Qi Ying was investigating Mu Feng. Feeling stunned, he informed his boss. Mu Liang smiled inside after hearing that and ordered Ju Long to provide her every last bit of Mu Feng's information.

Qi Ying found out that Mu Feng was the second heir of Mu Family. He was well known for his kindness. He was a womanizer but always kept decent distant with women. He was a good student with good grades. He was the Administrator of the Mu Corporation. He was very athletic and loved to travel. What shocked her the most that Mu Feng was the King of the European Underworld.

Qi Ying couldn't understand how could the King of the underworld be so kind. Still a shiver ran down her spine. When she couldn't get through anything at all, she asked her brother. Her brother, Qi Yang, was astonished by her interest in Mu Feng. He knew that Mu Feng was anything but a bad guy, so he told her everything of what he knew and said that he would invite him over if she was interested. Finding Mu Feng's personality very interesting, Qi Ying agreed.

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