Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 100: INTERVIEW 01

This is an interview of the Author of *Handsome CEO's Darling Wife*

Mu Feng: Hello Dearest Readers, I'm Mu Feng, miss me? Today I'm going to introduce you to our Happy-go-lucky Author. Today she's here with us to increase our interest in this novel. Dear Author, please say 'hello' to your loyal readers.

Flow07: Hello my Beloved Readers. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my novel.

Mu Feng: I also thank Dear Author for creating my character.

Flow07: My pleasure.

Mu Feng: So first question to our Happy-go-lucky Author, why do you use such pen name?

Flow07: Flow actually was created from my name Florence. My thinking flows like water and I love water. So with my name and thinking process I started fancy the word 'Flow'. And 07 means the month July, my birth month and my favorite number.

Mu Feng: Oh, how creative! Is that why my sister Lan Lan have the birth date July 14?

Flow07: Yes.

Mu Feng: Okay, next question. Is this the first time that you are writing novel?

Flow07: Actually, when I was simply a kid, I used to write poems, basically about my family and relatives. Then, in the middle school I started writing long stories with no particular rules, so those works can't be called novels. And this is the first time I'm writing professionally.

Mu Feng: This novel that you created, what is this about? We read the synopsis, but please explain elaborately.

Flow07: Basically, it is about Hua Lan who becomes Mu Lan in future. From the time she is born, her life is full of mystery. Even her ex-lover Li and new lover Mu don't know that history thoroughly either. Many of us think what's so good about history. Present is more important. But I think, your past makes who you are in the present. So it's definitely important. Hua Lan's present is like that because of her past. From the time she is born. And no one knows it except me (Hehe). We'll get to find it out sooner. As the time will pass she will unfold all the stories behind her. As she will know and we also will get to her past.

Mu Feng: So the powerful Mu isn't your main target?

Flow07: Not really. If it was then I wouldn't tell my Readers about the history of Mu Family in the first place. The intention of telling them about the history because it is not that important and it is something that the readers needed to know. But it will play an important role in future.

Mu Feng: Thank you for giving my family a bit importance.

Flow07: Of course I will. Mu has two major characters after all.

Mu Feng: Does that include me?

Flow07: You will find that out soon enough.

Mu Feng: *Cough*cough* Okay next question, will this novel drop?

Flow07: Absolutely not.

Mu Feng: At first, the chapters wee about 500 to 800 words. What made you to write 1k words in each chapters now?

Flow07: It was because of my incompetency, lack of skill and lack of experience. Now I know how much should I write. And I'm still learning.

Mu Feng: How many chapters will be there?

Flow07: 500 chapters or more than that.

Mu Feng: Our Beloved Readers found some spelling and grammar mistakes. What do you think of that?

Flow07: I feel awful when I even think of that. When you read something and find some silly mistakes, it's totally annoying. As an Author I'm ashamed. Though I check after writing, sometimes it just misses my eyes.

Mu Feng: Some Readers are thinking how my big brother and sister Lan will match up.

Flow07: Did I say anywhere that they will match up?

Mu Feng: What do you mean???

Flow07: What I mean is patience is a great virtue.

Mu Feng: Author please. Don't give us heart attack.

Flow07: All I can say that this novel is not a tragedy. I dislike tragedy.

Mu Feng: 'Sighed in relief' Thank you Author. Next question, you created three new characters which took you two days. How can Readers judge them?

Flow07: Webnovel is the platform for Writers as well as the Readers. Writers can write what ever they want. Readers can read and critique whatever they want. The new characters are something which are very important to the end. When I started to create them, not only I had to think of their behaviors or body structure but also their family background and history, also their connections with lead characters. I know my Readers will love them.

Mu Feng: About the love scene....

FLow07: It will happen just the way my Loyal Readers want. But it will take time.

Mu Feng: About the mature content, your tag says 'violence'. What about it?

FLow07: It will come almost in the end, but before it comes, I'll ask my Readers, how they want the scenes.

Mu Feng: And the mysterious President Li....

Flow07: Just wait for the right moment.

Mu Feng: Heartless. Suddenly your writing drastically changed and you edited previous chapters. Why is that?

Flow07: As a newcomer, I can't catch many things like a Reader does. So I tell my Readers to criticize my writings. It's a great help. They make me realize my mistakes. I'm really happy for that. To me criticism is always welcome. Also one of my Beloved Readers told me to Read Ding Mo's novels. In August, I devoted myself reading her novels and I fell for the characters, the stories, the chemistry. I thank that Reader of mine. Really. It was a great help.

Mu Feng: Is there something you want to tell you Readers?

Flow07: Of course. As a newcomer, I'm inexperienced but my Readers read my novel without any complain. It is the greatest joy to me. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Also I have Readers in USA. I heard about Storm Florence. Though I have no idea why they gave such destructive storm such gorgeous name, but my deepest condolences to those who suffered.

Your comments, reviews and votes are my greatest inspiration. Thank you very much for supporting me. I'll keep writing. Next novel will be related to this one. DOn't forget to read it.

Mu Feng: We'll gladly wait for the new novel. Dear Readers, lets stop the interview for today. Keep asking new questions and we will be back in 200th chapter with those questions and answer to thoroughly. Till then, please read our story and support my big brother and sister Lan Lan.

Flow07: That's cheating....

Mu Feng: Bye bye.

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