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Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 101: THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE

The girl as white as jade was shrank by Mu Lan's observing eyes. She almost stammered as she said, "Hmm. Thank you." She also bowed a little, giving Mu Lan a distant feeling she walked passed her.

Mu Lan kept looking at her till that white jade girl was out of her sight. That girl didn't even look at her. 'She is the weirdest person I met so far.' She thought.

Thinking not much she went to library. She took out some books and engulfed herself in the book world. If it wasn't for the librarian asking her if she had lunch, she would starve today.

Mu Lan became a member of the library and took some book before she headed towards the girls' dorm. She walked faster as her stomach was giving her signal.

She went to her room, took a bath, get changed and ate her special instant noddles slowly. While eating she kept remembering her romantic dinners outside with Mu Liang. Just that moment she remembered that she didn't take her cell phone with her whole.

Stopped eating, she flied towards the bed and grabbed her cell phone. There were two messages and both from Mu brothers.

First one was from Mu Feng. He sent message four hours ago. It was written, 'Sister Lan Lan, how was your first experience of first university class?' He sent it exactly after the classes ended.

'Looks like they know my schedule better than I do.' She thought. Her mouth twitched as she gaze fell on 'Sister Lan Lan'. Clearly that guy would not stop himself calling her that.

Mu Lan replied to him, 'It was enjoyable. Thank you.'

Next one was from Mu Liang and he sent it an hour ago. He wrote her, 'Had your lunch yet?'

Mu Lan chocked. Her first thought was, 'How did he know? Did he spy on me?' After taking some deep breaths, she calmed down. Her rational thoughts overflowed in her head. She thought, 'Liang Liang isn't someone despicable to spy on a girl. He is not a pervert. Maybe he is worried about my safety that's why he sent a spy.... no that's not it. A man like him, if he knew that all day I was eating instant noddles, he would immediately sent car to bring me Cook Eve's food.'

Suddenly a event of a week ago flashed through her mind. She was at Bibliothque nationale de France and she kept reading there until Mu Liang came to fetch her. It was almost evening and she didn't have anything after breakfast. That night they went to Eiffel Tower.

Mu Lan nodded in understanding. She slowly stroke her chin and talked to herself, "So that's how it is. That day you got to see my bad habit and now you got worried. What will you do if you get to know that I can't cook?"

She wrote a reply to him, 'I did. What about you?'

- - - - -

Mu Mansion

Mu Liang and Mu Feng was sitting on the bench beside the lake and enjoying the scenery room after lunch. Suddenly Mu Feng's cell phone rang. it was a message tone.

Mu Feng checked the message and his face lit up. He excitedly showed his brother the message and said, "Look big brother, sister Lan send me a reply."

Mu Liang didn't show any expression and just glanced at the message, then looked at the lake. His calm behavior didn't let his younger brother know his inner feelings.

Mu Feng smiled cheekily and said, "Big brother, you are not jealous are you, are you?"

Mu Liang didn't say anything and sat still. After few minutes, Mu Liang's cell phone rang. Slowly he reached the mobile and checked the message. A small smile appeared in his lips. He tapped the buttons and sent another message.

Feeling suspicious. Mu Feng peeped on the phone screen. It was a message from Mu Lan. She even questioned him back if he had eaten or not.

Mu Feng felt dejected. He asked his brother, "Why is she so close to you and to me she is so formal?"

Mu Liang gave his younger brother a look and said, "This is how it should be." He said it as a matter of fact.

Mu Feng, ".........."

- - - - -

After Mu Lan sent the messages she started eating again. She just took a spoonful noddles and her cell phone rang again. While eating she checked the phone. It was a message from Mu Liang. He asked, 'What did you have for lunch?'

Half of the noodles from the spoon fell on the noodles bowl. She panicked and quickly typed a message.

After calming down she looked at the screen and she lost it. She wrote a reply, 'rice and pork rib.' Who would get to eat Chinese food in the France University campus? There was no Chinese restaurant.

Mu Lan tapped her head on the table and called herself more than hundred times 'idiot', 'idiot', 'idiot'.........

Meanwhile reading her message Mu Liang's frowned.

Next day, Mu Lan got ready to catch up her class. She never before had made any statue so she was very excited about sculpture class.

When she went to class, she saw everyone was preparing for the class, they were wearing plastic cap to cover their hair, mask, gloves and apron. Their teacher also gave Mu Lan a set of those. She wore them and sat in the corner closer to the window.

Their teacher made four teams and Mu Lan was on the fourth team. She observed her team mates who are also as spirited as her, except one. That person was a male student ans she didn't see him yesterday.

That guy was sturdy, tall, well muscled. His brown hair was cut short. He got a beautiful pair of blue eyes. He got a fair skin. The difference between him and other students was spectacular. He was neither excited nor interested like others. He kept yawning making other felt displeasure.

Mu Lan found it very interesting.

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