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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 104: MY SWEET MOUTH IS ONLY FOR YOU

Mu Lan couldn't get any angrier. But after thinking of a plan, she started to calm down. Then she looked at her handsome bodyguard who was feeling very wronged. Seeing his face, Mu Lan's last bit of irritation ran away.

She walked towards him and looked at his eyes intensely. Then she opened her mouth, "Hugo, I'm not mad at you, not even I'm blaming you for anything. You're just doing your job I understand that. However, you must not call me 'young miss' in front of others. What you call me in the mansion, I have no complains. But you can't do it outside because I don't want anyone to know about my relationship with your boss because nothing has been announced, got it?"

Hearing her soft voice, Hugo Muller was feeling a huge burden lift his chest. He bowed and said, "As you wish Miss Lan."

Mu Lan shook her head and said, "How can you call your classmate Miss Lan? You should directly call me Lan."

Hugo's heart froze after what he just heard. 'Young miss, are you trying to punish me? Do you know what will boss do if he gets to know that I'm calling you by your name? I want to live longer.' He cried in his heart.

Hugo stuttered as he said, "B-but b-boss...."

Mu Lan lifted her head higher and put her both hands on her waist. Then she said, "What boss? Didn't he send you to disguise yourself and to protect me? He ordered you to be my classmate. If you don't call me by my name but Miss Lan, don't you think everyone will be suspicious? Your plans and disguise will be in vein. If you stay as my friend, then no one will doubt you and you can protect me anywhere I go. Don't you think so too?"

Mu Lan's logic was very accurate and precise. Hugo couldn't say 'no' to that. But his boss..... Hugo looked at his lady boss and said, "What will I tell the boss?"

Mu Lan smiled sweetly at her bodyguard and replied, "I'll talk to him. You don't have to say anything about it." She already made a plan how to manage Mu Liang, so she wasn't worried.

The one who was worried the most was Hugo. That night he couldn't sleep well.

Mu Lan in a light mood. After going to the dorm, she took a bath while humming, changed into and white shirt and sky blue knee length skirt and later turned on the laptop to research on sculpture and took notes.

In the evening, she went to cafeteria and finished her dinner. After that, she walked around the campus aimlessly.

The night was slight chilly and the sky was lightly covered with clouds. So Mu Lan couldn't enjoy starry sky like she did in the Mu Mansion. Looking at the sky, she suddenly thought about the people who live in the Mu Mansion. 'What are they doing now?' She wondered. A handsome face flashed in her mind.

Wandering in the campus she missed those people who took care of her. They were the very first and only family she knew, and so she kept thinking about them. Just then, her cell phone rang.

She took it out and gazed at the screen. On the screen the name 'Liang Liang' was very clear. In a second the loneliness she was feeling flew away.

She quickly answered the call, "Hello, Liang Liang."

It was only a day that Mu Liang didn't hear her voice. But he felt like it a year. Her sweet melody hit his ears to heart. His frosty heart melted.

A warmth spread in his eye as he said, "Lan."

His deep voice made Mu Lan's ears turned red. Suddenly her heart started to race. In a slightly cold weather she felt rather hot.

Mu Lan hold her cell phone more closer to her ear.

Mu Liang asked playfully, "Missed me?"

Mu Lan was astound. 'How did he know?' She almost voiced out her question but in the last second, she controlled. She twisted the question, "Did you?"

"I did." Mu Liang didn't hesitate to answer.


This time, Mu Lan's face burnt. With her free hand she rubbed her cheek hardly.

For few seconds no one said anything. Later, Mu Liang asked, "How are you?"

"I'm fine. How are you?" Mu Lan asked warmly.

"How can I feel well when you are not beside me?" There was an obvious loneliness in his voice.

For few seconds, Mu Lan didn't know what to say, "........Liang Liang."

"What is it?" His deep voice echoed through the speaker.

"You have such a sweet mouth." She spoke her heart.

Mu Liang smiled while he asked, "Do you like it?"

"I don't hate it." Mu Lan gave an indirect answer. A charming yet shy smiled touched her lips.

Mu Liang replied, "My sweet mouth is only for you."

Mu Lan's heart flattered hearing this. She thought something, 'We aren't even dating yet and look at him. His mouth is bathing in honey.' Then she remembered that she had to tell him about Hugo. 'His honey mouth is very dangerous. I almost forgot about it.'

In a honey voice, Mu Lan said, "Liang Liang, I want to say something about Hugo."

Mu Liang's smile disappeared, 'That was expected.' He thought.

"Are you mad?" He asked. "I did it for your safety."

'I know exactly well why you did it.' She thought. Then she said, "I know and I'm not bad. Truth is, it's good to know that someone is here to protect me. I can't thank you enough for it. I also planned an easy to to handle it. Listen carefully, okay?"

"Sure." Mu Liang said. He was relieved that she wasn't upset.

"Hugo needs to take care of me 247. So I thought that if he became my friend and we stick together, no one will be doubtful about it as he is my classmate. However, if he calls me 'young miss' or 'Miss Lan', it would be a huge blow. We can't make it suspicious. So what do you think?" Mu Lan was confident about it. Because Mu Liang never was illogical.

"No." However, Mu Liang firmly declined her plan.

Mu Lan's heart dropped. She controlled her emotion and asked, "Why?"

'Why? How can I allow my employee to call you by your name?' He asked in a grave voice, "Isn't that obvious?"

"But if he continue to act like this, I will feel chill all the time like today. It will attract others too. Moreover, they will get curious and will talk about me behind my back. I'll never get a good friend. My school life will be doomed." She said painfully.

Mu Liang hesitated before saying, "....No."

"Please?" Mu Lan used her the sweetest voice.

".......Still no." Mu Liang rejected.

This time Mu Lan used er the cutest voice like a pampering princess, "Pretty please?"

"Okay." Mu Liang couldn't hold back anymore. Hearing her sweetest, cutest voice, he was going crazy.

Mission completed.

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