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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 105: DANGER, QUICK!

Mu Lan was in an excellent mood as she headed towards her dorm while humming in a low voice. She kept remembering Mu Liang's captivating voice and his honey words. She smiled brighter and she kept looking at the sky and walked on the lone road.

She slowly went upstairs and took out the room key. As she was going to unlock the door, suddenly she heard a muffled sound.

Mu Lan stopped on the track. She wanted to realize if she heard wrong. After few seconds, she heard a rustle sound. It sounded like of clothes. The sound was so low that if Mu Lan didn't give her full concentration on looking for the sound, she wouldn't be able to hear that.

Mu Lan quickly texted Hugo two come quick. Then, in a slow motion and without a single sound, she moved forward to the sound. The sound came from forth floor corner, just above Xue Lin's room. As Mu Lan's room also in the same side, she could hear the sound.

When Mu Lan started to get close to fourth floor, the muffled sound was even more clear. She climbed the fourth floor she saw the dark corridor. 'Why the corridor is dark?' Mu Lan frowned. She bent her body and tried hide herself in the dark. However, she wore a white shirt which made it impossible to do so.

She peeped at the corner. Mu Lan had very good eyes. She could see well in the dark. So she got frightened by the scene she just saw.

In the dark, two male students were straddling a female student. The girl was desperately straggling to get free but no matter how she tried she couldn't fight back with those guys alone.

Immediately she turned on the torch from her cell phone and the place filled with white light. The male students got startled by the sudden light. They looked at the culprit who did this.

The culprit, Mu Lan was too stunned to do anything. She saw one guy was trying to open the girl's leg and the other one grabbing her hand. Mu Lan recognized the guy who was trying to open her leg. It was a Italian womanizer boy. Mu Lan never liked him in the begin with. But what shocked her most was the victim girl. Her mouth was tightened with muffler. Her dress was disordered clothes. Her skirt was almost torn apart. She was crying her heart out and her eyes were red and teary. Her blonde hair was messy. Her green eyes were looking at Mu Lan, silently asking for help. That girl was no one other than Qi Ying.

Just yesterday Mu Lan warned her and tonight she was at this state. Those group was fast to act. But Mu Lan didn't had the time to think of that. Before she could think of anything, the Italian guy acted first. He pawed Mu Lan's cell phone. It crashed on the floor.

What he didn't know that this particular mobile set was specially ordered for Mu Lan. Even it was thrown away in the water, nothing would happen to it.

For that reason, the cell phone did crash but it wasn't harmed and the light was still on. Excited, the Italian student pushed Mu Lan back. His eyes were red in fury because he was interrupted.

Mu Lan was still weak and she wasn't a good athlete either. As a result, she couldn't control her balance and about to fall.

- - - - -

Hugo Muller was restless after his encounter with Mu Lan. He couldn't accept the fact that he was caught red-handed. He really underestimated her. 'As expected of Lady Boss.' He thought.

He, who had zero experience with romance and was always busy guns and fighting, never talked to girl informally except his mother. This twenty five years old gentleman still had long way to go.

And now he had to call Mu Lan, his Lady Boss, just Lan. When he never called any woman by their name, how could he call her by her name? It was a matter of his principle and also he didn't have any death wish. If anyway his boss could able to hear such ill behavior, he would fry him alive. Hugo had seen how protective his boss was towards Lady Boss.

Hugo took bath in his dorm. Then came out. His two roommates still didn't come to the room. So he turned off the light and went to the bed.

In the bed, he was still of all sort of things. He was thinking of a way to tell his boss about Mu Lan's plan. However, he never imagined that she could get Mu Liang's permission that easily. He helplessly sighed. 'Only young miss could manage boss like that.' He thought. Soon, he drifted to sleep.

Ring! Ring!!

Hugo's peaceful dream broke because of the sudden call. He didn't get irritated. It was normal for him for his work as a bodyguard.

He looked at the screen and saw 'Mischievous Feng'. Actually, it was Mu Feng. Hugo's second boss, who was two years older than him, used to torment him with ladies. Mu Feng was famous among the young and the older women. To get closer to him, they used all type of techniques. One of the techniques was approaching Hugo. Hugo, the aloof guy, never liked those heavy makeup, big breasts women. He would shiver in disgust. Once, Mu Feng left him in a room with all these women. It took Hugo months to forget that nightmare. Mu Feng said then that it was for Hugo to practice being with women. Later he flashed a mischievous smile. From that day, Hugo named Mu Feng 'Mischievous Feng'.

One day, Mu Liang hired him and saved him from that hateful job. Hugo was always indebted to him for that. The reason he was hired because of Mu Lan. That's why Hugo was very thankful to her as well.

Hugo answered the call. When they were talking on the phone, Hugo's other cell phone rang. It was a special set exclusively for Mu Lan to contact him. Mu Lan would contact him if there was any need. That's why, his exclusive set had a connection with Mu Feng's exclusive set. Mu Feng was ordered to check Mu Lan's every move too.

As both of their exclusive set chimed, they looked at the cell phone.

Mu Lan texted Hugo:

"Danger quick."

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