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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 106: A SIMPLE MESSAGE

It was a simple message Mu Lan wrote as fast as possible. However, it was very effective. No sooner had Hugo Muller and Mu Feng read the text, immediately they cut off the call and speedily headed towards the girls dorm.

Mu Feng was still in the Mu Mansion, so he was in disadvantage. He was in his private bar when he got the message. Reading the text he jumped out of the chair and in a lightening speed, he left the mansion. He took his black sports car and drove as fast as he could. He tried not to break the traffic rules.

- - - - -

When it came to distance, Hugo was the closest. He ran in the fastest speed without a sound. In one minute twenty seconds he reached the girls' dormitory. He straightly went to second room. In Mu Lan's door there still the key was hanging.

He realized that Mu Lan was not in the room. He checked the corridor which was full of light. He frowned. Just then something clicked in his mind.

The six storied dorm was full of light except the fourth floor. As soon as he remembered it, he climbed the stairs escaping four steps at a time.

Just he was about to reach the fourth floor, he saw a body was falling. Recognizing the owner of the body, his eyes flew open. Before the body hit the stairs, he caught her with his both hands and drew her closer to his body so that she could not get heard.

The body in his arm was shaking and it was cold too. Worriedly, Hugo said, "Miss......"

Mu Lan stopped him saying, "S-save the girl...." Her voice was also shaking.

Hugo looked up from where she fell. Mu Lan's cell phone torch was still turned on. Hugo saw a blonde guy was bending down to take the cell phone.

Hugo softly sat Mu Lan on the stairs and climbed up. Before that Italian boy could touch the cell phone, a kick flied towards him and threw him on the other side. That guy's head touched the wall with a 'thud' sound and lost consciousness immediately.

Then Hugo looked at the the victim and the other guy. Just with a first glance, he recognized the girl. His body shook violently.

In the world of business, in every ball, anniversary and birthday parties, business partners and their family members were invited. As a result, almost everyone would know each other.

Staying with Mu Family for seven years, Hugo also knew lots of businessmen, ministers, influential people, heirs and heiress. Qi Ying was on of them. Not to mention, she was the only heiress and doting sister of Qi Corporation's President Qi Yang. If he had a slightest idea what just happened to his beloved sister...... Hugo didn't think of anything else. Actually he was worried about something else.

Hugo grabbed the other guys hair in one hand, pulled that guy to make him stay away from the girl and then threw him beside his friend. But that guy still had consciousness and he tried to flee. However, Hugo caught him with his one hand and landed a blow just on his neck. Getting such a heavy blow, that guy fainted.

At that time, Mu Lan also climbed up and went straight to Qi Ying. Qi Ying who was almost got molested, was shivering tremendously and crying soundlessly. Even when she was crying her voice was shaking. She was shocked and ashamed.

Mu Lan sat beside her and tried to make her sit up. Qi Ying looked at Mu Lan and couldn't recognize her. She tried to avoid her with her shaky hands. Her eyes was still filled with horror.

Looking at her reaction, Mu Lan felt upset and sympathy. Just the way Mu Liang talk to her, Mu Lan softly, gently, with full of love said to Qi Ying, "It's okay now. The bad guys were taken cared of. I'm hear to help you. There is nothing to fear now. It's alright. Everything is alright." She repeated the same lines over and over again.

Very slowly, Qi Ying started to relax. She was whimpering. She couldn't breath well. She started to sob.

Mu Lan steadily stretched her hands and watching no distrusting sign from Qi Ying, she slowly hugged her and repeatedly said, "It's okay now. Everything will be alright." Then Mu Lan stroked her back gently, friendly.

Qi Ying didn't come down a bit. Rather than calming down, she started to cry more and more. Mu Lan didn't know what to do. All she could do was to hug her and give her comfort.

After a long time, Qi Ying stopped moving and her weight on Mu Lan gradually rose. Seeing the sudden difference. Mu Lan's body froze. She looked down and saw that Qi Ying fainted.

With troubling gaze, she looked for Hugo. He was just standing behind her, waiting. She said, "Hugo where are the guys?"

"They were taken care of. So don't worry, young miss." He replied.

At a time like this Mu Lan didn't say anything about the way he addressed her. She further said, "Help me to take her to my room."

Hugo didn't move. He hesitated. Clearly, he was unwilling t carry Qi Ying. Thee were some people whom he shouldn't touch to stay away from trouble. She was one of them.

Mu Lan was too busy to care for Hugo's reaction. She almost hissed, "Hurry up."

Reluctantly, he hold Qi Ying in his arms. Asking for forgiveness for multiple times to who knew whom, he carried her to Mu Lan's room.

Mu Lan opened the door for them and turning on the light, she asked Hugo to put Qi Ying to her bed. Hugo did as she said. Then she requested Hugo to cook some porridge because didn't know how to cook.

Hugo cook some vegetables from fridge and went to kitchen. Mu Lan told him not to come back unless she said so and closed the door. Then she took out a white maxi and and a short towel. She also took a huge bowl and poured cold water. After that, she took of Qi Ying's clothes and torn brassiere. soaked the towel in the cold water. Later, she wiped her whole body very carefully. Her body was injured and there were also blood.

After wiping her body, Mu Lan took a clean towel dry her body. Then she took a antiseptic cream and put it on the injuries, later bandaged them. After that she dressed her up.

Mu Lan plopped down on the sofa, feeling tired. Just then her stomach growled. 'Perfect timing.' She thought.

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