Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 11: WHERE ARE YOU?

"You look like you're dying." A mocking voice came from the left side of the. It was the man sitting in the sofa.

The President gave him a cold glare.

"I seriously don't understand why you are trying so hard to find her. You hate her to the core. Once you said that you wished you could you would kill her with you bare hands. So what's with that look now?"

"You will never know." There was a chilling answer.

The eyes of the man in the sofa narrowed. 'Don't tell me you fell for that b****! I would never accept that!"

"Sheng!" The President said and looked at his younger brother with cold eyes. If he had a power to freeze people with eyes, he wished that he would do that to his brother.

"Yes, brother." Sheng, his younger brother, replied mockingly.

"If she's dead then find her corpse." President Li ordered.

"I got it." Then Li Sheng left. After leaving his face turned black. In seconds, it became darker.

'Even if she isn't dead, I'll make sure she's dead and bring the corpse back to you big brother.' He gritted his teeth and promised.

President Li looked at the photos again. He wanted to tear them apart. But he couldn't.

He didn't know why he was so into that girl. He hated her from the day he knew her existence. He still hated her. His hated for her crossed all the boundaries.

But he could not remove the memory of her forlorn face.

The last memory of her.

His heart ached. Why?

His head hurt. He couldn't think straight.

Though he hated her, he never wanted her to die!

He got the answer.

Exactly! He never wanted her to die. All he wanted to make her life living hell.

He wanted to destroy her happiness.

He wanted to destroy her dream, her freedom, her smile; everything!

Her tears would gave him joy and peace.

Then why is she dead before him?

Every time he sees her bloody face in his dreams he would become restless.

He felt that she forgave him for all the hateful things that he had done..

When he saw his wife's face, he would become even more restless.

Because he married his wife to punish the girl he hated.

Then why was he regretting now?

When he looked at his two years old son why his face would become full of pain.

He didn't remember when he last carried his son.

His son was a mistake. His marriage was a mistake.

Maybe his hatred towards her was also a mistake.

He put his on the table and covered his face with his two hands. No, he should not think that way. He hated her and that was the truth.

'Please tell me, where are you? I want to see you. Very much.'

He thought that if it was her then his pain would go away.

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