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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 109: I'LL BECOME EXPERIENCED

Mu Lan who was still sobbing asked the man who was comforting her, "Did you also climb the second floor?"

Mu Liang, who was stroking her back, froze. He looked down to see her beautiful face. He didn't reply her, instead, he asked in a deep voice, "Who told you that?"

Mu Lan got her answer by his question. Again, she got a proof how much this man had done for her. She hugged him tighter and replied, "Our guard isn't easy to bully."

Mu Liang gave a small laugh. He asked, "So it was Mu Feng." He liked the touch of her body. The way she was hugging him, he liked it a lot.

Mu Lan listened to his heartbeats and slowly her tears stopped falling. She was also feeling light heartened.

Mu Liang cupped her face with his both hands and wiped out her tears with his thumb. Her eyes and nose were red. Those transparent eyes were wet and puffy. A moment ago who had a pale face, now she was slightly blushing. Mu Liang found it very cute.

But his observant eyes didn't miss a single details. He said, "You got thinner in two days. What did you eat these days?"

Mu Lan in his arms shrank. After few seconds, she replied, "Instant noodles." Her reply was a huge bomb. The temperature of the room instantly dropped. Understanding the situation, Mu Lan hurriedly said, "Tonight, Hugo cooked vegetable soup and porridge. It was delicious."

Mu Liang's mouth twisted. After eating Cook Eve's dishes and top French cuisines, how could she tell that Hugo's dish was delicious, that he wasn't sure.

He said, "I'll arrange someone..."

"No need." Mu Lan interrupted.

"You are suffering...." Mu Liang gritted his teeth.

"Let me learn the reality of the world." Mu Lan said.

'Reality? Haven't you suffered enough?' He wanted to ask but he didn't. He just hugged her tighter as he asked, "How can I let you suffer alone when I am enjoying the luxury?" His voice was full of pain.

His voice pierced an arrow though her heart. She rubbed her face on the crook of his neck and said, "I'll become experienced."

"You don't have to be experienced in this field. If you want to be experienced that much," Mu Liang leaned closer to her ear and continued in a deep husky voice, "get experienced in bed field." Saying that he lightly bit her ear.

Shiver went down her spine. It wasn't a chilling but hot shiver. It was very unexpected. They were still talking about an important issue. Her ears were the most sensitive spot. She backed down. But where could she go when she was in his embrace?

Mu Liang didn't let her go. 'You want to become experienced? I'll make you experienced.' He bit and nibbled her ear. Sometimes he licked. His hands started to roam around her body.

Suddenly the atmosphere became very intimated. Mu Lan almost forgot where she was. His mouth and hands were very experienced. Her hands were around his body, so she couldn't push him away. She was totally in his trap. When she got licked in the ear, her body writhed as an unknown feeling rushed in her every cell.

Her whole body became hot. Her breaths became irregular. She couldn't breathe well and subconsciously, she opened her mouth to take oxygen. She couldn't surpass the voice which tried to come from her deep inside.

"Hnn...." Mu Lan softly moaned and squirmed against his manly body. She grasped his shirt when Mu Liang's lips started to went down.

His hot lips touched her delicate neck. His left hand started to go under her shirt and right hand started to unbutton the shirt. Mu Liang's breath also became irregular and heart beat crazily. It was almost two days that he last smelled her vanilla scent. He bit, licked and kissed all over her neck.

"Mmm.....L-Liang....." She wanted to stop him, but the flame inside her body ignited. Her body wanted his touch, and that frightened her.

While kissing Mu Liang said, "What is it?" He left some new hickeys.

"L-Liang....hah...s-sto....p...hnk....." Mu Lan who was nearly drowning in passion, tried to stop him with all she left, the feeling was called rationality.

Mu Liang unbuttoned her shirt and took it half off of her shoulder. He looked down at the body underneath and kissed her cleavage. He said, "I don't want to." Saying that his right hand touched her left breast.

"Ahh...." A surprise moan came out of her mouth. She was straddling as her legs were both sides of Mu Liang. She was at the disadvantage position. She felt something was poking her, under the skirt.

Mu Liang felt that too. He felt his certain part touch something that he wanted for a life time. Subconsciously, he groped her butt and ground her against him. Both of them groaned in certain pleasure.

Mu Lan's shirt left her body. Her eyes were blurry. She had no conscience left. Her strength also left her body. All she could do was clutching his shirt and moan.

Mu Lan's almost naked body was against Mu Liang. His eyes were on fire. He left hickeys down her breasts as his hands were busy trying to unlock her bra.

With moan Mu Lan almost screamed his name, "L-Liang Li...hah..."

When he heard her calling his name so passionately, rationality rushed in his mind. He halted for a second. Then bit her left ear and said, "Promise me something."

"Hmmm..." Mu Lan couldn't utter a word as she moaned lightly.

"Never eat instant noodles." Mu Liang said in a husky voice.

"Hah...hmm...." Mu Lan in a sense to understand what he was saying. She was still in daze.

Mu Liang continued as he kept caressing her naked waist, "If you are hungry, go to cafeteria."

"Hmm....." This time Mu Lan nodded slightly.

Mu Liang took her shirt and wrapped it around her body. He calmed his desire. Both of them were feeling very hot and their body was sweaty. However, Mu Liang didn't care. He hugged her closer and laid down on the sofa. As the storm of passion slowly subsided, he kept stroke her head until she fell asleep. Slowly he calmed himself and drifted into the dreamland. In a flash everything started and in a flash everything ended just like that.

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