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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 110: DRIFTED TO THE PAST PART 1

While Mu Liang and Mu Lan were all lovey-dovey, Mu Feng was driving his car while Hugo was next to him sleeping and in the back sit were two harassers, still unconscious. His face was solemn and whenever his eyes caught a glimpse of those harassers, his face would become vicious.

If Mu Lan and Qi Ying would see his face right now, their souls would leave the earth/

He was afraid. He was really afraid that something would happen to her. Something very terrifying. Wasn't that the reason he left her in the first place? His mind went to four years ago.

- - - - -

Four years ago.....

Mu Feng was an undergraduate senior. He was very popular among the women. He was called Prince Charming. He had two best friends and always would hang around with them. They were the nerd Ju Long and beauty Louise Fontaine. They both were talented in their own way.

Mu Feng was pretty generous and it was a very reason for men and women to respect him. not to mention, he always attended on the charity programs. It made his circle of friends larger.

However, how many of them could be called true friends? They were very few in number. Mu Feng was a sly fox since he was born. He could differentiate between good friends and bad friends.

Those who were good friends, Mu Feng would seldom hang around with them in public. But they were always welcome in Mu Mansion. One of them was Qi Yang.

Qi Yang was the sole heir of Qi Corporation. He was an intelligent fellow with a good heart. But when it came to scheme in business, he would twist a false to reality. When he chose to do something, he would always win. Since he was in middle school, he joint in Qi Corporation to help his father. His Chinese father and Spanish mother were very proud of him and so his relatives. Qi family was very harmonious.

Once, for the competition on an international model city program both Qi Corporation and Mu Corporation participated. When Qi Corporation had 99.99% chance to win, the table turned and Mu Corporation won the project. That time Qi Yang who was in charge of this project was only twenty three and Mu Liang was twenty four.

Mu Liang respected that hard working, intelligent student. He once told Mu Feng, if Mu Corporation didn't exist, then Qi Yang would become the emperor of the business world. Mu Feng believed it. He also believed that Qi Yang was a good man. That was the first time Mu brothers and Qi Yang met and slowly their friendship became deeper.

Both Mu Feng and Qi Yang were in same university and they were in same department Business Administration. However, Mu Feng was in Administration Studies and Qi Yang was in Management Studies. There weren't collage mates, But they were definitely friends.

The most powerful two business company could become foes but Qi Yang was very clever not to do so. He knew the moment those two company would become foes, Qi Corporation would had a chance of huge loss. So why do that. Both companies were in peace and harmony.

The womanizer Mu Feng was always in jolly mood. He didn't had to care about business or anything. He was managing the underworld on behalf of his brother. He was very good at handling his jobs, so he never took it seriously. Who knew, one day in a single second, his story would change dramatically?

Qi Yang had birthday and he invited very close friends in his mansion to celebrate. His parents were away and only siblings, maids and butlers were there to welcome the guest.

Drinking two glasses of wine, Mu Feng was feeling stuffy. He went to the garden to take some fresh air. Soon his mind became fresh. He was a nature lover by birth. He looked at the sky.

It was a full moon. The moon was specially bright and beautiful. The sky was clean and stars were also shining brightly. While he was admiring the beauty of the moon, he almost forgot where he was and what time it was.

Suddenly he heard a rustling sound. Startled, Mu Feng looked at the left. There, he saw a girl was sitting next to the garden pond and was floating the candle lights. She lightened twenty four candle light for the happiness for her elder brother.

Dumbstruck Mu Feng couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Above her, the moon was blessing her silver light and beneath her, candle lights were blessing her golden light. At night, such paradoxical colors illuminated her beauty. Her developed body had golden hue. Her green eyes were sparkling. She had a delicate nose. Her pink lips were alluring. Her golden hair was brighten by the moon's silver light. She looked like an angel came from heaven.

Mu Feng didn't know how long he was standing there and looking at her. He even forgot to breathe. When he realized, he was already close to the pond. He had no idea how he came here. All he knew, there was an angel near the pond.

The seemed to realize that someone was looking at her. She was startled as she looked at her right side and saw and handsome man silently looking at her.

Handsome or not, to any woman, it would feel creepy. That girl was no different. She jumped up and tried to step back. However, she was wearing a gown and high heel, and there were pebbles near the pond. Trying to be quick, she lost her balance. She almost fell in the pond without any sound and the knight in shining armor save her by grabbing her hand and taking her in his arms. Accidentally, their lips touched.

Thus, the handsome man called Mu Feng and the angel descended from heaven called Qi Ying fell in love in the most classic romantic movie way by their first kiss.

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