Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 102: YOU ARE.....

Mu Lan wanted to talk to him but as the class started there was no way to talk. Their Sculpture teacher was a funny man. They had fun in the class, however, as they started to make statues, the students smiles vanished from their mouths.

Painting was something they all could do. However, making sculpture was whole new different thing. It needed patience and practice, and more importantly diligence.

There was a statue of a fish which was looking at the sky and it's half of the body was on a big rock of the sea. It was a fish who was tired of living in the bottom of the sea and was dreaming to touch the sky.

From the look it was a easy piece. But the Fine Arts students couldn't make a fish, how could the finish the whole statue?

Within few minutes, they all drenched in sweat. A girl already gave up. Looking at her, the students started to became demotivated.

Mu Lan got high spirited and used her hands faster and then accidentally she broke the fish's tail. She stopped working and huffed as she sat on the chair and took out her bottle and drank a mouthful. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked around. She was about to retreat her gaze, just then, something very interesting caught her eyes.

It was that handsome, quiet, sturdy man showed his displeasure before was working on his sculpture very seriously. His fish was showing a good shape. Everyone was busy with their work so no one actually saw his work.

Mu Lan as in daze and it took her a while to understand what was going on. After realizing what she was seeing, she jumped out of the chair and quickly walked towards him. She looked at his work with curiosity. The way he worked, he looked like a pro.

Mu Lan exclaimed in surprise, "Wow! you are a genius."

She was loud and excited. So everyone's attention turn towards her and then him. With teacher, other students gathered around their table. They all became very interested in his work. Some of them started take note.

Meanwhile, the person who had gotten all the attention, stiffed. His whole body became solid just like a statue.

Everyone understood that he got nervous so they started to praise his and inspire him. Slowly he got relaxed and finished his work in an hour. Everyone clapped and congratulate him.

Girl student gave extra glances to the other sides as well. That male student was working hard. Even though he was wearing t-shirt, his strong muscles were understandable. He was covered with sweat. His dampness wet his brown hair. His sweat on the skin was glittering on the light. The girls gulped at his handsomeness.

On the first class of his university life, he became popular. Many students took his number and most of them were girls. Even if they weren't interest in his sculpture making, they were certainly interest in other thing. That man's ears turned red as he thought of his own popularity.

After class Mu Lan cleaned herself and took care of her apron, gloves, mask ad plastic cap and put them on her locker. Then she picked her bag and was ready to go out. Before she went out, she looked around to look for that guy. She also wanted to chat with him not because of the other thing but for statue making.

However, he was nowhere to be seen. After looking for few minutes, Mu Lan headed back. She went to library and grabbed some references and CD's about sculpture and expend some time there.

After studying for a hour, Mu Lan looked around the library as she twisted her body. Right then, she spotted that genius.

He was standing beside the window of the library and was looking outside. It wasn't like a daze look of a poet but a look of person who was searching for something.

Mu Lan was about to get up, right that moment, he put his right hand on the pocket, took out his cell phone. It seemed like he got a call and he hurriedly got out of the room to answer it.

Thinking nothing of it, she tried to concentrate at the book. At that moment a girl walked inside the library. She took four books from the library and sat in the corner of the room.

Today Mu Lan was completely distracted. As she saw the girl covered her face with book, her jade white, skinny hands remind Mu Lan of the girl she collided to yesterday.

Feeling her gaze, the girl looked up. Her grey colored eyes looked at Mu Lan's eyes. Her gaze was very sharp. Mu Lan felt that she was being devoured. She felt that the girl can see through everything.

Mu Lan nodded to her out of courtesy and and buried her head in the book. 'God, that was scary.' She thought.

The more she tried to concentrate the more she saw a vision of those grey eyes. She was very much attracted to those particular eyes. Those eyes were very captivating.

Not able to concentrate anymore, she got up and left the library. That's when she remembered that she missed the chance to talk to the boy.

After walking few meters, Mu Lan suddenly stopped on the track. She looked back, and saw no one. She felt a chill. She could swear that someone was looking at her back intensely.

Mu Lan went to cafeteria. She took her order and sat on the corner, from where she could see everything. While eating she found nothing suspicious.

Fining her meal, she walked towards the garden. Again, she got a feeling that someone was looking at her. She stopped on the track and went to the Fine Arts faculty. She walked fast to the Sculpture room.

Mu Lan closed the room and and room became dark. She wasn't afraid of dark. She didn't turn on the light.

After waiting few moment, she walked middle of the. Accidentally, she tripped herself, made a huge 'thud' noise. A scream came out of her mouth.

Just then, someone barged into the room and hurriedly turned on the light.

Light filled up the room. Mu Lan saw it was that genius boy from the Sculpture class. She was obviously surprised. That guy was dumbfounded too.

Finally Mu Lan opened her mouth, "You are......"

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