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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 107: IS THERE SOMETHING I NEED TO KNOW?

When Hugo went to kitchen, first thing he did was to call Mu Feng who was still driving car and praying for Mu Lan.

On the first ring, Mu Feng answered the call, "Hugo." His voice was urgent.

"Nothing happened to young miss. The matter has taken care of." Hugo told him in monotonous voice.

Mu Feng signed in relief. "Oh, thank Good." He said and lowered the speed of the car. Then he asked, "So why she gave such message."

"The victim is someone else. Young miss just happened to see that." Hugo stopped there.

Mu Feng nodded and sounded happy, "Yes, that's my sister-in-law. She is very righteous." He felt very proud. Later he asked, "Then do I have to come?"

"You have to." Hugo tried to calm his voice.

Hearing the urgency, Mu Feng felt a bit weird. He said shortly, "Okay, give me fifteen more minutes." After saying that he cut the call.

- - - - -

Fifteen minutes later, Mu Lan entered the kitchen and delicious smell tickled her nostrils. She went beside Hugo and saw that he was cooking vegetable soup and porridge.

Mu Lan's dimmed eyes got some light. She said, "If I knew that you are such a good cook, I would never had my breakfast with instant noddles."

"If you want, young miss, Alice can cook for you. She is a good cook." Hugo said. "I learnt from her."

Mu Lan was surprised, "Really? Then I'll try asking her to teach me how to cook too."

Hugo served the food and shook his head saying, "I don't think boss will allow that."

Mu Lan could realize that too. She silently finished the soup. The coldness she felt inside became warm. Her slight shivering stopped and slowly she became normal.

Just Mu Lan finished eating, someone knocked the door.

Knock knock! Knock! Knock knock knock!

Mu Lan frowned to hear such weird knock. She felt it was more like a code. So she looked at Hugo if he knew anything.

Hugo nodded at her, then he got up from the sit and went to the door. He slowly opened the door and a similar face popped up.

"Mu Feng!" Mu Lan exclaimed in a low voice.

Before Mu Feng could enter the room, Hugo stopped him. Curiously, both Mu Lan and Mu Feng looked at him. Hugo gulped.

Then he reached out to grab Mu Feng's one shoulder and whispered, "Don't do anything reckless."

Mu Feng who was clueless frowned. He kept looking at Hugo but Hugo didn't say anything. Suddenly, Mu Feng's face started to change color.

Mu Feng looked at the bed where Qi Ying was sleeping. Seeing her face, his breaths became irregular. His whole body started to shook. His face became pale.

Hugo didn't know what to say. He let go Mu Feng's shoulder. Mu Feng, like a robot, walked towards the sleeping beauty.

Mu Feng thought he was going crazy. When he reached the bed, he sat beside her. He kept looking at her.

Qi Ying's face was drained and pale. Her eyes and nose were red. Her lips were cut. Her hands were patched. Most likely, she was injured. She had a fever.

Slowly Mu Feng's hand reached out to touch her hand. His hand was trembling. He gently touched her hand and took it closer to his face and made her palm touch his cheek. His body shook tremendously. Tears formed in his eyes as he kept looking at her without blinking once.

Hugo couldn't stand there anymore. He walked to the kitchen.

Mu Lan was dumbfounded. She never saw Mu Feng, a jolly minded person who loved to joke around, could have such expression. It was like, he was completely a different person. She looked at Hugo whose face was completely grim. He went to kitchen and Mu Lan followed him.

When they were alone, Mu Lan asked, "Is there something I need to know? Why didn't Mu Feng never mentioned his girlfriend?"

Hugo sighed and told her, "Young miss, don't ask me that. If you want to ask someone, ask Mu Feng. I think he could tell you since he is very closed to you."

Mu Lan just nodded. They gave Mu Feng some times alone. They didn't want to interfere. Hugo was standing in the kitchen and looked out of the window. Mu Lan kept pacing in the painting room.

Several minutes later, Mu Feng entered the painting room. The first who encountered him was Mu Lan. Mu Feng walked towards her.

"Sorry sister Lan, I didn't greet you earlier. Are you alright?" Mu Feng smiled at her.

Mu Lan looked at him and felt a pain in her heart. She patted his shoulder and said, "It's fine. Hugo came in time or I had to stay in the hospital couple of weeks."

Mu Feng frowned, "What do you mean?"

Mu Lan told him the whole story and Mu Feng kept listening without interfering. When Mu Lan ended the story, she said, "Something is itching me for a while."

"What is it?" Mu Feng asked.

"How did you two came to my room? There is a guard in the first floor." Mu Lan looked at Hugo and Mu Feng.

The men exchanged looks and then Hugo said, "We climbed the pipe."

'That was understandable.' She thought. For some times, Mu Lan thought something and then said, "Then what about the two harasser?"

Mu Feng put his right hand under the chin and replied, " There are two options. First, they also climbed up. Second, someone or some girls helped them. It is impossible to bribe the guard. He knows his limits. Moreover, she is the heiress of Qi Corporation and the guard knows it very well."

Mu Lan was amazed. "So she is from an influential family."

Mu Feng asked her, "Sister Lan, do you think of anyone who could do such thing?"

Mu Lan remembered the the group of four girls. She told Mu Feng about her first day meeting Qi Ying. "I'm sure sure if they are the one who did this but I did warn her. She is very pure and never experienced such thing before."

Mu Feng smiled at Mu Lan and said, "You are right. She is pure and innocent." For the first time, Mu Lan saw his eyes very tender.

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