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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 108: IT IS PARTLY YOU FAULT

Mu Lan noticed that Mu Feng called her 'sister Lan' tonight, not 'sister Lan Lan.' She remembered his face that time when he was looking at Qi Ying. She wanted to ask but understanding that it wasn't the right time she stopped herself.

Mu Feng smiled at her and said, "Sister Lan, we won't disturb you anymore. Please take care of her today and don't let anyone know about the incident. I'll take care of the whole situation. Trust in me."

As Mu Lan nodded, Mu Feng and Hugo left her room.

As soon as they were out of the room Mu Feng's face changed dramatically. Seeing his expression, chilled ran down through Hugo's spine.

Mu Feng said, "She caught a fever."

Hugo replied, "We gave her a medicine."

"She needs a doctor." Mu Feng continued.

Hugo took out his cell phone and said, "I'll call doctor Lu Feng now to come tomorrow."

Mu Feng nodded and said further, "Big brother...."

"I notified boss earlier." Hugo replied, "He's on the way."

Mu Feng took out his cell phone too and said, "You should've said that earlier." Then he dialed his elder brother's number.

"You didn't ask." Hugo said.

"Did you touch her?" Suddenly Mu Feng asked.

Hugo gulped. "Young miss was too weak to carry her, so I helped her."

Mu Feng gave him a look. Hugo hurriedly said, "If I weren't there to help what do you think would happen?"

Mu Feng hissed, "I would kill you."

Hugo, "......."

Just then, Mu Liang answered the call, "Feng...."

Mu Feng tried to report about the situation saying,"Big brother I..."

"It is partly your fault." Mu Liang's voice was as sharp as a new knife.

Mu Feng tried to explain, "But I...."

"If you protected your girlfriend from the very beginning, they wouldn't able to throw Lan from the fourth floor." Mu Liang interfered again.

'So all you worry is for sister Lan.' Mu Feng thought helplessly. He said, "To keep her away from me is the best way to protect her."

Mu Liang cruelly said, "Yes, it is a perfect plan and still she was almost raped."

Mu Feng's body shook violently. He couldn't protest because his brother was right.

Mu Liang didn't stop, "I put my wife closer to me so I can protect her. What do you think will happen he she is away from me? If you kept your girlfriend closer to you, do you think other would dare to touch your woman? If you are worried about gangsters, you know the tricks. You could protect her. But you didn't. You just threw her away not even considering how she felt. The girl you love the most, you hurt her the most. I'm very disappointed in you. Clean up your mess. " Saying what he wanted to say, Mu Liang hung up.

Mu Feng didn't say anything for a while. Hugo didn't dare to say anything. He knew something was coming.

If Mu Liang was a ruthless demon, Mu Feng was a terrifying snake. They treated their friends the best and treated their enemy the worst. Both of the Mu bothers were very protective when it came to their women. If someone dared to hurt their beloved, they would destroy the world.

Hugo thought about the group of four girls and the two harassers. He thought of some types of tortures, since it had been a while Mu Feng become bloody.

After a while, Mu Feng asked, "Where are the bodies?"

'He already made them dead.' Hugo had no doubt about the two harasser's future. He replied, "They are in the garden."

"Let's interrogate them." Something flashed in Mu Feng's eyes.

Hugo thought, 'They are so doomed.' Then he asked, "And what about the group?"

"We need to be sure whether they were involved or not." Saying that, Mu Feng started walking.

- - - - -

Mu Lan was dozing in the sofa. Sometimes she would check Qi Ying's temperature. Then she would drink some water. Just when she tried to close her eyes, she would get vision of what she encountered. Her whole body would shook remembering it. She couldn't fell asleep.

in the midnight, she heard a knock.

Knock knock! Knock! Knock knock knock!

Mu Lan recognized the knock. Thinking it was Mu Feng, she opened the door. Before she could see anything, someone hugged her tightly.

Mu Lan's first reaction, she was dumbfounded. Then she tried to struggle. But he didn't budge. Just when she wanted to scream, she smelled a familiar fragrance.

The moment she realized who it was, she became astonished, then extremely happy. Today, she was extremely scared. She didn't show it in front of Hugo and Mu Feng. But when she became alone, she couldn't sleep and she was restless. However, now that she was in the embrace of him, she felt all her feeling bubbled up and she vent then all.

Mu Lan hugged him tightly and let her tears flow. Her body was trembling. His warm body make her relaxes and she smelt his manly odor.

- - - - -

When Mu Liang saw her paled face, his heart ached. He didn't stop himself from hugging her tightly. Her whole body froze, then struggled and then hugged him tightly. He realized that she recognized him. Her whole body quivered and his shirt started to get wet. The moment he realized that she was crying, he felt that someone stabbed him in the heart. He hugged her more tightly.

With one hand he slowly closed the door and locked it. With the other hand, he he stoked her body, comfort him. Like usual, with gentle voice he whispered in her ear, "It's okay. I'm here. Nothing will happen to you." He repeatedly kissed her ear softly as he said those lines again and again.

Softly, he carried her on the sofa. As he sat down, he put her on the lap. Her face was buried in his chest, still shedding tears. She kept hugging him tightly, however, her body wasn't shivering anymore.

All Mu Liang could do was comforting her by hugging her and saying honey words.

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