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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 103: HOW COME.............

The moment Mu Lan stepped out of the in the morning, she realized that someone was gazing at her. She didn't give much attention and went to the library.

In the library, the grey eyed girl looked at her sharply. Mu Lan thought, 'Was it her?' But it didn't seem like it. As she couldn't concentrate anymore, she left the library.

After leaving the library, she again started to feel that someone was gazing at her back. It gave Mu Lan chill down her spine.

She thought of the pictures that Mu Feng showed her. She was being chased out by the gangsters. She remembered that Mu Liang warned her not to go alone anywhere.

She walked fast towards the cafeteria and kept eyes on everywhere. Not feeling any chilling gaze, she finished her meal unhurriedly.

When the lunch had been finished, she walked around the garden. It was a nice day to stroll around. The sun was half covered with white clouds. There was a soft breeze made her heart calm. Just then, for the third time in a single day, Mu Lan felt that someone was following her.

Her mood was totally off. First, she wanted had breakfast with instant noddles for two days. Second, she missed Cook Eve's food. Third, she couldn't make new friends. Fourth, she couldn't make a single showpiece. Fifth, she wanted to enjoy the nature but it was ruined by a damn stalker.

Naturally, she was clearly mad. Her eyes glowed and she gave a very twisting smile. Anyone, who would see this face of her would get frightened.

Mu Lan slowly made her was to the Fine Arts faculty. 'There is no use of making such fuss about a stalker. Let's do it in a peaceful way,' She thought to herself.

It was still a lunch time, so no one was in the room. Mu Lan was not afraid of darkness. She closed the door and waited quietly for certain footsteps. She counted one to twenty.

Later, she walked to the lockers and she opened hers. There were a torch and sharp objects in there. She took and torch as well as a knife and moved middle of the room. Intentionally, she made a huge noise and sat beside a large table.

She heard footsteps coming closer. Mu Lan held her breath. Few seconds later, someone opened the door with great force and turned on the light. The light filled the room and Mu Lan looked at the intruder.

It was the genius boy she was very eager to meet. The boy was dumbfounded too seeing her calm face.

Mu Lan's brain started to work like a roller coaster. 'This guy was clearly stalking me. No one was in the corridor. So it is easy to guess as he came first.' Mu Lan bit her lower lip. 'Although he was stalking me he doesn't seem to have any bad intention. He thought that I got hurt and that's why he hurriedly came. He even turned on the light. If he had any bad intention, he would never do that.'

Mu Lan opened her mouth first, "You are the one who is after me. I want to know why." She took a breath and continued, "I wanted to get to meet you from the first time I saw you. If you were also interested why didn't you talk to me and rather stalk me? It's creepy."

Her cold and straight forward voice made that genius go stiff. Actually right now, Mu Lan was very nervous. She tried to act tough, so she was trying to copy Mu Liang.

Once Mu Liang was very angry because she forgot to take lunch when she was in the library. When she looked at his composure back than, she was afraid of him a bit, though she knew that he got mad because she didn't take care of herself and broke the promise.

Now she was trying to duplicate him. And it worked very well. The guy knew that his pretend would take him nowhere.

Finally he opened him mouth, "Umm...." But his words were stuck because of his nervousness. He sounded grave and rigid. He didn't know what to say.

It was time for Mu Lan to get astonished. Though he voiced so little, she could clearly remember the voice. Her memory was sharp and she knew very people after she woke up eight days ago.

She questioned in the most confound manner, "Hugo, is that you? How come....." She couldn't even finish her question.

At first, her brain stopped working as it was frozen due to shock, then in next moment, it started to work, she said, "Yesterday I wrote a lie to Liang Liang, and he caught it. And now he sent you to do what? To cook for me or to protect me? I need a cook not a bodyguard." Suddenly a point hit her head. She stood up quickly and said, "Hang on a second. Did he send you to monitor me?"

Hugo Muller, who was already caught red handed, couldn't utter a word and nodded.

Mu Lan wanted to burst in fury. Her plan to look for her past would go down to hell if Hugo would monitor her 247. Did she eat instant noodles for nothing? 'No way in hell!'

She frowned at Hugo and asked him, "For how long you are going to monitor me?"

Hugo bowed his head and said, "Young miss, I'll only monitor you when you'll be out of your room. Boss only ordered me to protect you from unwanted threat, not to monitor you." He defended his boss.

'Unwanted threat my foot. He wanted all boys to stay out of my side.' Mu Lan huffed. 'Well played, Liang Liang. Now it's my turn.' She thought as her head stormed inside to make a new plan for future.

- - - - -

Mu Liang was at the office. He was busy in a meeting. Suddenly his mobile chimed. Assistant Ju Long stopped and looked at his boss. Mu Liang signaled him to continue and he unlocked his cell phone to see the message.

It was a folder of Mu Lan's today's activities. There were pictures of her trying to make a statue, her reading books, smiling as she looked at the sun, walking in the garden, eating pasta for lunch. She looked like she was enjoying herself.

A thin yet attractive smile appeared in Mu Liang's lips.

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